not that kind of girl

bed close up

That invites just anyone into my boudoir – but I have promise my blogging “lost sister”, Heather@VINTAGE FRENCH CHIC, that I will make an exception and you’re not just anyone.

So welcome in.

As I have said before – did I sign the contract for my apartment – without seeing it.
A girlfriend from Gothenburg, she drove down and check it out for me – took some photos. So my first visit to the apartment was on 4.05.2009 and it was like a blind date.
Our first date didn’t go that well for some reason – but done is done, I thought and I have to do the best of it.

Didn’t go back to the apartment until 3 days before the removal came and I was in company with my, Anna-Lisa – we had checked in at the hotel opposite the apartment  .. and when I returned to the apartment, it felt suddenly SO good.

bedroom 3 bedroom 4

At my first visit I took masseurs of all the all floor space that I will be able to put furnishers on and I had measured everything before it all was wrapped up in Belfast for transport.

Somehow I found a free trail of an interior design software online, SmartDraw, 7 days free trail.
So at mums I was sitting moving furnishers around on this program and saving one layout after the other. The smartest thing I ever done, because when the removal van arrived I knew exactly where every piece of furniture were going. Didn’t have to move one piece around.

At once I came into the apartment I understood that I will have a massive problem with the master bedroom, so small and I have a big bed, IKEA of course, the best bed comfort in the world. *smile
Sorry, Duxiana and Hästen!

bedroom 6bedroom 7

Even if I hadn’t a big bed – and it wouldn’t work to put the bed in the must natural position, it would lonely give me 50cm/20inc between the wall and the end of bed. All standard beds are 2mtr/80inc long in Sweden and the room is only 2,5mtr/98,5inc wide.

Didn’t have any other options than but the bed in front of the window and there we are today.

Don’t worry the perfumes are only miniatures – bought the display in Belfast many years ago, but never put it up until here in my bedroom, been collecting for years. They are so adorable.

bedrllbedroom 1bedroom 2

Also all picture are .. my own – taken with my old Canon film eating camera and then blown up in different sizes and framed very professional, not by me.

My curtains are my extravagance – black raw silk with beautiful embroidered flowers and leafs. Some of cushions are in suede and silk.  For me the bedroom is the second most important room – that is were the touchable senses lives. Kitchen comes first, the kitchen is the heart of the home and the bedroom the soul.

Thanks for dropping in … and if anyone of you will come for a visit this will be your bedroom.

“Every bedroom needs a bit of pure silk”

“Lay in My Bed” was a massive hit with Mario in 2007 – this version is sang by Conor Maynard, a young British artist from Brighton that started to sing on YouTube 2008, born in 1992 – and had his first album “Contrast” was released last year. Really like his voice.

full picture shelve

66 thoughts on “not that kind of girl

    • Thank you so much, Madu …. It’s not really grey – it’s taupe or what they call mushroom – and the pink is burnt orange or rusty. Pink and I don’t agree at all. Maybe the colors doesn’t come out as they should have done.

  1. I love your place, Viveka, it’s so beautiful! Very stylish and cozy at the same time – but I hadn’t expected anything else, when I see the food you prepare and the posts you write 😀 Have a lovely evening xo 🙂

    • Dia, it’s a very cozy room – and I quite like now – can’t clean the window because I can’t move the bed .. far too heavy. Same to you. Thanks for your kind words they land directly in the software. Same to you and have a great Friday.

    • Thanks … of course if anyone have plans to visit Sweden .. why not Landskrona, beautiful town by the ocean .. with old castle in the middle of the town.
      Thank you so much for your kind words …

    • Yes, it’s a love room and I have been thinking of putting up your photos .. under the photo shelve – but the wall is so hard .. can’t do it only with nails and hammer.

  2. This is beautiful room, I loved the decoration and also the colours… especially these parfumes! This is great idea. But the photographs on the wall with flowers hit me too. Yes, I loved. You are an artist too. Thank you, love, nia

    • That shelve you can buy from IKEA – don’t know if they have this long model left .. but they have shorter .. I bought mine with them. Very popular, been for years, over here in Sweden to have photo/image shelves.
      Easy to put up too.

      Thanks for your kind words … I love my bedroom, spend my evenings there .. watching TV.

  3. Aaahh! So lovely and I am so glad that you shared you boudoir with us (me!). I adore the little “parlor” chair and the perfume collection is amazing. You are one classy dame. : ) Bedrooms are the best!!

    • Yes, you stole the moment for me .. with just 2 days .. and I promise to come back .. with vengeance !!! * laughter That chair is very old … and I love it. My grandma bought it on an auction when I was about 8 and recovered it. So there is 2 antiques in this home now .. me and the chair. Classy, thank you so much … maybe. It depends on the circumstances.

  4. You should be an interior designer! haha i love your perfume collections and your photos are no doubt looks great as always! 🙂 I’m also looking forward to have my own apartment 🙂 hehe

    • I have worked closed to corporate interior designer, for new built and refurbishments for quite a few year and picked up idea from them. But to do it for a living, no … not that passionate about it. Eyes for colors and details I have from my profession as a chef. The first apartment is the most important one – it will come … and that day is priceless and expensive. *smile … thanks for you nice words.

      • Oh that explains why you also have a keen eye for design. I also wanted to be a chef before, but cooking doesn’t seem to agree with me lol but I’ve had a few good tries here and there 🙂

        Hopefully this year I get a place for my own but that’ll make my brother lonely since it’s just the two of us here left. But oh well, life goes on 🙂

      • To be a chef is a tough job – long hours and very stressful – but I never regretted my choice and it has taken me all over the world. But I have never one of those chefs that only think food – quite lazy .. *smile

        Of course you should have a place for yourself – it’s an expensive freedom in the beginning and your brother will understand that. He needs his space too – I’m sure. And it’s not like you are moving to the other side of the globe.

    • You have done – brilliant job with yours – and even if your room isn’t that massive really as you Americans want them – but it’s light and airy. Can’t wait for the guest room.

  5. A beautiful boudoir for a very classy lady. I have a collection of miniature perfume bottles as well on a little antique bamboo shelf in my bathroom.

    • Thank you so much, I have been collecting for year – and they have always been in a box, until I saw this little shelve in a lady magazine and sent for it. It had been in its box for 8 years – because my 80% of my collection was in Sweden packaged away.
      Love my little bottles – don’t get them anymore – because those miniatures – the bottles in themselves cost the same to produce as a big does. So its mostly small tubs we get those days as samples.

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