when love doesn’t speak perfect swedish

Everybody knows by now that I’m not a Valentine Day fan. On Valentine Day I wrote in a comment that I have never received a Valentine Card – at least not what I recall. About 30 min later it rang on my door and there were my neighbor’s wonderful daughter with a red rose and a card.

card & rose

In my entrance is there 8 apartments and I’m only tenant with a Swedish surname. My neighbors comes from Iraq, Syria, Croatia and Thailand, all what we call the “new swedes” – some of them have live here for up to 15 years and some moved in last year.
Families that have escaped war and ugliness.

Of all countries in the world, Sweden has the highest % quote agreement with UN for acceptance of immigrants. We have a big country and we are not many people, so there is space enough for all of us. That is my opinion, but it’s not shared with all Swedes. That’s why at our last election our national right party made into the government. Terrible really – and very scary.
They haven’t made that much noise of themselves since they entered the government. All young man in tailor made suits and designer silk ties.

Landskrona had a lot of problems because of all the mixture of “new swedes” that lives here – and it has given the town a bad reputation. My friends warned me when I moved here – but if I manage to live in Belfast for 10 years – Landskrona didn’t frighten me.

rose & card

Haven’t had that big contact with my neighbors until I became sick with cancer. Then suddenly the whole house – not only my entrance – every woman in the house was there for me. They was concerned, they came with food and freshly baked bread. Women that I never talked to came up me and gave me hugs in our backyard and at the supermarket. I always say hello to everybody I met in our backyard or in the house, but I don’t talk to them all.
Some of the women doesn’t talk that great Swedish even if they lived here for 15-20 years, because they have stayed at home with children.

The day I moved in the family living opposite me – the man – knocked on the door and told me that if I ever needed any help I should just ring on their door.

If my neighbors haven’t seen me for a longer period they ring on my door and ask if I’m okay. Amazing. If my neighbors had been all Swedish – they wouldn’t care if I was laying for death . We Swedes don’t really like to get involved if not invited. *laughing


We have a fantastic back yard and so soon it’s warm enough the backyard is full of playing kids in all ages, kicking football – loads of screaming and shouting … the women meets outside for coffee and a chat in the afternoon and the teens are sitting talking into after midnight. They have BBQ parties …
But 10pm everything is quiet outside – I never hear any screaming or loud music playing in the evening – no arguing.
I just love this with all kids being outside playing – and people get together – it gives our backyard a very Mediterranean feeling and atmosphere.
Swedish kids don’t play outdoors anymore … I guess they are glued to their computers and Ipads.

When I went on my 28 days trip to US & Canada last year I asked my neighbor if they would look after my green plants and no problem. Their daughter did it and as a thank you I bought her a small bottle of fragrance from Marc Jacobs on Tax Free.

So on Valentine’s Days evening there she was outside my door – with a card and a red rose.

The card says:
“Du är en underbar granne och du är guld värd” – “You are a wonderful neighbor and you’re gold worth” – how sweet  isn’t that.

So this show that love doesn’t have any borders and we don’t need to talk the same laungage.


Amanada Rosa that sings this track – is from Marbella, Spain. She is a classical trained singer that are working as a wedding & events singer. What a waste of a brilliant voice  -because I think she has a fantastic voice.

amanda- amamad-rosa com

Photo provided by and thanks to: amanda-rosa.com

45 thoughts on “when love doesn’t speak perfect swedish

    • *smile – yes, what a fantastic gesture. It’s truly a sunshine story – and the rose is still stand fresh – they say if a rose is given by love it will last for a very long time.

  1. What a wonderful story… and wonderful valentines gift from a neighbour’s child… the living arrangement also sounds far safer if people show concern for others then it is genuine… and it is normally in communities like this where people are at their happiest…

    • Totally agree …. maybe we can’t understand each other’s background, beliefs and the way we are brought up … but that shouldn’t stop us for caring and respect each other.
      Their daughter is in late teens.

      • This is so wonderful and made me think of a quote that Gandi once said…”“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” one league of nations in one building all living together for the good of each other…

    • Yes, it’s sad that kids down play outdoors anymore … the first sign of spring when boys start to kick football.
      It’s going to be a very lonely society. They are in school together the whole day .. and they socialize when they are home over the net and smart phone – really sad.

