breakfast leftovers

IMG_0094You that has followed me for a while now … know that I can eat breakfast any time of the day. Also that I’m addicted to ice cream and Heinz Baked Beanz. Still I never had ice cream for breakfast, but I’m sure that day will come too.

Heinz Beanz – I can buy here but the tins are fare too big for me eating alone – so when I go over to Belfast I fill up my bag with their snap pots – perfect for one and just to put in the micro wave for 60 sec. Heinz Beanz I eat one per week with grilled bacon, poached egg and I love boiled potatoes with mine. Sometimes I also  have some grilled mushrooms and soft fried onion with, if I have any at home.

baked bean pagebacon basket

In this leftover dish I have to give the credit to two bloggers – Wendy@Chez Chloe from whom I picked up the idea first from – she then related to a blogger, that I wasn’t familiar with – that she had taken the idea from.

So when I saw the dish, I thought what a great way to pimp up my weekly beanz.

English Breakfast with Bacon Egg Basket
served with boiled potatoes.

Wendy had told me that she soft grilled the bacon before she put in to the muffin tin, but her bacon was so much thicker than what I had in the freezer – so I followed Karista@Karista’s Kitchen recipe. My bacon was a bit too fatty – so I had cut some fat of, but not all – it was unsmoked.

Had everything at home – bacon, greeted cheese and chopped basil in the freezer – beans and egg in the cupboard plus and a fresh mushrooms in the fridge. The mushrooms I just washed and quarted – then into the grill pan until looking good.

I made sure that I greased the muffin tins properly – I use olive oil .. then just followed the recipe. The cheese I used, was just basic grated cheese .. and for herbs I used Findus chopped basil (that I adore *smile).

I baked my basket on +230C/+450F for about 10-12 min, I think my silicon tins made the cooking a bit slower – but it came out perfect, just a want my egg .. a little bit runny. I made 2 baskets, but one fell over in the oven – and became a bit messy. Glad I did 2 at the start.

This is definitely something I will do again – and great way to present bacon and egg.

“If I have to lay an egg for my country, I’ll do it.” 
Bob Hope


45 thoughts on “breakfast leftovers

    • So easy to make and very tasty with the cheese and the herbs – yes, I’m like you – can eat breakfast anytime of the day. Something I took with me home from UK and Ireland.

    • In UK and Ireland they eat if for breakfast – got the habit from my years over there.
      It’s a great way to serve bacon and egg .. really like it with the cheese and herbs.
      Can’t take the credit for this dish. *smile

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