20 min leftovers ….. and a heavenly smell

I got the idea from Bebe@French Twisted Woman… a couple of weeks ago – she posted her recipe for Easy Meal – Baked Shrimp and it is truly an easy meal to make.

garlic chicken main

With me going up to Gothenburg the following morning – I didn’t want to shop anything.
And also to get raw shrimps, king prawns or scampi – is nearly impossible here in Landskrona. First of all we only buy shrimps boiled, king prawns we can get because the environment issues – we don’t have them in our waters and the farming of them are destroying the environment – scampi fare too expensive to buy fresh .. for an everyday meal.

So I decided to use chicken. Chicken breast or fillet is something I always have in my freezer. Had all ingredients at home. I cut the chicken breast in big chunks the seasoning with freshly ground black peppar and sea salt.

garlic chicken page

I followed Bebe’s instructions, but I change the recipe slightly I also added coarse grated parmesan, about 1 table spoons per portion, to melted herb butter and I also added a very small amount of Findus frozen chopped red chilli and Findus Herbs de Provencal. Plus when I use wine for cooking I always use small amount of sugar, to take the sharpness out it. Sure Mr Gordon Ramsey wouldn’t be too happy about that. First I had the dish covered with folio for about 10 min – after that I cooked the chicken future for another 10 min. For pasta I use dried Fettuccine and it needed about 7 min cooking time.

Fantastic dish – quick, easy and very tasty. I wished I had cooked a little more pasta because I had some of that fantastic herb butter left.

garlic chicken page 1

Have to rename the dish after changing Bebe’s recipe a bit, and it has to be – Garlic and Parmesan Baked Chicken served with Fettuccine.

This is something I will keep on doing, especially when I don’t feel for dash to the supermarket. My kitchen smelled so heavenly for hours after I had my meal.

garlic chicken close up

Because my kitchen had that wonderful smell of Italian cooking for hours and of course for the pasta, I can only chose Italian music as my cloud. Even if it’s written for Hollywood in Italy by Nino Rota – I have chosen the love theme from “The Good Father”.  Released in 1972 and on CD in 1991. Magnificent piece of music. Who can forget the scene where the car with Michael’s Italian wife, Apollonia, blow up??? Just like the scene with horse head in the bed. All 3 movies are very high up on my top chart of my most enjoyed movies. Have to watch them again very soon. Nino Rota was nominated for Oscars Best Original Score in 1973, but was disqualified. Nino died in 1979 and did the music to the first 2 films.

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
Don Vito Corleone


Photo provided by and thanks to – The Godfather Gallery:

57 thoughts on “20 min leftovers ….. and a heavenly smell

  1. Love the Godfather music, I have the soundtrack somewhere….
    And replacing prawns is an issue isn’t it? Especially if you don’t eat meat. I love prawns, we can get Langoustine or as you say boiled shrimp, but prawns are a no no and I’m trying to wean myself off them……

  2. Looks and sounds fabulous…and easy, which is always a plus 🙂 That haunting score is one of my all time favourites too, like the movies AND of course the book.

    • Like you – I love everything about the Godfather – music, storyline, book and acting. Masterpieces.
      Always a plus .. with easy dishes when it’s about cooking for only myself.

    • It think we enjoy a good Italian dish .. we start thinking Italian too. Not a big pasta eater – not because I don’t like pasta, just that I forget to cook with it – have become a lot better this year. And as you know I love the Italian language.

    • What a welcome back! I have missed you too. *smile
      Monday will there be a post about a hotel in Gothenburg – you have to read and see … out of this world and the music is stunning too.

  3. That pasta looks very yummy!

    Saw that movie again some days ago when the Dutch tv channels were having classics every night in the run up to the Oscars. This movie and its music never fails to charm me each time. Hubby and I would even do that Godfather marathon (1,2,3) and also fun to do. 😉

    • Thank you so much for the kind words …. I don’t really enjoy cooking to only myself … but it has changed a lot since I start blogging and has picked up ideas from my blogging-friends and turn into something for my lonely dinner.

    • You’re so welcome – so easy to make … just click on the link under the name of the dish and you will get the recipe – and I just added red chili and grated parmesan.

  4. This looks heavenly! My mouth is watering right now. I’ll definitely give this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing it with us, and thanks for stopping by and visiting me earlier. Have a great day!


  5. Wish someone would make ME an offer I can’t refuse, I dare say….

    I agree with comment above – music’s great.

  6. Your dish of chicken and fettucini sounds wonderful. I was surprised about the touch of sugar when you use wine in cooking. Do you do the same if you are cooking with red wine?

    • Thanks, Karen … yes, I add sugar to everything I use anything with alcohol – not much … 1 tsp or little more – just to take the sharpness out.

  7. ah the music! I had my turned off and kept wondering why commenters where all into the music, now I know 🙂 it is perfect indeed haahah!!. Don’t you love it when left overs make for a great meal? love digging through stuff in the fridge and working with whatever is available, it is more fun that way sometimes. I crave pasta now! lovely post! I like the photos of the ingredients, the packaging is so different from what you see here in the states. Like the sugar tip! I do this too sometimes 🙂

    • I’m a trained chef … but I don’t like complicated cooking when it’s for myself – so … easy and so quick as possible. And I have always loads of leftovers, because over here in Sweden there is only big packs of everything – so I have to freeze.
      And music is so fantastic, the music clouds for my posts has been my trademark so far … and I only had one complain about it .. so I carry on.
      Thank you so much for your kind words .. and appreciation,

      • To be honest I think you have a lot refine cooking in you and your passion for food and photos are just outstanding. Keep you passion going, because my downfall is that I don’t patience.

      • thank you! I will try to keep going, it is hard because with a day job that consumes 11 hours of my day I find myself cooking at midnight pretty often during the week, and definitely try to work on it during weekends too, but I don’t complain, I really love it.

      • It sounds like you live and work in UK ????
        My days over there was 11 hours too.
        So you cook and eat at midnight.???? Or do you only cook for sharing it with us … ???

      • I sometimes eat and cook at midnight if the recipe is time consuming, I might plate for a couple of photos so I can document it on the blog and share with everybody! Sometimes I just cook components ahead of time because it would be impossible to finish a dish in a reasonable time. I think most of what I eat are little bites here and there while I’m cooking, never really sit down very often to actually eat. Most of what I eat I don’t really blog about, I would never sleep otherwise and they would be mostly posts about quick sandwiches and store bought ice cream 🙂

      • Wow, you’re passionate … you should be on Master Chef … have you thought about that .. going up against Gordon, he are a very nice guy with a great sense of humor.

      • hahahah, I love that show 🙂 But Gordon is scary!! and the italian guy would throw my risotto in the trash can, I would cry and run away… like those girls have haha!

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