“run before they findus”

findus horses - dindebat dk

I just love this photo – so funny … only had to borrow the wording from it for this post.

No horse or horse – it has been the hot topic for over weeks now since they in UK found horse meat in Findus frozen lasagne and labelled as beef.

I would eaten their lasagne with horse meat, but is should have been labelled correctly. Now  it was their French manufacture that made the booboo and Findus has got some rapping for this – and rightly so. They are now sued in both UK and Sweden, but it could be more countries. And Findus are suing their French manufacture of course. The affair has been up the EU parliament – so HOT hot tropic.

Findus produce and manufacture all their products in Bjuv, a community outside Helsingborg and Landkskrona – except their dishes with minced meat.

Bjuv - bergateatern se

What I understand that there is more suppliers to UK supermarkets that has now been raided and horse meat has been found in products.
I dare to say that it’s very difficult for people to tell the difference between horse and beef, as a chef I would know .. but not only through looking at it quickly. Horse meat is a very learn meat.  If any one has eaten tacos in Mexico has probably eaten horse meat.

We have a nice cold cut meat – that we call “Hamburger Meat” – it comes original from Hamburg (there of the name) in Germany and is smoked horse meat. Personally I love it.

hamburger meat - recept nu (TV4)

Findus – has been around so long as I have been around – and I love their products of frozen vegetables and herbs. They are absolutely brilliant product and when you can make a frozen stir fry mix that is still crunchy as a fresh when being cooked, you’re good on what you’re doing.

Marabou, our national chocolate manufacture bought Skånska Frukt-vin & Likörfabriken (Skånska Fruit-Wine & Liquor factory) in Bjuv in 1941 and the company got the name Findus – it’s taken from the letters of the old company name.

In 1945 Findus starting launching frozen food – a pioneer in Sweden – the technology had already been in existence for about 15 years over in US, where supermarket have revolutionized.

FindusBarnmat1948 - fodelsedagstidning se -

In 1948 they developed canned baby food and soups. 1950 they launched frozen fish and children gruel and the same year their frozen products was out in 1500 stores.

Nestle bought the company in 1962 and formed Findus International Food and Marabou kept 20% of the share.

2006 the Findus Group was sold to the British investment company FoodVest Ldt, that also own Youngs’s Bluecrest Seafood Ltd. 2009 completely destroyed the company’s factory in Tyneside in northern England in a fire.

peas - findus se
In 2008 moved Findus Swedish HQ from Malmö back to Bjuv where the factory is.

2012 the police were notified that Findus had caused an extensive fish dead in a local river, Vegån, caused by discharges of oxygen-consuming residues from the pea farming at the plat in Bjuv. And shortly after the first incident the trout population nearby also had been hit and when it came out that Findus tired to hide the incident by clearing away the fishes. The whole thing is now reported to the police. But it’s still unclear what really happened with the fish and who is to blame.

Economy – end of year 2011 (text: sv.wikipedia.org)
Turnover ▼ 2.838 billion SEK
Operating income ▼ 132.694000000 SEK
Profit after tax ▼ 106.015000000 SEK
Assets ▲ 9.25 billion SEK
Equity ▲ 3.446 billion SEK

850 people works in Sweden for Findus.

For me as living alone and travelling back and forward to my mum a couple times per month – Findus frozen vegetables is a blessing. Like my stir fry, but If I had to buy fresh vegetables for a stir fry meal .. that means I would had to eat stir fry for days or I have to waste it.

Also what ever chef’s say about fresh herbs – there will never be the same flavor in a fresh herb as in a frozen .. because of the juice that is created in the chopping and freezing process. When we buy fresh herbs when do they real smell anything??? At least not the ones I can buy in supermarket. Findus has solved that problem: red chilli, garlic, chives, Italian herb mix, Herbs de Provencal, basil, parsley and dill. I always use fresh garlic and parsley – but the rest of the products I always have at home. I also notice now that they have launched an Asian herb mix – just have to try it.

green deli

Other products I always have in my freezer is their “Warm Greek Salad” & “Italian Pesto” – two truly outstanding products.
Their “The Green Deli Italian Pesto” had been inspired by vegetables that breaks sugar peas, broccoli and peas and authentic flavours of Italy. Did you know that in Italy is the country in the world to eat mostly green peas per person.
I use “Italian Pesto” as a side salad that I mix in with pasta and chicken or bacon, hamburger and salmon.
“The Green Deli Greek Warm Salad” is a mixture of vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, broken sugar peas, spinach and tastes like black olives and cheese from Greece. Did you know that a traditional cold Greek Salad contains anchovies – but it does not Findus Greek Warm Salad.
“Greek Warm Salad” I often as a side dish to chicken of course, veal or lamb – or I mix it with pasta.

findus cows - englishforum ch

Today they manufacture frozen vegetables  ready meals, soups, bread, buns, salads, fish and herbs (that I adore) – but they also do grocery products like mayonnaise, soups, jams, sauces and pickled vegetables. I going to stick my neck out now and say that Findus is one of the most advanced and creative manufactures in the world when it’s about frozen vegetables.

