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I will be celebrating my 65th birthday – as I wished – in New York.

In December 2011 did I win 2 tickets to New York with British Airways, 2nd prize.

And now it has been confirmed that 7th September 10.40am will we take off from Copenhagen Airport – change at Heathrow London – and land at JFK 18.40pm. And we fly in style too, Club Class…  my half blind best friend from Stockholm, Anna-Lisa and MOI. It will be my 10th visit to the Big Apple and I probably dare to say also my last, done it enough – have a couple of T-shirts too. There is so many other destinations I want to spend my pension on.

New York t-shirt - be com

I won the tickets in a competition on Face Book – and luckily I was able to use the tickets this year too, because first of all had it been bit too much last year first with the 28 day long trip to US and Canada – and then New York later in the year. Sure I would have managed – the Christmas lights in New York in the beginning of December – if I had to. Second it means that I now can spend my birthday, 11th September in NYC as I wanted for years since I saw the documentary about the 9/11 memorial and museum. And I will return home as an officially Swedish pensioner. How lucky am I????!!!

Sent in my claim form 3 months ago and haven’t heard anything back from them – so I contacted them here on Monday and now things has happen. Don’t know what happen with my form. Now a very helpful lady by name, Jane, is handling my “affairs”.

It will be my first visit to London Heathrow, Terminal 5 – and in my prize are also 2 picnics from Gordon Ramsey restaurant, Plane Food. We will about 2 hours to spend at the terminal. The picnic’s we will collect on our way back and have a state of the art breakfast during our flight back to Copenhagen.

Hotels in New York are horrible expensive – never seen anything like – but manage to get a twin bed room for reasonable price at The Wolcott Hotel, Midtown on 4 W 31st St. A grand old lady … beautiful public areas and big rooms. 3* hotel with good reviews and a fantastic location, a basic hotel – but we don’t have any plans to sit on the hotel room. Good beds, great shower and a TV is all we really need – WiFi will cost $9.90/62.50SEK/£6.50/€7.40 per 24 hours.

Fantastic price too for 5 nights a grand total of 7300SEK/$1160/£758/€867 service charges and tax included.  In the morning free coffee and freshly baked muffins served in the lobby – sound good to me, very nice touch.

Still I will keep out for bargains – never know – also I have check out some apartments on “airbnb” – a website with private apartments, houses, rooms and extra ordinary places to stay. Amazing website.

“New York is the dirtiest, largest, ugliest,
broken-down city in the world – but it’s the only one.”
Isaac Stern

New-York-Taxi_wallooba se

As my cloud have I chosen the “ Flower Duet” (Sous le dôme épais), from the opera “Lakmé” by  Delibes, first preformed in Paris 1883.  “Lakmé” is based on the 1880 novel “Le Mariage de Loti” by Pierre Loti. I chosen this song because it has been used in British Airways TV commercials for many years, since the late 80th’s.

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49 thoughts on “all confirmed

    • Yes, I never have won anything … this big before .. the tickets are worth £1000 each. I had totally forgotten that I had entered the competition. I think we should give a reason for why we wanted to visit NYC – and I probably wrote something about my cancer and my birthday been on such odd date. I think they felt sorry for me. First price was with 3 hotel nights. Anyhow it worked and now I get the birthday I wished for and a chance to visit the museum. Not able to go down on the day itself – only for invited. There is other memorial services held that I will be able to go to.

    • I love the orange cold bag it’s are coming in – never heard about them neither before I got my prize mail.
      Not that expensive compare to what a single items cost at airport. Yes, I’m so looking forward to this trip now.
      Not keen of New York as such – if it just hadn’t been for the milestone in my life – and that I will be there on the 11 of September, something I wanted to to. Thanks BA!

  1. Enjoy! It’s a long haul flight but it will all be worth it. Too bad British Airways didn’t include the hotel. But free air is not bad esp. if you’re flying first class.

    • Any free air tickets … doesn’t matter what class they are in are welcome for me.
      The cheapest flight to NYC from Copenhagen is about $600 – and I don’t mind stop overs and change of plane when I fly long haul, it means I can stretch my legs properly and do a bit of people and shop watching.
      $1100 in total for 2 for 5 nights in NYC is a true bargain. I don’t mind no hotels include, but of course it would be great.

    • Thank You, the fun is all up to ourselves – we have fun .. if we want to have fun .. and have a positive attitude to everyhing around us. Promise I will have a whale of a time. *smile – thanks for stopping by.

    • Yes, never expected to win .. but it happen and the best thing was that I can use this year – a great win. Don’t have a clue why I entered the competition – never do things like that, but I will from now on.

    • My work has taken me there … most times – I would say New York everybody should visit at least once. Move it up on your list *smile – can’t wait to see you posts about your visit.

  2. Congratulations Viveka, what a great prize! I bet you can hardly wait, I mean first there is Easter, then midsummer, then “kräftpremiär”… Well, they say that the time leading up to a holiday is also worth a lot in terms of “happiness points”, so just enjoy that you have this to look forward to!

    • Yes, I’m really excited about the trip now – because I can start to do my prep-work …. Look at restaurants, but because my friends sight is not the best will we not be able to see a musical, something she loved before – but she want to go to a concert or something, where she just can listen and don’t have to see what happens on stage. New York has always something new exciting on offer … to see and do.
      I’m excited because my friend decided to come along after all.

