Back in the race !!!!!

… again – so support needed again, sorry for being such a pain.
If you click on this direct link – RPC 5th; lines – the dentist lamp – will you be free from having me turning up on your doorstep begging for your vote later in the week. *laughing

Million thanks for your support and Good Luck to All of us!

“Success demands singleness of purpose.”
Vince Lombardi

Featured photo and thanks to:


Viveka a.k.a. Big Girl
saw the lamp while she was walking in Ystad, Sweden just before Christmas, in the entrance to a dentist surgery – stepped in and took a couple of photos
entrance light.GOOD LUCK

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6 thoughts on “

    • Thank you … promise I will not bother you anymore … and by the way of course I will cook for you and your wife and your small offspring … and who ever turns up from your “La Familia” No problem … it will a pleasure.

    • Thank you! I hope, but there is some brilliant photos to beat with already quite high numbers of likes – of course some of it has to do with how many followers we have. Believe me, I will give them a good race.

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