it wasn’t even midnight

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Boo! Now I’m going to tell you about when I met a ghost – twice.

It happen in Belfast, while I still looking for somewhere to live, stayed at little beautiful designer hotel … not able to give out the name, because it can damage their reputation.

I always got their best available room, but one time when returning after a couple of days off at home in Brighton … all the big front rooms were taken – so they gave me one in the back on the 3rd floor.

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It was a none smoking hotel, the first in town … now about 14 years ago. And when I entered the room it was stinking of smoke. So I went down to the reception and asked if they could give me another room, because of smoke.

By the reception was a couple of staff .. one of them a female chef, so soon I said smoke she disappeared. The house keeper told me that they had changed all duvets and pillows in all rooms that morning.  There wasn’t any another room available  so I decided to sleep with the window open. After dinner I went to bed and slept good the whole night. When I woke up in the morning the smoke was gone. ghost - m.spoki lv

Returning in the evening the next day – the smoke met me as I came up into the corridor leading to my room – it was just like walking through a wall of smoke and when I reached my room the smoke was gone and my room didn’t smell smoke neither.

A couple of weeks later – I had a chat with one of our regular guests and he lived in Belfast and had a couple of shops over in Scotland, so he traveled with us a couple of times weekly. Very nice and handsome man with a lovely wife.

He asked me if I had found a place to live yet. When I told him that I was still looking  and still on hotel … he asked where I stayed. I told him the name of the hotel and he said; that was my uncle’s house once. He died in a fire in one of the back rooms – he smoked in bed, fell to sleep and that was it.

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When he said that … things started to click for me and I told him the story about the strong smell of smoke in my room and the corridor. He laughed and said that they are saying that his spirit are still in the building.

That evening when I returned to the hotel I asked them .. about the smoke and if  the hotel was haunted and I told them about our guest’s story about his uncle – and they admitted that it was so, but they can’t say anything to the guests when they complain about the smoke.

So I don’t really know what to believe … but there was something about that room I stayed in and that section with the smell of smoke I walked through the following evening.
Anyhow is it a very friendly ghost and he didn’t bother me during my sleep … I think.

And I stayed at the same hotel … but never in the back room again – for at least a month longer and we never met again.

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“Ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoke to”
Richard Harris Barham

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47 thoughts on “it wasn’t even midnight

  1. We believe our house has “visitors”. I don’t know what to call “him”. But he has visited often. Usually only “hear” him. But once I did see a figure. Woke up to see what I thought was Husband walking away, but realized Husband was lying next to me. I wish I had thought to speak to him. A lady visiting our house once was sitting on our porch, kept looking in the window and told her daughter she kept seeing someone look out the window, there was no one in the house.

    🙂 I would go back and stay there!

    • Wow, that’s truly interesting – don’t have a clue what I believe more than there was something.
      I think some people are more approachable for the ghosts – they don’t show themselves to everybody.
      And then our guest told the story of his uncle. I’m not really into that kind of stuff – but I wouldn’t have a problem with staying on the hotel again. When I visit you … I hope your ghost will have a chat with me *smile

      • One incident including this “visitor” scaring my then 3 year old grandchild. She was SCARED. She insisted her aunt take her home when she was supposed to spend the night. When she left I said out loud that I didn’t care if this “person” wanted to be in my house but they are NOT to scare the children. And “they” haven’t ever done it again. Maybe between the 2 of us we can get them to talk to us. 🙂

      • Colleen, Okay – but you have to do the talking *smile
        Naughty ghost! No, it’s not okay to scar children – you should have somebody looking into it. Do you know anything about the history of your house???

      • We know a police officer built it. We know at some point in it’s history a shotgun was fired in the basement. We met the little lady (93) at the time, who lived here last before us. Her husband down the basement steps and eventually died as a result of the fall (or never recovered from it), and he never returned to the house. We act as if it is “him” coming home, to be with her. 🙂

        I will talk, but you can’t leave if ‘he’ starts talking back!!!!

  2. Interesting! I have a friend who would take a trip to this place if I told her this story. She loves all places haunted and swears she has seen a couple of ghosts and has pictures!

  3. I LOVE ghost stories. How cool that you got the history of the hotel after your experience. I’ve had a couple encounters myself, but I liked yours. Thank you for sharing it.

      • It’s good to not know what to believe instead of absolute rejection. As for me, I don’t usually think about a ghost harming anyone. I just love a ghost story because it’s like a good mystery to me.

    • The hotel is still blooming … and I was not harmed and he didn’t bother me. Moved into my lovely apartment 5 weeks later .. I didn’t ask him to come and visit. *smile

  4. I don’t think of ghosts harming anybody, but I think I would prefer not to have one in my house, if possible (unless he/she/it makes me laugh!). Anyhow, I find the stories behind them quite interesting. Hope you’ll sleep well tonight xo 🙂

    • I believe it was something there – and I’m sure there is haunted places – seen it on TV.
      Also I don’t think ghosts show themselves to everyone. I’m sure if I stayed in that back room again – he will turn up.

  5. They said you should pray when you meet a ghost because that’s what they are seeking. I know, I know, you don’t believe but what I would have done was run out of the place as fast as I can.

    • Never heard that one before – I’m not a believer as such .. and praying isn’t anything I do. And when I met him … I didn’t know it was a ghost. If I know I would had a chat with him … *smile

  6. Got goose bumps while reading your post. I do believe in the supernatural and I believe that indeed it was the old man’s ghost who was there with you. Good that he was friendly enough not to scare the hell out of you. 😉

    • It was a bit creepy to find out the truth – but nothing happen and there was no noisy made from him – but I have seen on TV that ghosts can be very much in our face and bother people during their sleep … I don’t think they harm anyone.

    • He was harmless .. and I never met him again – maybe if they had put me in that back room again … witch never happen. He didn’t make any noisy neither, so nothing to be afraid of.

    • Thanks for taking the time, I don’t know what to believe … so I decide not to believe. I was never afriad of meeting him again neither, witch never happen, because I never stayed on that floor again.

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