words can change

our lives …. hope you enjoy this so much I do.

Gina, thanks for passing this on to me.

Just found out that the music used has the title “One to One” and composed by Giles Lamb.

45 thoughts on “words can change

  1. :/..this is so sad but als has the nice point of view!I hope that all of us..not feeling just sad about it..but also enjoy those simple thinks that we have and we don’t know it!and of course help if we can those who need it,!

    • I’m normally very aware when things are not feeling right – but this video I didn’t get it with and it doesn’t make me sad – it makes me feel good and I think most viewer do the same. Words can change things for us … even if it can’t cure us.

      • It is sad because I am trying to put myself in to this mans position..and I feel that it must be reaaly hard!and I think that it must be harder than I think..but of course..if we do thinks like this on the video..we can make his/her life better and this is were the interest point..to try and find little smart ideas like this one on the video!

      • Yes, my best friend has lost 50% of her sight during the last 12 months. Nothing they can do neither.
        Hopefully they can keep her at the stage were her sight is today. What a handicap to be blind.

      • :O I am so sorry about your friend!!:/ Sent her my wishes for been soon as she were one year ago!
        Of course is a handicap..and I think is worst if you get blind in the middle of your life..where you know..how it is if you can see..and then just one day you can’t..than been blind since you were born!well I don’t know..maybe I say shit couse I don’t know how it is to be like that!..there are both sucks!!

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  3. Have always loved this one! Thanks for re-posting it! Great message. Too bad we all don’t take the time to take a minute to change someone’s life like this.

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