to crush or grind leftovers

My 3rd day of hospital visits and check ups – was Friday, nearly 2 weeks ago now – don’t time just fly away???!!! .. in Lund, but in the morning when it was time for take off – I didn’t feel for bring my little friend, the camera with me – because it was the same bitterly cold and wet .. as it had been the day before in Landskrona.
Anyhow I’m not allowed to take photo inside Lund’s University Hospital. I just think they made that up as they went along – have never seen a sign for it – only seen the sign for none use of mobiles. I’m not going to argue.

meatballs & pasta

When I was back home just after lunch – I didn’t feel for doing nothing – totally excused from all this carry on, and hospitals are not the most upbeat place to send hours at.

Had so much clothes on and still the bitter chill went through it all – in to my bones, thought for a while I was coming down with a cold or worst, the flue. So I went to bed and slept for a couple of hours, been early starts every morning.

Didn’t feel that upbeat when I woke up and I had decided that I was going to make that bread …. didn’t really feel for making it neither, but I started and suddenly everything was fun and exciting – in the middle of making the bread I realized what time it was – 7.30pm – dinner time. Suddenly I had two mission on my hand, but as me being a woman, no problems … can do more than one thing at the time.

meatballs page 1

Spinach Ricotta Tortellini
with Meatballs in Tomato Concasse.

“Concasse” is a French cooking term and means “to crush or grind” – meaning to rough chop any ingredient, usually vegetables, if done properly the tomato should been peeled and seeded, but I didn’t have much time for that – and the tomato was on it’s last leg, so I wouldn’t got much out of it if I had done that.

Out from the freezer I got some famous Swedish Meatballs and Findus chopped basil (that I adore) … in the fridge I had fresh spinach tortellini filled with ricotta cheese, 1 half rotten tomato, garlic and red onion.
In the cupboard I had some tubs of “Dolmio Stir-In” sauce – which I brought back with from Scotland. Great little product – for just 2 portion of pasta – to be stirred in cold, I decided to go for a spicy one.
Photos was done in a very quick rush and then into action while the bread was baking.meatballs page

meatball page 3

Chopped the tomato, garlic and red onion course … and I mixed it all with some chopped frozen basil. Olive oil in the frying pan – in with it all for a couple of minutes while the pasta was boiling, 3min. Add the meatballs to the mix and notice that I wasn’t going to have to use the stir in sauce. So back in the cupboard with that one.
I grated loads of Parmesan Cheese – everything on to the plate and the Parmesan over plus some fresh ground black pepper. Everything was done in less than 10 min. Pronto!

The dish I really enjoyed – full of Mediterranean flavors and I’m glad I put the “stir-in sauce” back in the cupboard.


“The trouble with eating Italian food is
that five or six days later you’re hungry again”
George Miller

jovanotti-- popscreen com

My cloud is a song by title “Tensione Evolutiva” (Evolutionary Voltage), #14 on the Italian Top 20 chart. The singer is Jovanotti – Lorenzo Cherubini is his real name and born 1966. I think this is a funny and stirring track. And I just adore the Italian language.

36 thoughts on “to crush or grind leftovers

  1. I am impressed by people who keep such ingredients and “simply” make a wonderful meal. I know if I was a little more committed I could “go back” to cooking more. Your food makes life look so good.

    • Colleen, I’m sure that Mr Brown is not complaining on your cooking – it’s only that I manage to take a couple of okay photos. Or does Mr Brown do the cooking – I’m sure that none of you are starving. It’s just to take what is available. Food is not complicated – you can make fantastic dishes on only 5 ingredients. Thanks for your kind words.

      • Mr. Brown is a very plain eater. Which makes life super easy. When I cooked every day (kids in the house) it could range from very basic to very indepth cooking. But now it’s just he and I. He would not eat the things I would “cook”. So there’s no real need for cooking. The fanciest thing we do is scrambled eggs or baked chicken. I get my variations when I go to lunches or dinners. It works. But I do sometimes miss the cooking.

      • I love simple cooking – quick and easy …. standing for hours cooking for myself – and then eating takes 10 min – nothing for me. So I understand where you come from.
        Love cooking if I have guests – then time is no issue.

  2. Sexy music 🙂
    I would have to assemble this dish from scratch, since half those ready to cook ingredients aren’t easily available locally. And you know what a lazy cook I am…..very good, even if I say so myself, but very, very lazy 😀

    • Like polenta .. especially grilled. My dish is so easy to make if the meatballs are already done, 10 min max.
      The song is FAB – it makes me happy and wants to dance.
      So far no flue or cold .. my way – knock on wood.
      Nothing last year neither. I think it’s down to the Omega-3 I get into me through the cod liver capsules I take every morning. Great stuff.

    • I’m sure you would with together with a nice red wine. *smile
      I don’t get any notice anymore when you replay on my comments on your posts – been like that for over a week, thought you had broken up with me *smile … so I checked. Have told wordpress … that is why I haven’t replayed on yours.

  3. Dear Viveka, you have no idea how hungry this post makes me (once again) 😉 The music is so much fun, too! – How are you? Everything ok? Big hug and keep warm and healthy xo 🙂

    • Dia, thanks for asking – I’m so good as I can be with my side-effects – only that it was a very tiring 3 days, early starts and hospitals are not the most cheerful environment to spend hours at. So in the big picture am I doing okay .. in the small picture am I doing fine. *smile ‘
      It’s only to pop over for something to eat … *smile
      We have a grey and wet weather again – only 2 days ago buses ended up in the ditches in full snow storm. Hate rain in the winter, so cold and bitter. Travelled by from mums today.

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