guys, help me to go for the “killing”

chicago framed

Now are we in last 24 hours … for RPC photo competition: Reflections – and behind the leading entries, so I need to ask for support to go in for the big kill. It’s a fierce competition this time. And I need a lot of votes, about 40-45 in total. Obama made it  – so I maybe can manage too. *laughing Not going to roll over without a “fight”.

To win this is important for me, first of all because the race is so even, the fellow competitors are SO strong and because my photo is from my favorite city, and I think that my entry is a great and fun photo – Chicago. A city I always miss before I even have left it.

Here is the dircet link for voting; 4th RPC – Could Gate

Thanks for Your Vote!

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”
Ansel Adams

14 thoughts on “guys, help me to go for the “killing”

  1. I went to vote and I “liked” but my avatar didn’t show. I did it twice because it didn’t work the first time. Well the second didn’t work either.

    • You’re a star – I so happy over that you tried … in all honesty I think the race is over for me this time – very diffecult to go up against reflections in water, but I had fun .. during my hat tricks and I found some great music to use.

    • No problem ….. I have voted for my friends too and they have vote for me and I voted for those photos I like most – we are all friends – this is only me having just a little fun around the whole thing and spread a little more music.

      My hat wont work this time – but at least I tried one. *smile

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