so good and tasty … antoinette’s bread & hamilton

It was under my last visit at mum’s that this landed in my inbox – everybody that have followed me for a time .. knows I don’t bake with yeast. Mostly because I don’t have any patience, but it’s a work up too – and it makes a mess …

bread page

And recipes has to talk loud to me at first sight and Antoinette’s did, “Carrot-Parsnip-Zucchini Bread” – to Hamilton will we come to a bit later

I had to do some changes to the recipe because I didn’t have some ingredients.
First of all I didn’t have a clue what apple or pumpkin butter was, so with a little help from google I found pictures, so I could see what consistency the butters had.
Looked like a pure to me – so that solved the problem – I thought I had apple sauce at home, but wrong I was – but I had the most Swedish food product – Lingonsylt – Lingonberry preserve or jam. To be bought on IKEA outside Sweden – very likeness Cranberries, but much fresher in taste – a bit tangy. It worked perfectly.

lingon berry page

Neither did I have ground cloves – so I used ground ginger instead. Plus by mistake I mixed up the measures of baking soda and baking powder, so I used the same amount of both, 1½ tsp. And Hemp seeds not to be find anywhere, so I chopped some leftover pecan nuts up instead.

First I had to convert all the cups into gram, but the measures I got worked just perfect.

I followed Antoinette@cooking-spree to her written words – and it was easy to make – only two mixing bowls, baking tin and a measuring cups … nearly no washing up neither. That is in itself heavenly.

Had to bake my bread slightly longer – 45 min in total, after 35 min I turned the oven of and it had to stand in the after heat for 10 minutes more.

bread page 2

When I started of baking – I was a bit cold and “down feeling” – because of all the check ups, hospital visits and the bitterly cold outside … so I wasn’t really in a mode, but the bread making woke me up. And in the middle of it I had to fix myself dinner, but that is another post.

The bread is fantastic – and with no fresh bread in the house … it went down as a treat for my breakfasts. I eat a very Swedish breakfast – coffee, juice and a big sandwich .. when I’m a lonely diner.


I highly recommend this bread – had it toasted one evening with some goat’s cheese and fig jam on – when I watch the Swedish version of “James Bond” – Hamilton, a very sexy Swedish secret agent with the most intense blue eyes. Both the bread and Hamilton was SOoOoOOOoo good and tasty. I watched the second movie with Michael Persbrandt as Hamilton, “Hamilton 2: Men inte om det gäller din dotter” (Not if it’s about your daughter) – trailer has English subtitle. Michael is some tall mature sex on legs, ladies

Ladies, hands of … he is all mine.

hamilton - jmini se

My music cloud is my favorite James Bond theme – We Have All The Time In The World – sang by Louis Armstrong, used in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” from 1969 and of course composed by John Berry and lyrics by Hal David. One of the most romantic songs I know – and I know every word to the lyrics.

“We have all the time in the world
Time enough for life to unfold
All the precious things love has in store
We have all the love in the world
If that’s all we have, you will find
We need nothing more”

Photo provided by and thanks to:
(lingonberry page)
& (Hamilton)

28 thoughts on “so good and tasty … antoinette’s bread & hamilton

  1. Toasted! The last pictures didn’t come up on my computer (my internet is having issues) so I can only imagine how fantastic that bread looks. And tastes! I need to eat before I read your food posts!

  2. That bread looks amazing.
    I hate the baking too, it’s too “technical” once you put it in the oven you cannot go back and fix it, however I once in awhile do it. Today I baked a “Bolo de Fuba” which is basically a sorta corn bread, I put coconut milk instead of regular milk tho, I love coconut lol.
    Breads like that I don’t dare to bake, I can go for biscuits/scones, but yeast scares me.

    • Fantastic … I don’t bake with yeast!!!! This bread was so quick to make and it stayed moist for 5 days. Nearly no washing up after it neither. Perfect. Next week I will do it again.
      Never eaten corn bread and I like coconut milk too – never used it in bread baking.
      Beer bread is good too with chili – also without yeast.

    • Terry, it’s a brilliant bread … only took 15 min to make when I got everything together. Will bake it again .. on Wednesday. Very good for the old stomach. *smile

    • Yes, is such lovely song … and since I saw the movie I have loved it – and even if I can’t sing .. I always sing along when I play it. Every word I know. Glad you love it too.

  3. I loved seeing how you played with this bread, making it your “own” Viveka! Lingonberry! SUCH an intriguing ingredient! So very happy you liked (scratch that) LOVED it! 🙂 Your loaf looks luscious (and then there’s your Hamilton! and he’s not bad either.)

    • You should buy a jar of Lingonberries … at IKEA. Lovely.

      I had to make it to my own, because we don’t have any funny butter … from appels and pumpkins. *smile

      Your tagine is next on the menu, but I will add chicken and bacon.

      NO, Hamilton – he not at all bad!!!!

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