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Couple of weeks ago my blogging friend, Anyes@FAR AWAY IN THE SUNSHINE posted “february post for peace – help“ – a beautiful post with stunning photos of roses and a summer meadow with a beautiful quote. In my comment I wrote that I would have used ugliness and shock if I would promote peace. Because it works on me personal every time.

We had a little chat, very friendly chat – and she challenged me to do my post about peace. I had already done a massive post about war and my longing of peace in Iraq and Afganistan  ; “is there no better way” – but we don’t have to go that far to look for a war and ask for peace.

damaged window

On my street we have a war – where gangs threaten shop owners to pay for not getting their shops vandalized. This is in a little beautiful town in Sweden, 39.000 people lives here in Landskrona.

Opposite my apartment do we have a little connivances store owned by a lovely Chinese couple and their young daughter helps out there too. Their shop has been attacked so many times that they now only open the door for people they know. That’s not good for business. Instead of glass windows they have put metal plates.

shop page

About 4 weeks ago in an early evening I heard some terrible banging when I was sitting at my PC in the study – when I looked out the window – 3 men was attacking the shop with a metal bar. I phoned the police straight away … and they were there after 20 min. What I understood was there customers in the shop too when the attack started and the Chinese lady she turned out the light in the shop of fear. The men had disappeared when the police arrived.

Two days later it was on the local TV news and they were interviewing the shop owners that wanted to be anonyms about what is going on all around Landskrona.

war page war page 1

At the corner do we have a beautiful dentist surgery and clinic – they have been under attack for over a year now – so soon they have repaired their entrance – max 2 days later it’s all smashed again. Now they have also got attacked on their clinic windows. Their surgery has been looking all smashed up now for over a month – and they have covered up the damage windows with wood and now somebody have thrown in something burning between the broken window glass and the wooden board.

olof palme & anna lindh

This is Sweden, a very long beautiful country with only 9,5 million people, the world call us Club Sweden, an exclusive country club … but both our Prime Minister, Olof Palme and Foreign minister, Anna Lindh were cold blooded murdered while they were getting on with their private lives.

So we need peace for own streets first of all …

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“Peace begins with a smile..”
Mother Teresa

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“Over The Rainbow”, music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by Yip Harburg, the most famous song from the movie “ The Wizard of Oz” in 1939 and specially writen for Judy Garland, the song became her signature song. This track with “Israel Kamakawiwoʻole” was released in 1993.

Photos provided by and thanks to; Olof Palme – daypress.gr & Anna Lindh – cosmo.gr

38 thoughts on “war on my street

    • Thanks, Sweden is a very peaceful country in the big picture – but looking closer there is always something going on.
      Malmö have massive problems those days too. One of the worst in the country. I think it comes with that there is no jobs for the young – and to get quick money. Terrible really. Thanks for your comment.

      • wow… that is some news, haven’t been to Sweden for a while now, friend of mine movid from Skanör to Thailand and since then (some 6 years) I have not been up. So missed out on the terrible development there. Well hopefully I have the time this year, always loved that place… even thinking of moving there again, however then more deep inside the country… who knows… 🙂 good luck in your street though…

      • Yes, things has changed in Sweden but still a nice place to live and it’s not anything you notice daily.
        It doesn’t matter where we live today … shit happens around us – the whole world has lost their values and respect. I will keep an eye on my Chinese friends .. the dentist I can’t see – they are around the corner.

        Have a great weekend. Stay safe!

  1. Viveka,
    I am so sorry to hear about the violence and terrorism in your town. I feel so bad for those Chinese immigrants. You are right; sometimes we need to be awaken to the need for peace by seeing the effects of violence. I also did not know that about the murder of your prime minister and foreign minister.
    Thank you for posting this powerful article for peace. I feel educated and inspired after reading your post. {{{Hugs]}} Kozo
    Since my family is from Hawaii, I love IZ Kamakawiwo’ole. It was such a nice surprise hearing his voice this morning. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for … your support and comment, Kozo.
      I think there is violence everywhere today – because we have accepted as entertainment in our homes.
      It’s scary – that underneath all the calm and beauty that my town is .. things like this goes on. All for power and quick money.
      I feel so sorry for the dentist .. because their place has been constantly smashed up for over a year.

