winter is back


After nearly 3 weeks of rain, rain, rain and more rain – the winter came back in the same minute as I stepped of the train in Simrishamn on Friday early evening. When l left Landskrona was it like spring in the air, didn’t rain, but is was still a grey and boring day. Two hours later I landed in snowstorm.

So the weekend with mum was a winter white weekend – bitter cold it was too – but that is mostly because of the wind.

The little camera didn’t have to work that hard, because I wasn’t out and about that much – took a long walk on Sunday, visiting friends and a supermarket dash. But some winter I want to share with you.

During the night between Monday and Tuesday we had some more snow … so yesterday when I arrived Landskrona, there was snow too – and it was -3C/-37.5F when I left Simrishamn … it had become -10C/-50F when I stood waiting for my bus at the station in Lanskrona.

Today, tomorrow and Friday – hospital visits, my quarterly checkups .. all early starts, I bet I will freeze my buts off –  every morning while waiting on my bus … but this how I want my  winter. 

“Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.”
From the movie “An Affair to Remember”

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50 thoughts on “winter is back

    • Thanks, Colleen – my check up went very well .. don’t have to come back with that problem .. so one of the list. 2 to go.
      This morning was stunning, sunshine and -13 when I went to the bus stop. Just love those crispy and cold mornings.

  1. It’s finally cold here as well, and snowy after weeks of rain and grey skies. I love the snow and it always reminds me of my happy times in Sweden and that awesome winter I spent there.

    Just realized that your header pic is hanging over my desk in form of a postcard *g*

    • Thanks for the honor … over my header photo – yes, it can’t be more Swedish than .. a Carl Larsson picture.
      We had 3 weeks of rain after Christmas .. so the cold and snow is just what we needed, but it have been a bitter chill the last two days. What ever and how ever much I put on .. the chill goes through and into my bones, you remember that chill too or ??? Wish you a great weekend.

      • I don’t really remember the chill, sure I got cold to the bones when I went outside, especially that day a friend and me visited Lund and it constantly snowed but it always went away. But then again, I had a dorm room that was so warm because I couldn’t regulate the heating. It was so warm that I used to sleep with an open window in -18°C cold and only my summer blanket.

        Have a great weekend too!

    • -10 nothing for a REAL viking. *laughter .. this morning was frosty – but there will be a post about that too …
      Check up went very well .. and one of the list for good – don’t have to do anymore, but still have the problems – but they say I manage them so good, I don’t have come back if it doesn’t get worst. Great news.

  2. What beautiful photos Viveka. It definitely shows the cold. Starting this weekend we are to have the coldest weather yet, teens for highs, single digits for lows. brrrrrr

    • Thanks, Terry … It was cold yesterday, but this morning – even worst, but I got some stunning photos from a very frosty morning. Love the chill – because I can dress for it – rain … not good in the winter. Keep yourself warm now.

    • They had -36C/-97.5F up in the North last night.
      This morning it was -61F when I was standing at the bus stop… we have a very cold and sunny day today – got some great shots this morning, can’t wait to post them.
      Thank you so much for your support – my little camera is doing pretty good. Just love the winter as it’s now. I can dress for it, that rain goes through anything .. because it’s so cold.

    • Have lived both in Dover and Birghton .. so I know what winter means in UK – massive problems.
      Tell your father to cover them with newspaper and Christmas tree twigs.

    • Just as it should be … this morning it was -16C .. at my bus stop. Didn’t feel the chill – such a wonderful morning – took loads of photos on my way to the hospital.

    • Welcome back .. we had rain for weeks too – there is a frosty post coming Friday from yesterday … stunning day and my camera really enjoyed it too.

  3. We are having the same bitter cooled weather you are and four days of snow next week. That is to be expected…it is winter. Take care of yourself my friend.

    • Living out in the country with loads of snow can have it’s problems – I hope your freezer is stocked up. I love when winter is winter.
      You take care in all that snow .. and keep your self warm.

      • Thank you, Viveka. The freezer and pantry are always well stocked during the winter. I’ll be heading to the market tomorrow for fresh produce and that way I won’t have to drive when there is snow on the roads.

      • You be … careful driving – I know what winters are like on the East cost of US – had some terrible bitter days in New York during winter – some cold city when it want too – snow storms.

        Okay, I thought you had a lot of snow already .. misunderstood. Yes, good thinking – and stay indoors when .. the snow comes.

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