I would say it’s very hard to not find any Findus products in a Swedish household. We breath … we eat and we enjoy Findus. Tough on the horses – but the cows get a chance to breath.

“A horse! a horse! My kingdom for a horse!”
William Shakespeare, “Richard III”

Photos provided by and thanks to:
fodelsedagstidning.se/bergateatern.se/pilote-virtuel.com/recept.nu (TV4)

65 thoughts on ““run before they findus”

  1. Yes, interesting. The fuss here in the UK is of course, the horse was not declared. It was concealed just like the animal waste used in the manufacture of animal feed quite some time ago. It seems some manufacturers will go the extra to be more profitable. Nothing wrong with profit, except when it is tainted by ‘greed’.
    I’m not vegetarian, just cut down on eating meat. Many believe this a more sustainable approach to global population needs for nutrition and supply.
    Thank you Viveka.

    • Andrew, I totally agree with you … they shouldn’t label it as beef it it’s not. Because horse is a really good meat – most of Europe eat it. I’m not a beef person, I love pork and lamb. I couldn’t become an vegetarian.

      What I wanted to with my post is .. that Findus really stand for a lot more .. than horse meat.

      I’m sure there is food enough for all of us in the world … but it’s not evenly spread that is a mayor problem – some have everything and far too much – how many kinds of yogurt do we need and how many kind of spread do we need really to be happy. *smile

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Yes, we do go on about these food scares too much. The concern is, or will be, to feed a potential 9 billion next decade. Companies like Findus need to plan for those times, and perhaps they are. As a bakery student. I loved food science. It is making tremendous strides, not a lot interesting enough for the global media.(if you’ve heard of Bakewell Pudding, I once made them.Recipe is in my head!)

    • I think Findus has squeezed the French manufacture to hard on the cost so they just had to use cheaper meat.
      The French eat horse – and there is nothing wrong with meat, but they shouldn’t have labelled it as beef.

      • I don’t think it’s allowed in US … to eat horse for some reason, don’t understand why .. but I’m not 100% on that statement.

      • I can only assume….but I think there is something ‘noble’ about the horse. Most of those other animals are “raised” as food or hunted as food. Where the horse is not raised as food at all. I know I don’t consider horse as something to eat. Because, well, I have never considered horse as something to eat.

        Like cats and dogs. They are “pets”, not food.

        It’s just how people see things I guess.

      • People has been eating horse meat so long as they have … been eating pork and cows .. what do you think happen to horses in the old days *smile .. and I’m sure Indians ate their horses when there was no buffalo meat around.
        Understand you thinking – and I know that American’s don’t like the though of eating reindeer because it’s Santa’s pet *smile

      • So they raise the deer, then let people come in and “hunt” them while they are trapped on the property? That sounds cruel. I know many many hunters. But the ones I know hunt, and provide the food for their families. I know some who give the meat to food pantries (when they are allowed). That does not seem right.

      • I don’t really know how it works … with the hunt – I think they let them run free during the hunt – I think hunting is cruel in overall, but they need to – too keep the numbers down on some of the spices … and it’s a luxury sport – cost mega bucks to hunt .. very popular with German hunters to come to Sweden.

        They hunt animals so we women can get exclusive fur coats – not fair neither. My grandpa were a game keeper for the council.

      • I know some people who hunt for “sport”. I don’t like that. But most I know hunt to fill their freezers. Hunters, here, have to pay for a license each season. Sometimes we are so over run by deer. And there are limits to how much each hunter can take.

      • I don’t like it neither! The hunters I know eat what they have killed. They have to pay mega bucks over here too for hunting lincense. I like game meats very much. Wild boar one of my favorite.

  2. Is the outrage because of false labeling? Because everytime I see this news, I keep telling myself, my Mom would have been happy because she regarded horse meat as a special treat. I haven’t tried them though.

    • Yes, it’s the labeling that is the cause of all this … they claim it’s beef lasagne. If they just called lasagne and stated horse in the small script – they would have been okay. Don’t think people would have notice anything. Horse, like you mum … I think is an excellent meat.

    • *laughing …. I think it’s more about production cost .. I like horse meat, so .. but the French has been naughty here. *smile – not a beef eater .. once in a while ..

      • They eats also frgs too!
        Horses – no big deal!
        Shall they give their culutre to hole Europe? They are spreading their culture for such a long time!