      I didn’t know that IZ Kamakawiwo’ole was from Hawaii .. thanks for that information. We learn something new from each other every day.

      I wish you a great week. Viveka

  2. How terrible is this… and to think it is happening around you… but then the whole world is under such an attack… and what can the police do about it .?/ next to nothing… stay safe Viveka…

    • The police are trying their best – and when I phoned they were going to send somebody out – but the police station isn’t that big and we are close to a mayor highway, so loads going on out there … I’m safe – I don’t have a business to worry about. What I understand it’s going on many streets in Landskrona.

      Thanks for your concern.

    • We never know what is going on .. in our neighborhoods … and next door. I’m safe … hopefully they will catch the hooligans or gangsters .. they really are.

  3. Sorry to hear about your town. Sadly ever since the nineties, the U.S. has been sending economic hit men all over the world as a form of monetary imperialism, thereby exporting our violence and corruption from the government level. It’s like a cancer that spreads, the youth are only the symptom. The cause, well, you need to be made aware of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui0NL3bb21o

    Educate yourselves, and be well! ☼

    • I know .. it’s the same everywhere – but there is no need for threaten people because I’m unemployed, and I personal think it’s a lot more behind it than that. This is organised crime – just what the mafia did once – if you don’t pay we smash up your business. Same thing – only 80 years later. It’s all about power and money. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I am so shocked to learn of this. All of your beautiful photos I see have never given me the idea that there is so much fear and attacks in your area. this is so sad. i pray the police and neighborhoods can end this NOW!!!

    • Terry, I don’t live unsafe – it’s what is going on in so many places that we don’t know of until it’s coming to our attention. It’s sad that people are being attacked because of money … we never know what is going on underneath the nice surface … and what the nice neighbor next door are up too. Hopefully the police will catch them. They should put camera with people that lives opposite. It has to be filmed from the outside .. and if they see the cameras they break them first.
      That poor dentist – his place looks terrible and I think he has given up .. to repair doors and windows every month. Don’t blame him.

      • it is definitely a shame and sad situation. I am so happy that you are not living right around it. I thought you were when you said you looked out your window and saw what was happening. we have about 40,000 people here in my city. i know there is drama that happens daily but what we hear about is theft and drunkeness. never what is under the nice.

    • I don’t think so because the dentist is Swedish, but what I saw was the shop attackers 2 foreign and 1 looked Swedish, but of course the 2 foreign also been Swedish.

      It’s all about showing their power … that they don’t have and hopefully making quick cash.

      That’s also the reasons why our public transport don’t deal with any cash anymore – the drivers was robbed too often.
      In Malmö we had a Swedish guy shooting at people for nearly a year – just for fun – he killed two and wounded 6 or 8.
      The police got him in the end. We have wars all around us where ever we live in some form. Terrible what we have become to.

  5. Choice, choice, choice subject, Viveka, and so very well expressed.

    I have to admit, from all the beautiful pics you’ve put out here, I had zero idea this could be happening in your street. I am so glad you rang the police – if the WHOLE street rang the police with urgency, care and concern, perhaps the police would have come IMMEDIATELY, not after 20 minutes. We all have the ability to have some impact, and I would hate to think you were the only to phone.

    I wish I could do something for that Chinese couple and their daughter, I so much do. So powerless are we each, meanwhile powerful.

    This is a post highly deserving and needing to be read by many.

    Bless you, Viveka. The song was great too – had never heard it by anyone but Judy Garland.

    • As I said, we never know what is going on in our neighborhood – under the surface – I didn’t know until I watched the news a couple of days later. I thought it have been kids/teens that had damage their windows … but it was more to it than so.

      I don’t think the attack is racist – because the dentist is Swedish.

