some made it … some didn’t

Last week I collect two parcels at my sweetie shop (post office) – one was from my friend Dia in Vienna, but sent from Hamburg. A parcel that I had excepted for quite a while, but don’t let us mention “Deutsche Post”

The other parcel was from my friend Heather in Allegan, US – a bit of surprise, even if she had asked me for my exact address. Heather’s parcel reached me in only of couple of days.

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Dia’s parcel had my beloved toothpaste of course that she had bought over in Florida for me and then there was a little Hermès charm, a red little Birkin bag .. my first Hermès item ever. There was Lindt chocolate (not eaten yet) and Lübeck marzipan that I love, but haven’t had for over 20 years – small beautiful nibbles. The package was decorated with small glittery Christmas stickers.

Dia, thank you so much for the help with the toothpaste and for the extra lovely treats.
Vienna will happen soon – hopefully in the beginning of the Summer and I’m so looking forward to share your Vienna – and I hope you will be able find me a good cup of coffee.

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With Heather’s parcel I heard already at the post office that there was something was seriously wrong – so the staff open it to me … and it wasn’t great news. Absolute heart broken I took the parcel and when I check it out at my kitchen table – I could save 50% of her gift.

She had sent me 4 stunning coffee mugs with motive from my favorite city, Chicago, and also once her home city – and they where all damage, but two had only a piece missing in the foot. I manage find the two missing pieces and with super glue they had a full recovery.

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Heather sent me the mugs because I recommend and introduced her to a proper coffee. Not Swedish – I wish I could, but Lavazza – which she are able to buy from Amazon.

I wrote to Heather straight away and told her the bad news … she had made such an afford find me something that had a connection to us both and luckily the was the two mugs that felt most important to Heather .. that had survived.

The funny thing is that it was through Heather@VINTAGE FRENCH CHIC  I that met Dia@happyface313. And an other thing is that Heather are also using Colgate Optic White after my post about it, sometimes happiness is. Two very CHIC ladies.

chic page 1

Heather, thank you so much for your gift – and the thoughts and the work behind it..and for mailing it over to me. I had my morning coffee for 2 mornings already in the Buckingham mug. Heather, of all my heart I hope there will be a chance for us to meet up in our beloved Chicago in a near future. Really working on it in my end.

I dedicate “Your Song” with Ewan McGregor and Alessandro Safina, a track from the wonderful movie “Moulin Rouge”, a bit French and very chic – to you two, Dia and Heather!

“Hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is now you’re in the world”

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24 thoughts on “some made it … some didn’t

  1. So bad that the mugs get broken… because they do look like a lovely present to receive… I went to look at vintage french chic and happy face 313.. loved what I saw there and am now following…

    • So do I …. love to send and recieve parcels … maybe we should start a club. Only one left now .. because the pieces I glued on has come off again.
      Heather had put so much thought and care into her gift. So sad, but I have one mug and I nearly use it every day.

  2. Oh! It is sooooo sad!! To see those lovely mugs into tiny bits and pieces. But I am happy you were able to salvage two of them. I hope we can meet up in Chicago some time too, ma chere. Hubs and I might be going over there for a day next week, weather permitting. We will be visiting the Oriental Institute and Frank Lloyd Wright’s house. I will be thinking of you while there.

    As for your song choice….PERFECT. I LOVE Alessandro Safina. I bought his CD (years ago) after hearing this very song on my Moulin Rouge CD. As soon as I am done typing this, I will be digging him out of the archives for a good listen.. xo H

    • Heather, it is heartbreaking about your lovely mugs. The thought and gesture from you.
      I wish you a great stay in Chicago … I done the Frank Lloyd Wright’s house – during my second visit to the city. I would like to visit Chicago in the winter, but I know it can be fierce. Been in NYC during the winter and that was terrible and they say that Chicago is even worst.
      Can’t wait to hear about your trip and see your photos. Have one more restaurant review from Chicago .. will do that under the coming week.
      Thanks again for the gift.

  3. I am so glad you were the doctor for the injured cups and they are now good as new. i love getting packages in the mail. it just brightens up our day doesn’t it……..

  4. oh so sad about your mugs Viveka! what a precious gift and how good that you could repair enough to use 2 of them. Lavazza is EXCELLENT coffee that we haven’t had in our house for a while, but thank you for the reminder that we should again! Lovely weekend, friend!

    • Yes, it was so sad … when the guy at the post office helpt me to open up the parcel, my heart went in pieces too.
      Such a beautiful geasture and thought by Heather. Lavazza is a great coffee, not so good as the Swedish – but very close.
      Great weekend … to you and your bunch too.

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