      • I like frog legs … first time I had it was in French Polynesia – and I didn’t really want to try it .. but I did and it’s was great.
        The whole of Europe eat horse meat … not only the French and even here in Sweden we eat it .. as a great smoked cold cut.
        So it’s not a French culture

        Ha de så bra *ler

      • Jag vet, men jag har skrivit inte så bra.
        I was trying to be ironiskt!
        We in Bosnia always refused to eat horse meat, even in the Middle Ages or earlier. Jag vet inte varför…

      • …. interesting – because I would think that .. in that part of Europe it would be more common – learn something everyday. Du skriver mycket bra. *ler

  3. We don’t have brands like these here in Vancouver, Aside of the usual north american brands. Unless we go to specialty stores that carry European goodies, do the cow posters actually say f’n though?? lol 😀

  4. Firstly I just love this song…. as for horse meat or beef… not much difference in what they eat and body structure, people eat Zebra and all other wild antelope meat… so what is the difference… “clever cows eat green grass and make white milk” … clever cows get horses to do their job for them… beginning to think cows have got more brains than I ever gave them credit for…

    • Totally agree … only the labeling was fault. Yes, I bet the French cows … was laughing to the milking for quite awhile – I think it’s so funny the whole thing … I thought about cow being short of brain cells.
      It’s like the American they don’t eat reindeer because it’s Santa’s pet … also funny. At least the press had something to write about.

    • Dallas, I think so .. first will Findus has to pay up and after that Findus have to get the money back from the French.
      What a carry on *laughter
      I don’t everything SuBo has done .. but this is a great track.

  5. I don’t know what to say. I am real picky about the food I eat. There is so much stuff in our foods today that we are not aware of. It is sort of scary. I have never had horse meat and don’t know if I could eat it. Not a thing that happens here

    • It could happen anywhere … we don’t have clue what the restaurants put in their food .. all the take away places.
      I’m sure that something is wrong in any country.
      It’s only the big companies that it’s caught out because they are able to pay the big money – no use going after a little restaurant.

  6. Thank you, very interesting, dear Viveka!
    I think what’s really bad is that it was not declared. As long as the companies write down what’s in their cans and boxes, fine – everybody has the choice whether to eat pork, veal, horse or whatever. – Ideally we all have our own garden in which we can grow vegetables and fruit and a farmer around the corner, where we can buy our meet, and a huge fishing pond in which we can find the fish we’d like to eat. But I guess that’s still a dream… 🙂 xo

    • *smile … I don’t mind .. so long as they label things right – but somebody has said .. the less we know about the kitchen – the better we can enjoy the dinner. *smile
      It would be nice .. if money wasn’t any issue all the time – and I don’t want a garden .. but I come and sit in yours and eat your fish from your pond. *smile The French manufacture is in big problems – but so is Findus because they have the big money to pay.

      • I know, it’s all a money issue and the values people have.
        A friend of mine is a butcher – far away from here – and when I went there, I got the best meat. He made sure that he bought animals from farmers he knew. He made his own sausages, put only the best ingredients into them and they were delicious. He always said what you buy in the supermarket is “sh..”.
        Now he is nearly 80 years old. He closed his store 10 years ago, because he felt he was too old. His customers love him and his meat and now he has the store open only once a month – then people buy everything he sells that day.
        That’s quality! 🙂

  7. Now that is a more thorough explanation than anything I’ve read in the newspapers over here! I don’t know if I could eat horse meat, it’s a problem just thinking about the horse.. but then, I can’t think about the cows or sheep either. I may just have to become a vegetarian one of these days.. xx

    • Barbara – the animals has always been there for us to be eaten – the whole nature is built on it.
      To become a vegetarian …. so far away from my reality as the moon. *smile

  8. Such an interesting article Viveka. I’ve never heard of Findus, but will be a step ahead of the bunch if they ever do expand to the US. I’ve wondered before too, about why horses are so taboo over here, when we eat everything else. I think Chatter Master hit the nail on the head though…horses aren’t raised for food, and are looked on as noble creatures. And like dogs and cats, most people over here wouldn’t consider eating them. I don’t have a very adventurous palette, so I think I would have to take a pass. There are so many other things I already enjoy eating. 🙂

    • Debbie, I know they want into US market and they really are world champions on frozen products – amazing fantastic technology they use. The sad thing here is that their manufacture in France has been cheating.
      If anyone has been on holiday in Mexico they have been eating horse meat in some stage.
      I’m not an very adventures eater neither … but I like frog legs ..
      Horse meat is very good meat and much leaner than beef.
      The whole affair is about .. not labeling the truth.

  9. Interesting facts about Findus. And – I used to eat horse meat as a child. I wouldn’t mind now either…I thought there was some trouble about the horses having eaten antibiotics?

    Wonderful song!

    • The song is truly beautiful – she does a fantastic job with it. I never liked it when Rolling Stones version.

      They were afraid of that there should have been antibiotics – but what I understand from the press in UK – are they cleared on that point – only the false labeling issue left and that is a big one. I don’t think the French manufacture will survive this ordeal.

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