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I must admit that I like men – that are willing to spend money on me – don’t have be loads, but just that little extra once in a while. And I had a couple of big spenders too – maybe I will come back to them another day, if I can find a suitable music cloud – because now I used the best one here.

But this post is all about me being a big spender of time on me and with myself – that is me – because since 2009 when I retired, I owe all time that is given to me and I can spend it however I want and that is what I do, except when I go and visit mum, but it’s my choice too so.

So we can say I’m a big spender when it’s about me. Once a month – every 5th week do I have what I call a SPA day – nothing fancy, nothing very exciting – it’s really a very messy day for my white tiled bathroom. Because it means hair coloring and chocolate body scrub … and I’m a messy person when it comes to showering, all over the place.

When I was making the big bucks over in UK and on Ireland I let the professionals do it for me – but those days are gone. So it’s all down to DIY. Full body massage every week was one of them.

Then I’m impatient too, so this with soak in a warm bath with loads of candles lite and soft music, forget that. I haven’t used a bathtub for over 30 years. I’m a shower girl, thinking about the environment.

Perfect-10-aurburn - clariol com

My SPA days starts with the hair coloring – then the body scrub and the whole bathroom smells heavenly of chocolate and the shower is an absolutely mess, with chocolate on most tiles.

SPA-day also means that I will use a body lotion with fragrance, something I never use daily – because I spend a lot of money on my Edt’s and I don’t want any other fragrance to collide with the expensive drops. So I use both none fragranced body lotion and deodorant daily. Last time I indulged my skin in the luxury of “SUNG” by Alfred Sung.

Ladies, do you know that body lotion works best if the skin is still damp – so never dry the skin before putting on the lotion, the professionals have taught me that.

SPA day 1SPA day 2

I do a deep cleaning of my face – scrub, serum and finishing of with some of “Siana” miracle day cream. Never wear full make up daily – just serum and Garnier’s BB cream, that makes magic with my skin and gives it that velvety feeling and it makes it glow. Make up is for special occasions those days. Not at all like my aunt Thea here and I haven’t worn lipstick since I was about 25, because I was so in love and he didn’t like to kiss me if I had lipstick on and I never put back to on again.

Ladies, the best day and night cream there is on the market – it’s Aldi’s – Siana  – and it’s a budget brand – if no Aldi shop where you are –  you can get both on for about £6.00/62.00SEK/$9.52/€7.15 – brilliant product, the smell could be a bit nicer, but the product spot on. Read about this cream here Daily Mail, UK

Aldi Siana Moisturising Anti-winkle Day + Night Cream - uk

It also means that my poor feet will get soaked and taken care of – my foot balls are numb, aftermath after the chemo. Massive problem for me –because I love walking and I’m not able to walk so much as I have done. Terrible, very painful and when I go out for a longer time, I need a pair shoes for changing – so the pressure on my feet will change. Nothing to do about this problem – have to live it. Tough, I tell you – but so long it doesn’t bother me when I go to bed or disturb my sleep .. I’m happy.
Before the cancer treatments I loved my footbath that keep the water warm and massaged my feet, now I can’t put it on vibrations anymore – because it give my feet even more pain. Yes, my foot SPA has remote control *smile

babyliss- foot spa - uk

After to hair, body and feet got theirs .. I jump into something more comfortable and it’s not into ruffles and black laces.

I crawl up in my big bed with loads of fresh fruit and I catch up with all the missed episodes of my favorite TV-series; Castle, Revenge, Law & Order; SVU, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Scandal and Suites.


In the evening mostly I make a “rushy” omelet, always perfectly made thanks to Tupperware and a mixed salad .. and then I go back to watching more missed episodes with a big bowl of ice cream.