  3. Yipeee!! I’m so happy for you, Viveka. What a great and exciting prize for your birthday. Your friend must be thrilled out of her socks to be accompanying you on your epic trip of a lifetime. I’m sure you’re going to have a wonderful time. So much to see and do in New York. I love the Isaac Stern quote……’s so very true. 😀

    • Yes, my friend’s sight has gone so bad – so she wasn’t sure that she wanted to come along, but she has decided to come along. We had some fantastic holidays together so I didn’t really want to take anyone else with me. I think I had gone alone.
      We are not going to do things that we already done – but I will give a full day to Central Park *smile

      I know NYC pretty well … I like the quote too – so true and still we love it.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend a birthday. I know you and your friend will have a terrific time celebrating your birthday. Winning the prize is a present in itself.

    • Karen, yes …. how strange was all that. Had just watched the documentary about the 9/11 memorial, the waterfalls opened in 2011 on the 10th remembering and said to my mum that I really would like to spend my 65th birthday in NYC and maybe that was the reason why I join the competition. And then I win. All excited now – most because my friend have made her mind up and coming with me. It hadn’t been the same without her. We have travelled for years together, but with her sight becoming so bad. That is the best present of them all.

    • Yes, and first I thought that I had to travel last year – reading and reading then I saw it. 31.12.2013 – so I haven’t paid it any thought until October. So I haven’t really been excited about until now – only 6 months away now. Then I didn’t hear anything from BA back, so now when they confirmed I became all excited – and of course that my travelling buddy, Anna-Lisa also confirmed that she will come along – even if her sight isn’t the best, but it hasn’t gone worst neither. That was the biggest present of all. The “Flower Duet” so soon as I hear I always think about British Airways – because it has been in their commercial for nearly 25 years – I think it’s where I heard it the first time and I loved it ever since. We have the same taste in music too – I think I have to put Calgary on my bucket list. *smile

  5. I sat here listening to the music and found it so relaxing. Thanks for that nice break. I think I’ll follow for awhile, certainly for the A-Z. Your trip sounds wonderful and the timing seems perfect.

    • Sharon, thanks for stopping by – and for taking the time to comment. You’re so welcome – have been over in your world … have posted a comment, but no sign of it. *smile Me and blogspot are not the best of friends.
      This year again will I bring Sweden to the spotlight during the A-Z. Hope you will enjoy it, but with music. Going to be hard to find 28 tracks that has a connection to Sweden … a lot of ABBA I guess it will be.

      So welcome back when ever you feel for it.

  6. Fantastic! I’ve never been. Some of “the girls” went for a special birthday but I couldn’t afford it at that time. I think they’re going back so you never know!

    • I have overdone with New York, but my work took me there many times … but at least once should everybody have a chance to visit New York, it’s a very special place .. and I will always remember the visting visit like it was yesterday. It was an amazing feeling.


    My gosh, I didn’t know you’d be turning 65! I will be one day, unstoppable…

    Happy birthday upcoming

  8. Sounds it will be so exciting and fun. Congratulations dear Viveka, and I wish you to have a great time in NY. I can’t believe you become 65, should be something wrong 🙂 Blessing and Happiness, Thanks aand Love, nia

    • Nia, thank you so much for your kind words. I will have a fantastic visit to NYC. Just found out yesterday that the 11/9 museum isn’t open yet. Not until 2014 – it should have happened last year. That was a backset for me – made me a bit upset – but it’s what it’s and I can still visit the 11/9 memorial with the waterfalls. Age is really a lot more than a number in real life, but we are so young as our heart and soul feels.

    • Yes, I always have a great time when I travel. Have to travel with an open mind and heart. With my friend I always have great travelling memories.
      Read the other day that the museum isn’t ready yet – that is a letdown for me .. should have been open last year, but not much we can do about that. Have to visit the memorial and take all of that in.

  9. Nice! Have a great trip. And NYC isn’t all that dirty and dingy anymore (not like when I grew up there). The city is even overflowing with kids…Great time of year to visit, too.

    If you can make extra time. a 1-2 day trip to the east end of long island is worth looking into. It is only a few hours drive from the city but seems like another world…

    • It’s now 13 years since I was in NYC and I didn’t find it that dirty – but compared to Chicago it’s – but NY is NY and we will always love it for a couple of days.
      I have heard that it can be quite warm in Sep. Last time I was there for St. Patrick’s Day and it was full snow storm – but that is NY too.
      Really looking forward to the trip now. I will spend a day in Central Park, have hardly seen any of it even if I have been there so many times .. and Harlem – maybe go up in ESB again for some photos in the dusk.

  10. Wow! Now THAT is something to look forward to! Have no doubt you will have a blast. Shall look forward to reading all about it. Happy birthday in advance 🙂

    • Yes, only 6 month’s left – so time to start saving up for the pocket money.
      Thank you so much – I’m sure there will be quite a few posts about my NYC experience.
      Check out restaurants as it’s now … I love reading menus.

    • Yes, it was fantastic and when I got the announcement that I have won .. I didn’t even remembered the competition. Great price … worth £1200. I never use to win anything.

  11. Congrats on the trip! But I have to say.. people complain about my city too much. It’s definitely not ugly s ince its so much to look like, it’s not the cleaniest but it’s not the dirtiest, and it’s magical here. You will see when you look at the skyline when the sun sets. It’s amazing and it’s a melting pot of amazing people. I know you’re going to have the most amazing time 🙂

    • I haven’t said that New York was dirty .. it’s a quote – and I think the quote is the meant like a compliment – at least did I read it as such. Been to NY 10 times and all seasons .. it’s a fantastic city. As you say I have never seen color in a sky like over NY, but that has to do with all the traffic .. I love the dusk in NY. Now I know who to ask about where will we get the best brunch in the city ???? Not too fare from the 11/9 memorial and I would like have a name on a good restaurant for my 65th birthday dinner.
      There is only one city like NY and I love it for what it’s and what it isn’t.

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