farm leftovers …. the best ever curry.

main dish

Stewart and Carolyn@Putney Farm – is a couple that cook, preserve .. make the most fantastic cocktails and Carolyn chops onion on the most dangerous way I ever seen. I tried it and it works .. it really does, but I stick to my old way.

They live on this farm that is full of figs, peaches, bugs, butterflies, flowers and the most stunning vegetables. I don’t have any gardener streaks in me what so ever, but I would love to be their next door neighbor. But I probably would have severer drinking problems and I would be twice the size, because I would be over there .. more often than they would like to have me. I call their farm the Garden of Eden. They must work so hard with everything they grow on their farm and everything in a such fantastic quality.

curry page

Doesn’t matter what they post .. I just lick it. Stewart is the bartender, but he always use spirits that I don’t like .. one Friday he manage to get everything I don’t like into one cocktail. Well done, Stewart – that must been some rocket fuel – if I had one of those cocktails I would have landed in Tokyo before bedtime.

Two weeks ago they post this curry recipe – Squash Coconut and Spinach Curry– a vegetarian curry, and that  is for me is a no go .. but I read the recipe and everything in it really appealed to me. When I looked at their photos I could feel the smell from the burned spices.

So I comment that I will make it, but add chicken to it .. and also I had sweet potatoes left over since Antoinette’s tagine. Stewart came back and said that sweet potatoes will be perfect.

curry page 2

I’m not a curry lover – have eaten too many bad ones over in UK and too many too hot ones too – neither would I chose an Indian restaurant for an adventures meal. I can enjoy a good Chicken Tikka Marsala, but that’s about it. We sold loads of Chicken Tikka Marsala and we had a good one.

So I don’t really know why their curry and I clicked as we did. Think it was the photos.

Saturday came and it was time for me … to do curry for one person. All I had to buy was the baby spinach, curry powder, coconut milk and desiccated coconut, couldn’t get what I called shaved or coconut chips. By the way do you know that coconut is NOT labeled as nut allergy causing.

I had all other spices at home, sweet potatoes, chicken breast, onion and I also had small piece of zucchini, leftover from Antoinette’s Carrot-Parsnip-Zucchini Bread – that I makes every Wednesday now. As garnish I used a mix, Sport Mix, that I eat as sweets. A mixture of walnuts, almonds, Cashew nuts, jumbo raisins and died apricots piece.
So I didn’t use peanuts, as the recipe suggested. Neither did I use Basmati rice – used normal cooking rice. Don’t eat rice that often, so I can’t have all the different rice at home. Have a very small cupboard.curry page 3

I divided the recipe in half – followed it to the word. I started of with roasting the desiccated coconut – and removed when nicely golden .. than in with the Sport Mix – did that well in advance. The chicken breast I cut in big chunks – and I added them to the pot after I had stirred the vegetables for about 10 min. After that I just followed the recipe again. The dish took about 20 min make when the preparations where done.
The curry was ready very quickly. When I had put the coconut milk into the saucepan – I put the rice on and both was ready on the same time, 10 min later.

curry close up

Folks, I’m not kidding but I had the BEST CURRY EVER for dinner on Saturday evening, I ate the whole pot, 2 sittings. Have sampled and eaten curries under 20 years in UK – but this curry beat them all with a horse length, if we Swedes now are allowed to joke about horses and cooking those day, after that they have found horse meat in Findus frozen Lasagne all over Europe. That could be another post, because I’m mad about Findus products, frozen vegetable and herbs – world class.

So after change the ingredients I have rename the dish to – Chicken and Sweet  Potato Curry with Spinach and Coconut.

“A short horse is soon curried”
Unkown – maybe Findus


My could is from the movie “Inside Man” starring Denzel Washington and Clive Owen from 2006. It’s also been used in “CSI; Maimi” – “Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint” –  A. R. Rahman (music) & Gulzar (lyrics). It was original used in the Hindi film “ Dil Se.” from 1998. What I understand is about “Walking in The Shade”, but don’t take my word for it.
Here preformed by Panjabi MC. This is also my favorite Zumba dance. I’m a great fan of Bollywood music.

“In 2003, ‏the BBC World Service conducted an international poll to choose the ten most popular songs of all time. Around 7000 songs were selected from all over the world. According to the BBC, people from 155 countries voted “Chaiyya Chaiyya” ninth in the top 10 songs. (text:”

Photos provided by and thanks to: (soundtrack) & (feature image)

38 thoughts on “farm leftovers …. the best ever curry.

  1. Oh it sounds great I’m getting really hungry now, I think I must fix me something to eat. I know that you’re good at food, so I’m glad that you keep finding new recipes that you like. 🙂

    • Give it a try, Libby .. I know that this is something you would truly enjoy – with or without chicken. Had it yesterday again. Brilliant and tasteful recipe.

  2. love love love the recipe – i’m mad about good curry, and this is clearly unquestionably GOOOD! you eating the whole pot speaks volumes! nice work (again) Viveka!

    • Thanks …. the pot wasn’t that big .. but two generous portion I ate without any problems. *smile
      It’s a GReeEeEEat Curry.
      Thanks for your kind words.

  3. *droooool* i seriously have to stop reading your food posts, Viveka. They make me SO hungry!!!! …lol you made me laugh with that comment about the rocket fuel hahaha =P

    • *laughing … I have a friend that always say that when he had a hot curry. Love that line – land in Tokyo.
      The curry is really so good .. as it sound and maybe look.

  4. I love Putney Farms blog too and of course Antinette’s! And yes their recipes and lives are just wonderful. I like the sound of this curry – but then Ilike the sound of a lot of curries. I know hat you mean about too many bad ones, its a shame that is what people generally experience. Home cooking all the way I say !!

    • Yes, the have the most fantastic blogs – so much true passion in what they are doing. Love that – because I’m a very lazy person really, but if I get going my passion kicks in too. This is a fantastic curry.

  5. Now you are making me curious of this curry that I will definitely try it too. I will follow your version and add some meat. I do make several curry versions with fish or chicken from recipes learned from Thai, Surinamese and South African friends. 😉

  6. Looks great and glad you enjoyed it! And the addition of chicken will make it back to our table. Thanks so much for the kind words…most appreciated.

    Great song, too…

    • It’s a fantastic curry … made it again. Thank you so much for … this recipe – I will enjoy that many times – chicken was a great addition. Not much for vegetarian meals, but most vegetarian meals can be jazzed up with chicken.

  7. I don’t think I could eat curry EVERY day, but oh I love it. I’m going to an Indian restaurant for my upcoming birthday in March.

    Curry1 curry! 🙂 You know how to live, Viveka.
    (love the music too)

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