That is one of the best spent days …

“The only reason for time is so
that everything doesn’t happen at once.”
Albert Einstein

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(TV series)

35 thoughts on “big spender

  1. Well I’m going to have to get me all these products and try out a SPA day.. coating myself in chocolate scrub and applying all the lotions etc…. Viveka, I hope you realise that I’m joking… the only chocolate coming near me, is going down my throat after being chewed and enjoyed… but what’s good for you and makes you happy… makes me happy…

    • There is so many men that … goes to SPA too – you, guys, are more vain than we, girls are. *smile
      But you can take – a Me-day and do whatever you feel for … and spend all time on yourself – don’t have include lotion and anti-wrinkle creams.

      I love chocolate too … for eating. Somebody has said that – if there is no chocolate in heaven – I will not be going. I must admit … I need chocolate, so maybe heaven isn’t the right place for me.

      • Viveka.. I’m afraid that vanity is not a thing that comes into my vocabulary .. looks are not top of my list… life’s enjoyment is, so for me its chocolates and to hell if you don’t like how I look or dress… lol my me days are bare foot and camera in hand.. then you see a happy Bulldog…

  2. Such sweet feelings…luxury…I never get that, really. My life is only stress and work, I’m afraid…I have to go away, leave Sweden, to relax. Unfortunately that’s it nowadays. But I do love the Mentalist…!

  3. I love the idea of a once a month spa day to pamper yourself. I think I should try this too. You feet sound like mine except mine is from diabetes. I can’t walk long as the balls of my feet have no padding and nerves left

    • I know that diabetes can have the same problems, but I have been tested … also lack of B12 vitamins can cause the problem, but my values are very good – so they have now decided that it’s the chemo to blame.
      Yes, you should take a SPA day – it doesn’t cost that much and it’s only to take one day … turn of phones and just give the day to your body and soul.

  4. You are definitely my Swedish Soul Sister…I tend to be a DIY Spa gal too. However, I am cashing in a Groupon this week for an actual spa manicure and pedicure–plus I added on a wash and style (we are going on date Wednesday night). And, by the way, you cracked me up with this: “And I had a couple of big spenders too – maybe I will come back to them another day, if I can find a suitable music cloud – because now I used the best one here.”. LOL! They may have been big spenders but they are only worth talking about should the right music cloud come along. You are so funny!

    • How funny, I just join Groupon 3 days ago – only for UK – we don’t have it in Sweden yet, but I can get a lot of good deals on travel .. My big spenders, 2 … have to have the right music, because they are worth it – have started playing around with a post, so it will happen.
      Have just finished my post about my bedroom – got there in the end – will be published this week. ‘
      Enjoy your SPA … and please do a post about it. Delight yourself.

  5. This sounds like a perfectly heavenly Spa day, Viveka. I was sorry to read about your feet.. and I’m glad you’ve found ways to soothe them somewhat. I must get into the habit of doing these spa retreats at home.. I usually only indulge once or month.. or longer! xx

    • Barbara, in Sweden we have a 25% luxury tax on all beauty and hair treatments – so it’s so expensive – so I had to do it at home, it’s not worth the money … doing at a salon here.
      In UK it cost only a 1/3 of what it does here and it wasn’t free. But it’s close to heaven when somebody else does – also if I hadn’t had my weekly full body massage I would have been totally stressed out from my job. That 1,5 hour at the salon made me forget all worries and all stress in the world, and I was back to ZERO when I left it.

  6. Your habits are a fascinating insight into your character!

    It has been so cold this year, when I dry my hands, they still feel damp. I wash my hands a LOT, so they were chapped and sore. I started putting hand cream on after every wash and dry, while they were still damp, and I can really feel the difference. So what you say makes sense about the body lotion.

    My beauty routine is shower, hand cream on face, dress, brush hair. 🙂

  7. Wow, that sounds great. Days like that, when you just take care of yoyrself is the best. Great footbath you have with remote control. 🙂 I have a similar but not with a remote control. It’s great to crawl in to the bed and have some good fruits and look at the tvshows that one love. I also love Revenge, Scandal and The Good Wife. You are so worth these days when you just takes care of you and nobody else. 🙂

    • Hi there, I found this replay in with my spams .. sorry, about that. Don’t really have any use for the remote anymore because I can’t use the massage functional because of my soar feet. Great to see you.

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