who owns who and how much????

My dear blogging friend – Frank@A Frank Angle – posted this video on Friday and I just have to share it with you – I have watched 5 times now (I know, I’m a bit simple at times) and it’s so funny, because it’s so true.

One of the funniest video I have seen for a long time.

Thanks a million, Frank for this one .. and one thing is for sure – I’m very happy that I’m not chief accountant for EU’s economical affairs – that poor soul must take some serious amount of Valium.

“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” 
Woody Allen

19 thoughts on “who owns who and how much????

    • It’s so funny – watched again this morning … so brilliantly done. God, some money flying around … and I love that bit that US owned by China. *smile

      There is quite a few video with those two guys .. have to post more of them, because they really brighten up my day.

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    • Thanks Anna, for stopping and commenting – when I lived in UK – the showed them over there … so funny I will post a couple of more videos – they are really taken the mickey out of the Australian government.

    • How do governments get into a mess???
      Always joking with my Irish friends … saying that when the cars and shoes are getting shiny, that means Germany has taken over. *smile

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