too cold for a swansong

pond viewThursday last week – nearly a week ago, my second day at a hospital – but at Landskrona’s .. only 15 min walk. But my appointment was 2 hours earlier than the day before.

-6C/+21F when I left my apartment, but when I came out on the street it felt like -20C/-4F, it was so nippy and cold – not at all nice and it was overcast. Felt much colder than the morning before. Had loads of warm clothing on but it went just through it all.

As always I take the short way to the clinic and that is by my park, the Swan park, sure it has a name. Have to google. The birds in and around the pond didn’t look very happy with the weather neither – they didn’t even come up to me to see if I had any bread, but it looked like they just been feed.

All the photos here is from that park visit. Not much going on … they were just swimming around, but there was some kerfuffle as I was leaving, between two male ducks. It carried on for a couple of minutes – no casualties. Manage to get a photo of the splashing.

park 3park 2park 4park 5

Don’t know where the swans has gone – never the full family around anymore, was up looking in park too if they were there, but only one audult and one young swimming around – they had 6 chicks last year. A months ago it was only one around, a young one that did some dancing for me.

Don’t have a clue what those funny and cute plant here is called – sure somebody will tell me now – they look like old men faces with a beard and the little snow on – they looked like they were wearing a hat or cap. The park has two arches with them.

“Just because swans mate for life,
I don’t think its that big a deal.
First of all, if you’re a swan,
you’re probably not going to find a swan
that looks much better than the one you’ve got,
so why not mate for life?”
John Hardy

Of course my music cloud is from Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” Op.20, was composed in 1875–1876. It’s my favorite ballet of all. Don’t know how many times I seen it, let see; Gothenburg, New York, London, Cologne, Monte-Carlo, Copenhagen and Belfast = 7 times and every time it has been the same magic. This piece is the ” No.9 Finale (Andante)”


24 thoughts on “too cold for a swansong

  1. Ohhhh Viveka, you’ve hit my soft spot with that song, Tchaikovsky’s master piece (in my opinion) I’m at work, but I do not give a damn, I’m playing it out loud. And the ballet is just as amazing, I’ve seen in NYC and Paris, goosebumps every singly time.

    • Thanks a million, wonder why you couldn’t hear … sometimes you have go back to the post to get the media play – I checked now and it works fine. Thanks for telling me.

      Thank for visiting and welcome back.

  2. Just another example of how life goes on … but I can’t imagine sitting on the ice! Oh … thanks for the beauty of the musical strains that are fitting for the images.

    • No, I wouldn’t like to be a duck in the winter … thanks for you nice words .. I just adore the music from “Swan Lake”. Just beautiful as the swans are.

  3. I’m so sorry, that I haven’t been so active on your blog, sometimes I read your posts when they arrive in my mail bag, but now I’m taking time to say hi. I hope you’re doing fine. Great to have the hospital so near your appartment. You must be living very central.
    Great pictures of the birds and the park. I don’t know the plants name either, but they sure look funny. 🙂
    Take care of you Viveka!

    • No problem, Ann Sofie .. you’re welcome when ever you feel for it – I would like you check my post “Frosty Start” out .. those photos you would love.
      I live 5 min walk to the main street. Great .. can’t live on a better location.

      You take care too .. and don’t be a stranger.

    • Yes, it such wonderful ballet .. and the music – so delicate. Could be that it’s a clematis. I think I have a photo’s with the flowers somewhere .. have to check.

    • In UK the Swans are protected by the Queen … think that is so lovely – I suppose they move on – can wait to see how many “chicks” they get this spring.

    • Thank you so much …. what an honor. I can’t catch up with them this .. time. Pity, because my photo is really good and fun – can’t win every time.

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