please, don’t go anywhere

…. while I’m away. Going to take a little break from my world here – have quite a few things going on just now that I have to put some afford into … plus I’m going away for a long weekend, going up to Gothenburg to spend some time with a girlfriend or two.

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Something I think I have to do now and then – because lately have I felt a bit stressed over not have enough time to read every post and replay – that is not what blogging should be about. Have only myself to blame for that – nobody else put that pressure on to me.

For me blogging is very much a two way relationship – for me is it a lot more than just click “LIKE” and move to the next post. It happens that I do it – when I don’t really know to say or I don’t want to make a comment on the subject, but it doesn’t happen very often – because I have an opinion on nearly everything.

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Don’t worry … I will be back in full strength again and I want to see to you all still here ready to cheering me on. ‘

So I ask you to stay put … don’t move an inch from my world.

“Once in a while you have to take a break and visit yourself.” 
Audrey Giorgi

stand by me  zack-andhisbicycle.blogspot com

One of my favorite songs is hanging over this post; “Stand By Me” with Ben E. King from 1961 – this version was released by Glenview Records Inc in May 2012 on vinyl, produced by DJ Suonho. Born in Italy 1974 and can be found everywhere like twitter, facebook, myspace ….. you name it and he are there. No photo to be find anywhere of him.
I think he has done a fantastic “pimping” of my old favorite and it’s done with big respect.

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61 thoughts on “please, don’t go anywhere

    • Thanks … I will
      It’s also nice to come back to my old home town for a couple of days – one day I will spend alone with my camera – hope the weather will be good enough.

    • Thanks a million, what about “LIKEbuttonlike” – I suppose that to only click LIKE means that no time has to be spent on comments – but I like response … don’t have to be for every post, but once in a while. Thanks for stopping by and welcome back.

  1. Go and enjoy.. blogging is for fun and when you can’t keep up..take a break.. we all do.. and no one ever gets cross because you don’t comment… enjoy your time away I’ll be around when you come back my friend…

    • Thanks …. I promise to do my best – been a busy day today – with the home work; the cleaning … hate it.
      Have a great weekend .. see you after the weekend. Thanks a million for your support!

  2. I know what you mean, Viveka. I don’t just click ‘like’ on blogs, I actually read through them because I enjoy them. Sometimes it takes up time I should be doing other things. So, do what you need to, and I’ll be waiting here for your return. Hugs.

  3. My dear Viveka, would I ever go away and leave you? No way, José 🙂
    Take your time, enjoy Gothenburg and your friends and whenever you feel fit to write to and read from us, do so 🙂
    Big hug and enjoy your free time 😡 xo 😡

    • Hug back .. to you! Thanks, Dia! It has been great 2 days so fare – taking off to Gothenburg tomorrow morning.
      Weather I hope will be on my side.
      See you soon and have a great weekend.

  4. Seriously, where would I go? ; ) Have a wonderful blogging break…enjoy living! I think these types of breaks are good for the soul.

    • Thanks, Heather … I wish I was going to Chicago instead *smile
      Check out hotel prices for July – and I can get Palmer House Hotel for $113 per night. Amazing. Nearly free.
      Have a great weekend.

    • Susan, you’re so right – it has been great days filled with sunshine up in Gothenburg and it has been … in overall a good break from the blogging too – a couple of more days.
      It’s a great song – one of my top favorite. Thanks for your support.

  5. Lovely song and lovely you…Viveka! have a great time, enjoy every minute – we’ll be waiting here patiently for you. I think everybody should take breaks from the Internet at times…I know what you are talking about… Big Hug

    • …. thanks for your kind thoughts to my girlfriend. It has been a great break and in honesty I haven’t been missing the blogging that much … miss you, my friends here .. but tomorrow it business as usual.

  6. I came back from my break and started to scroll down on blog’s update, didn’t see any from yours and started to get worried, now everything makes sense.
    Enjoy your break.

    • Yes, it has been a great break .. got so much done and had time for myself. Back tomorrow in full strength. Nice of you to miss me *smile .. how is the restaurant coming on???

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