you ask … i answer

biarritz lighthouse 2

Close your eyes and imagine we are together sitting at “Café de la Grande Plage” in Biarritz, France having a coffee/tea/drink (your choice) – I’m having a Campari & grapefruit juice and we start talking.
You ask and I answer:

I am: a woman in not my best days, but I haven’t passed my best before date yet …
I know: that life isn’t fair, but I also know that we are able to change a lot for many …
I want: to stop all evil; like wars, abuse, hunger, thirst, illness, homelessness, violence and slavery – and I want more sex! *smile
I think: very little – and act too quick too often
I have: a second chance on life …. plus a generous heart and soul
I dislike: liars and dishonesty plus snakes … yeast and pastry
I miss: my old life, before the cancer and its aftermaths – without a bladder that leaks, bleeding, support tights and numb feet
I fear: for heights where I can survive and become handicapped and my cancer, mostly the package it comes in
I feel: very happy and content …

grand plage

I hear: constant buzzing ( Tinnitus), but my music is louder
I smell: newly brewed coffee
I crave: chocolate, chocolate …. Ice cream and ice cream
I search: for more understanding
I wonder: if my lottery numbers will come up tongiht
I regret: that I never wrote that letter … to that special man when I was 22.
I love: my mum, my friends … life … dance, Biarrtiz, food, cute animals, music, flowers, shoes,  Chicago, handbags, travel … fresh air, the ocean and my camera
I care: too much – if we are able to do that
I am always: waking up happy
I worry: about my pension
I remember: Chicago
I sing: a lot, but I shouldn’t
I argue: with my mum every time I visit her
I write: faster than my brain works.
I lose: patience and keys far too often
I wish: that life could be more gentle to everybody and that I had that sea-view apartment in Biarritz

grand plage 1
I listen: when I want to and to music 16 hours per day
I must: live where the ocean docks and laugh
I believe: in people that passionate helps those that needs help
I can usually be found: dreaming away and being absent
I am scared: for the day my mum will leave me, 91 this year
I need: more time and money to make my dreams come true
I forget: all the bad stuff … very quickly
I am happy: for that I’m still here, for everything I have and all that I are able to give

A big thank to you – Anyes– that made me stop and think.

Care to join me? Copy and paste if you’d like and let me know about it – I’d love to come read yours!

“With faith, there are no questions; without faith, there are no answers.”
Yisroel Meir Ha-Cohen

apartment with a view

47 thoughts on “you ask … i answer

    • Julie, thanks … I hope you found out a little more of me too while we had this little chat. Have a great weekend now. You and your boys plus the bike. *smile

    • Have tasted far too many badly made pastry … and my lack of patience isn’t teaming up with yeast.
      Funny that was the only things you picked up .. about my personality. And I thought I was an interesting woman. * laughter.

      • Of course I picked up more but I bake bread from scratch when I feel like it, even though I haven’t tried pastry making, that is why I mentioned it.

      • Okay … I thought your answer was funny *smile you gave me a big smile. Never tried pastry – puff pastry is easy, buy ready made … very easy .. to pie and things like that – it’s a bit of work up .. but you should try. I don’t mind using it – hate eating it. We have to try everything at least once.

  1. Now I know more about you… and I love what I read.. a compassionate, lovable lady.. who’s been through the mill with not much regret..(except for that letter) and some one who people would be happy to meet… good for you…I love this post..

    • Thanks a lot … that means a lot to me .. the words you gave me here. This is a very true picture of me. Bulldog, as you know it’s not worth dwelling in what has been and what could have been. Life just moves on and if we don’t jump on its train, we will be left behind. That letter I have been thinking a lot about … lately. You know when the devil becomes old she becomes religious. I was so in love with him – that I couldn’t find the right words to put down on that piece of paper – don’t know how many times …. I started on that letter and they all went in the bin.

  2. Thank you for your questions and answers. We get to know you little by little… Campari and grapefruit-juice? You like it bitter, huh 😉 ? If that makes you happy, fine by me 😀 xo Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  3. It’s a thoughtful way to share yourself with us- thank you- and more importantly an exercise for us to get in a little closer touch with ourselves. We get so caught up sometimes trying to keep our heads above the water, we don’t even know our own self, we don’t stop long enough to know what we believe in or strive for. Thank you again… Happy Sunday. x wendy

    • Yes, I enjoyed doing and .. I had to think before I answered – what I’m really about … what am I worried about – what do I regret … what is my fears and who have my love.
      And I have been 100% truthful – thank you for your support, Wendy …. always nice when you take your time to replay. *smile

  4. Viveka, I absolutely loved this post! I enjoyed sitting with you (I’m having a coffee of course 😉 and learning more about you. It was interesting and fun! Your spirit, compassion and beauty come across in your answers 🙂

    If I get the chance, I’d love to do my own post based on your idea! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  5. I have a question while we sit at the Café de la Grande Plage whilst I eat a platter of their finest seafood with nice chilled glass of Vouvray from the Loire….’You’ve visited most places on this beautiful planet Viveka, but what place that you ‘haven’t’ seen would you still love visit?

    • For seafood we have to walk over to the little harbor – to Chez Albert – – the best seafood in town – and a lovely spot to sit. Have done a post about – my love to Biarritz.
      On my bucket list is Florence and Madrid … very high.
      So is Las Vegas and Maimi Beach. Did so many exotic and amazing place during my year aboard the little red ship – so I have hard to find anything else to see. And of places I been, I would love to go back to Japan and Hong Kong.

      • Florence..I’d love to walk around there with my camera…day of night

        As for Vegas, that’s on more bucket list as well, especially if was part of driving trip around the West Coast.

        Here’s hoping we win the Lottery at the weekend 🙂

      • Carl, I have said that if I win enough money – will I travel the world and visit all my blogging friends .. so don’t wish for too much .. on my part *smile
        Las Vegas I only want to visit because of Cirque du Soleil – can see one show every night and a guy called Terry Fator – check out his web – – amazing artist.

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