a scene from a marriage ….. lena, part 26

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Lena, that’s married to Sven and her two girlfriends: Pia that is single and Maja who is engaged was talking about men and sex life. They decide to find out how best to seduce a man. That night, they take on a body in black leather, high heel shoes and have well-painted eyes as a surprise to his partner. The following week they gathered again to hear how it has gone. Pia, who had a blind date:
– As soon as he opened the door and saw me in the outfit he screamed like a wild man and we made love four times in a row, directly on the floor.
Maja said:
– I put on bodysuits, the high-heeled shoes and makeup me sexy, but it felt a little awkward to stand there almost naked, so I put on a fur coat that I picked up in the closet. When he got home, I opened fur coat so he could see what I had. He went crazy and screamed with joy, he kissed me all over, we went to the bedroom and loved twice in a row.
They turned to Lena and asked how did it work for her. Lena answered with a disappointed tone:
– Well, I also put on the body-suit and shoes. I painted myself more than usual and felt stylish. When Sven came home, he threw himself on the couch, took the TV control in his hand and said:
“Hey Batman, what’s for dinner today?

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Pictures provided by and thanks to: someecards.com & onroad.hu

12 thoughts on “a scene from a marriage ….. lena, part 26

  1. Hahahaa, thank’s for letting me have the first laughter of the day. Great, I love this posts. I hope you’re doing fine. We are getting more snow here, have you got more snow? I’m longing for the spring……
    Have a great day! Take care.

    • We haven’t had any snow for a week now – Hässleholm, 1,5 hours from here got loads on Saturday. Very strange … I still want a bit more winter – so we are free from it when it’s suppose to be spring.
      Thanks for dropping in .. always nice to have you visiting. Have a great week.

  2. Well there has to be something wrong with this picture… Sven, should have remembered that Batman was a man… and he rightly so, asked for his supper before having to exert so much energy… No I’m only joking… I loved this Viveka, gave me a good laugh even though it shows husbands in a bad light… love it..

    • Husbands are always in the bed light .. when it’s about stories .. aren’t you. Of my experience, having sex after dinner isn’t that great *smile

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