seductive leftovers

A couple of weeks ago when Donna@Fructose Free Me posted her recipe for a salad, she calls it “Spinach Salad with Stir-fried Pork and Warm Ginger Vinaigrette”, my thoughts went home to my overstocked freezer and I knew exactly what I was going to do. Because I had a small piece of glazed pork fillet and some glaze too. It was going to be a match in heaven.

I’m a big fan of warm salads – eat them the whole year around – and I’m famous for them, we had some fantastic warm salads on our menu through the years.


Warm Pork Stir Fry on a bed of Spinach and Arugula Leafs
with Warm Mirin Dressing

What I had to buy was fresh baby spinach, that they didn’t have any???!! So I took a small bag of a mixture of baby spinach and arugula lettuce with carrot julienne. I like the arugula because of its peppery flavor and goes great with the spinach, the carrot was a plus.

Also I had to buy vegetables for the stir fry – and I always buy Findus “Golden Mix”, a frozen product. If I should buy fresh vegetables I had to eat stir fry for 4 days and that will not happen.

This frozen mix has carrots, Youcal, sugar snap peas, water chestnuts, onion, mini cobs and bamboo shoots. Fantastic product and it’s really crunchy when cooked. “Findus” really knows their vegetables and herbs.

pork page

Donna has sherry in her recipe and I don’t like sherry (I really dislike it and the smell!!!), so instead of the sherry I used the frozen glaze and just followed her recipe. Because my pork had already been cooked, I just fried together with the freshly grated ginger until it had a nice color and into the holding oven.

More oil in the wok and I had cut 2 fresh mushrooms into 6 wedges each – started of them and after that I added the crushed garlic – Donna didn’t use garlic in her recipe. Be very careful with garlic in a hot frying pan – because if it burns it tastes bitter and terrible. After that; in with the wok mix in a red hot pan and stirring constantly over high heat for about 5-6 min.

Because I had changed the recipe and took the grated ginger in with the pork – I had heated up the mixture of mirin, sugar (used regular white) and water. I put the pork in with the vegetables and I added a little bit of the “mirin water” over. Done! I didn’t add any oil to the “mirin water”.

stir fry

And the verdict – this is one of the nicest warm salads I ever had!!!! Donna, you should have and Oscar for this one. I have eaten many warm salads in my days – and this is up there in the top.

I can’t for my life remember what I had in the glaze, think it was honey, apricot and sweet chili sauce.
Why I changed the dressing and the ginger – is that I was afraid that the ginger was going to be overpowering if it got burned and it doesn’t really matter when it’s added to the dish if the dressing is only going to be used for this dish.

Have to try to remember how I did the glaze, because this salad I WANT to have very soon again.
It’s TOP CLASS!!! If I had still been working and active – this salad would have ended up on the menu … so soon as possible. Because this salad is seductive.

“There is nothing like good food, a great wine, and a bad girl.”


40 thoughts on “seductive leftovers

    • To be honest I’m not to keen on the baby corn … but for stir fry are they okay .. and as you say, they are very cute. *smile – It’s really a cracking salad.

  1. Oh Viveka, I can’t think of anything better than spinach & pork.

    Succulent pictures…

    And this song – love it. I haven’t heard it before. Very clear, very beautiful.

    • The song is a Celine Dion song – but it’s not her sing, but she have a beautiful voice and do a fanatic job of the song. Not easy to sing a Celine Dion song.

      Yes, I really like spinach and pork too . in combination … even warm spinach.

      • Wow, it would have surprised me if it WAS Celine singing, as I don’t really like her… but this was GOOD.

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