      The thing is that our police station is not that big and they have a massive area to cover … but they should had come earlier

  6. Judging by the number of comments, you have certainly made an impression. Like others, I would not expect this destruction in your county. We do need to wake up to the challenges ahead. Our blogs and the growing movement towards peace will surely help.
    Love and Blessings,

    • Andrew, I think we all some kind of war – going on our home street …. inside families even. So how can we fix the big wars, when we can’t fix the one that goes on next door.

      There is destruction going on everywhere – only that we call it something else *smile

      So sad … and I think we have to start at home first.
      Thanks for your comment and your supprt.

      Have a pleasant weekend. Wivi

      • Sorry for stating the obvious in my reply. I can say, in the places I have lived, this situation is no worse than it was when I was born just after the Second World War. I used to think it was better. We knew our neibours Etc. But ‘queers’ or gays were hated then, there was vandalism, there was wife beating, and there was child abuse. Of course, it just wasn’t talked about. The difference today is that there are much more of us, living in bigger towns and cities. There is no excuse for accepting this status quo. There are as many solutions as there are causes. Yes some communities within cities and towns have addressed this issue. It only takes a few to say Enough! We can’t take this any more. The few families at the centre of this disruption have been responsibly relocated. No vigilantes, no right wing responses to immigration.
        I don’t have all the answers, but I do have the will. I do know all my neibours, their children, grandparents. We make the time to voice any concerns. My wife Sue and I have suffered more than enough setbacks to last a lifetime. We did not split at the first hurdle. Yes it Has made us stronger, something that others deride.
        I communicate these ‘values’ with my readers. I am honest with them. Most of all I share the love that I know is in everyone’s heart. Some just don’t know it, much less care. We have to teach our young these values or else see them wither in dismay. We must start world wide, now. Tell everyone, Enough !
        Thak you,

      • Andrew, for coming back … I understand exactly where you’re coming from and where you want to go – I’m the same.
        Values is what it’s all about … when we are down on our level – the grassroots level. And that we look out for each other .. if we see or hear something that isn’t right that we act on it or report.

        We, Swedes, blame everything bad that happens .. on the “new swedes” – but that’s the full truth. We, Swedes, aren’t’ any angels.
        When Anna Lindh was murdered – they arrested a young man (new swede) – the witch hunt from the press was terrible for his mother. It was only those two and the press was trying to take photo through her windows and blinds. His name came out .. but not from the police. Then after a couple of weeks .. they found the right killer – Swedish, born and raised in Sweden – 33 years old. – that’s for me war too.

        Thanks for doing it … and I hope maybe you have time to read my post about the big war that I truly hate too.

    • So true … unemployed and drugs is the platform for loads of evil in our society. But I think also this is something very organized. It’s more and more .. everywhere. Really scary .. and really look at US. They have gangster that rules whole cities.

  7. I am shocked! Honestly – how can such violence exist in a basically “little” Swedish town, where we all believe that Sweden is such a lovely and peaceful country? It scares me, how many crazy people run around and nothing is done. Come on – 20 minutes for the police to come…? That’s a bad joke, or? Are they in it, too?
    I hate violence! I hate people ganging up on others!
    I believe we cannot save the world. I believe that first of all we have to find peace in ourselves. Then we can make peace with the people around us. Everything step by step. If everybody does this, then WE CAN ALL MAKE PEACE. But we have to start with ourselves. – You get the message, right?
    Take care and watch out. Have a peaceful weekend xo 🙂

    • Dia, it’s not that Landskrona is a bad place to live .. but there is elements … and look at your personal situation. We don’t know what is going on next door .. until somebody tells us or we ask.
      It’s a peaceful country, but we have crimes too, but I’m not afraid when I’m out walking in the evening or late at night.
      Our police station isn’t very big and they have a heavy motorway to cover too. What I understand is that they phoned the shop first and asked if they were okay in there.

      Promise to be careful .. and work for peace. *smile .. as you said, step by step.

      • Ok, that’s good that the police phoned them and made sure they were ok. Sorry, didn’t want to misjudge, didn’t know they had that far to go.
        Yup, I’ll watch out – just like you xo 🙂

      • .. I should have put that in the post that they phoned.
        There isn’t enough around .. except when some hot shot politician comes to town.

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