  2. Oh, how I enjoyed reading this, Viveka! You are not the only one who is not a fan of Valentine’s day (the commercialised concept), but this is a story of true human love, the caring for each other. And what a great title, indeed: love doesn’t need any grammar, it’s just there, and everyone can understand it. Such a wonderful message here!

    • Thank you so much … I can’t complain over my neighbors .. more than they may don’t understand everything I say. *smile – but I can live with that.
      Totally agree .. that caring and love are universal – we don’t need to say anything to show that we care for somebody.
      And that is how we start a peace process.

  3. Ah, I think I was in Sweden when the right wing got elected for parliament. It’s a huge problem in Germany as well, it’s almost as if people didn’t learn anything from WW2.

    Your neighbours sound lovely. One of the nicest guys I met during my stay in Sweden was from Iraq and he lived in the same corridor as I did. They are not all terrorists and extremists. He is very nice and caring and a great cook. I mean, an Arabic man that cooks! It’s quite something!

    Haha yes, so many Swedes are shy until they are drunk. We exchange students didn’t have much contact with the Swedish students until it was party time. Then they turned into the most outgoing people ever.

    • I’m not living in the best neighborhood … but I don’t have problems with anyone here. I live very central.

      My post office is a sweetie shop and before I moved here – the owner was shot to death outside his shop .. so it can be the wild west at time, but the police said that he was a really rotten egg. So they probably made Landskrona a big favor …

      We are very likeness the English … we want to be for more than we are … and we don’t really mingle very well when being sober. Very reserved and not very welcoming … but when we say that you’re welcome .. we mean it.

      Terrible with those Nationalist parties – popping up everywhere again. Some reporter asked one of the members if he don’t remember what happened during WWII – and he said that there was not prof that it really happen!!!!!

      • I dislike those nationalists but unfortunately that doesn’t stop them.

        Oh yes, once a Swede welcomes you, they mean it.

      • I don’t understand how people can vote for them .. I mean it’s elderly people – in my age that vote for this … guys, they are so young they are not dry behind their ears yet. *laughing
        There is place enough for all of us.

  4. Very sweet…it is nice to hear stories of children being so thoughtful.

    Kids don’t play outside much in the USA either…at least not around where we live. I miss seeing lemonade stands and tent forts made on clotheslines. ; )

    • Their girl must be close to 20, but she are such little graceful soul and darling – she always give hugs .. and come up her home baked muffins.

      Today when I was going to the shop … 5 kids was kicking football in backyard, one so small he could hardly walk .. and one girl. That would never happen if the kids came from Swedish families. Don’t know where all “Swedish” kids has gone. So sad – because there is nothing so feeling good as when kids are having a good time.

  5. Many of my fellow English are the same as your old Sweedish. Except when someone or ones make the effort to become friends with their neighbours, as I have mentioned before. There is of course a vital need to understand others from all backgrounds. We will find we all love and laugh, cry and feel the same pain.
    Thank you Viveka, for being you.
    Love, Andrew.

    • Thanks for supporting me … I strongly believe that peace starts at home … and that we try to understand the best we can where people around us stands for. 97% of all people are good people where ever we come from. Swede or no Swede. We don’t have to love everybody, but we have to respect each other. As you rightly said we all cry, laugh and love.

      Love you comment.

  6. Great post on how things should be, could be – and sometimes really are! I don’t know you other than from a WP blog, but I can tell that you are openhearted, openminded and tolerant. I do believe that if you are, the chances of being treated likewise are much bigger than if you are not.

    Congratulations on having just as wonderful neighbours as you are yourself!

    • Thank you so much, Ann Christine … Yes, I’m a very open minded person, but I think I got that from working abroad and have to adapt to new places all the time. Plus I’m a very happy person … smiles all the time and then I get smiles back.

      Somebody has said that if we met somebody without a smile we should give him ours. So true.

      Thank you so much for your kind words .. they landed in my software. *smile

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  8. I’m, glad that you wrote a post like this, about love beyond borders and that we are all the same. It’s important especially since the national right party made it into the government as you wrote about. Their opinions is frightening.
    I’m glad that you live in such a beautiful place that you take care of each other. Beautiful card and rose! They really appreciate you! 🙂 ♥

    • Thank you so much … but there is also another side of my street .. you can read that .. in “war on my street” – I’m truly blessed with great neighbors and I so thankful for their support during my treatment.
      There is plenty space for all of us .. here in Sweden, it’s only to accept our differences in language and religion, last one seams to be the hardest.

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