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I stopped working when I returned to Sweden … in 2009 – after a total of 23 years abroad during my working years. Start working when I was 15 years old = 46 working years and and I haven’t been rolling my tumbs during all those years.

When returning to Sweden I was thinking of just a little extra job – like stacking shelves in a supermarket or something, couple of days a week – part time. Not a job with massive responsibility anymore and loads of staff to care for. Only wanted to do my job and go home.

But it never came to that – because I started to go sick .. very quickly and .. after that journey of my illness, I decided to just own all my time and spend it on myself.

So my seasonal job happens once a year, in the winter – and that is when it’s serious cold out side at night. I defrost my freezer. Mine isn’t self defrosting – only a couple of years old, but still it doesn’t do the job itself.

defrost 1

With the cold water it was time .. and with -8C/+17.6F at 9pm – everything went out on my balcony. Got my old All Weather jacket that I kept from my employer, Stena Line (forgive me) – is’t brilliant, so warm and cosy. A life saver up in Belfast and Scotland in the autumn and winter, when the rain and wind was lashing, so it came with me to Sweden. Need something warm for running out and in from the chill with all the stuff – because it’s full loaded. It’s really down to some art this job or sport I should maybe call it.

So there was all my frozen products out the balcony under cover … the whole night, and the first thing in morning – before breakfast; cleaning the unit down, jacket on and everything back in. Nothing was defrosted. Happy Days!

Don’t know what was wrong this time – because normally it takes about max 3 hours for the freezer to defrost but this time, after 12 hours still ice inside and it wasn’t more ice than normal from the start, but when I turned it on and off a couple of times, then things started to happens. 20 minutes later it was free.

I took a couple of photos of the whole exercise – now it’s shining clean inside and ready for another year. My seasonal job is done … and I can take it easy for the rest of the year.

“Like there’s actually a need for Greenland.
You can get ice at 7-Eleven.”
Steve Kluger

defrost 4

Found this great German singer that I never heard about before – while looking for a great track with Foreigner and their’s “Cold As Ice” – but nothing to be found out of 500 tracks. Sarah Conner, born 1980 … and have quite a few big hits in the German spoken countries. I like this song because it’s happy and it’s “danceable”  Her biggest hit is “Let’s Get Back To Bed Boy” that she did together with the American rapper “TQ”.

41 thoughts on “seasonal job

  1. That’s a job I would hate to do, cleaning the fridge is bad enough. I can’t imagine defrosting the freezer. I have 2 at home, the one of the fridge and a different for all the meat and fruits (I do a lot of smoothies).
    Back in NYC when I would entertain at home during the winter, the balcony was the best place to keep beer cold.
    Nice upbeat song.

    • I think it goes quicker to clean the freezer than than the fridge, because the freezer has 95% of the stuff in draws.
      You should defrost, because they eat energy like mad if .. they are full of ice.

      In the winter the balcony is good a food and drink keeping.
      And in the summer …. eating outdoors.

      Love smoothies too, but never done at home – it’s so easy to do too. Have to start .. with that.

  2. I was cleaning my freezer once, many, many years ago. You know the one thing you aren’t suppose to do? Scrape? Well I was tired of it not cleaning, the ice just would not melt and come out. So I scraped. And you know why they don’t want you to scrape? Because you will likely poke a hole in the thing that holds the freon. And I did. Scared the crap out of me! 🙂

    • Collleen, mad woman – you just true the freezer off and wait – heard that from other ladies over there that they scrape the freezer. The freezer is one of the biggest energy thieves in your household after the microwave if it has a digital display and a printer, so turn of the printer when you don’t use it. If you don’t defrost and full of ice it pushes up your energy bill. If you want to speed up the defrosting – put your vacuum cleaner on and put the hose inside the freezer and it happens very quickly. If the freezer isn’t that old and not defrost itself – it goes in a couple of hours with any support. Very dangerous to scrape the ice – just for the reason you said.

      • 🙂 That’s why now, all of these years later, I have a frost free freezer! 🙂

        And I do turn off my printer! I learned this in Ireland (to turn off/unplug unused electronics).

      • Ireland has really been pushing for unplugging all electronics – on trains and buses … they done a really good job. Printer is some energy thieve.

        I’m surprised that my freezer isn’t self-defrosting … not that old, but I only have to work hard once a year … can’t complain. *smile

      • Yes we learned that lesson well in Ireland. I was surprised that every where we went we had to plug every thing in. Some places made a point of asking us to unplug what we didn’t use. Of course we would, but to be honest, it had to be pointed out to us. HEre, we plug it in and leave it.

      • Charges for mobiles .. is another thieve – people just leave them in the plug .. Ireland was great regarding information.
        Don’t know if people in general was following them.

        Sweden is very good – we always do what they tell us to do.
        *laughing. 85% of us recycle everything.

      • Recycling is picking up here. Many have done it for a long time. But not near enough. But, many, many more are. And I started unplugging my chargers thanks to IRELAND! 😉

        I have heard Sweden is wonderful! Now this just adds to it. 🙂

      • It’s nearly 25 years ago .. when we had to start separate our waste at McDonald over here, that was a massive step .. and we now do it on every fast food outlet, it became law.

    • Bulldog, something a girl has to do … when there is no man around the house – and if if there was one .. I probably had to do it anyhow. *smile

      I can sleep all the other cold nights, one night isn’t the end of the world, but I like your advice.

  3. You want to come here and do mine as well, dear Viveka? Mine is in dire need of de-icing…might do it this weekend, now that you have reminded me 🙂
    I had good contact with Stena-Line, when I still worked for Volvo and we had to check which cars were arriving when… If they don’t have the appropriate jackets for their employees, who will ;-)?!
    Have a lovely day xo 🙂

    • Yes, Volvo and Stena goes hand in hand, best of mates – looking at the sailing races …
      Okay, I will come over – if you promise me good coffee.

      It was only Stena UK that had those jackets for some reason and the old model was even better, because we could remove the warm lining during warmer months .. and use it as a rain jacket – because there was big demand of that during spring and summer.

      This evening back to Zumba … fun, fun!
      Have a great day too.

  4. I’d forgotten about the times i had to clean the freezer. Not a great job really, and I used to get bowls and bowls full of ice which then had to be emptied into the sink, which was quite small, so it got full quickly. Oh no, not good memories, but I always felt really virtuous when it was all done and everything neatly stacked inside again. I’ll have one of those Brunch Pancakes with berries and whipped cream. Thank you so much. 🙂

    • I don’t mind doing it, really quick job – but a bit cold to run in and out on the balcony, but only once a year.
      Those frozen brunch pancakes is a brilliant product – always have a pack … hopeless on doing pancakes.
      I would love mine with grilled bacon, maple syrup and poached egg … now you gave me very bad thoughts, because I just had big bowl of Thai chicken soup.

  5. Now that is one job that I’m glad I don’t have anymore. But isn’t it nice that it is cold enough outside to keep everything frozen while you do your seasonal job.

    • Yes, it has to be a winter job – today we have sun and full storm – no snow what so ever … last we had terrible snow storm – 2 days later rain .. now storm. Give me back my childhoods winters *smile

    • Yes, it’s a blessing to live here up in the North when it comes to jobs like this. Use the vacuum cleaner hose .. and close the door so much as possible.

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