“stolen people – stolen dreams”

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Social conscience or maybe I should call it political (not at all political interested), but whatever we decide to call it – is something I have plenty of and that I have to thank my mum for. Had it already as a teenager and when it was time for me to see the world I was very aware of where I spent my money.

Still the same, I would never spend my money in a country that I don’t agree with the regime – not by my own choice anyhow. My work has taken me to some countries that I wouldn’t had visit by personal choice – under my year working aboard the little red ship, M/S Lindblad Explorer.

Lindblad Explorer- photoship.co. uk

My year aboard resulted that I ended up at hospital in Chile during Pinochet’s time and I visited some beautiful islands of Thailand and Bangkok.

Thailand, I would never go back to with my own money – it’s a beautiful country with so friendly people, but when the regime denies that they have HIV, just so the tourism will not be damage and when children can be sold for sex, is it not destination for me. If I want beautiful islands with palm trees, sand and coral reefs there are other destinations for me to choose from. Sad because my oldest friend lives there since a couple of years back – but I stand by my beliefs.

I never went to Spain during Franco’s regime and I never visit Greece during so long as the Junta was at power.

During my year onboard, Lindblad, I spent quite lot of time in China – it was just after Mao’s death – but today I wouldn’t go back – because of their violations against human rights. Pity really, because I would love to see today’s China too.

trafficking - fbi gov

This only my own stands, views and beliefs – I don’t condemn or get upset over if anyone that goes to Thailand or anywhere else, it’s up them – their money and time. Maybe somebody will say – then you have to stay at home – because there is always something social and political impropriety going on in nearly every country and I agree with that – but there different levels. There are those that some people cause and there are those that government allows to happen or dictate.

Then we have the “slaves” that works in factories – children and underpaid adults.
Two Swedish worldwide companies have been caught out.
IKEA, a couple of years ago – but they have now much better control over the conditions of their manufactures work environments and conditions. I didn’t shop at IKEA until they statement about harder regulation and now they work hard against child labor – IKEA aganist child labor.
H&M, was caught out last year – and I stopped shopping there for now, until they have taken their responsibility.

human trafficking - presstv ir

The reason for this post is really a film that I watched the other evening – Trade of Innocents (2012) – with Dermot Mulroney, Mira Sorvino and John Billingsley. A film about human trafficking in Cambodia  – were girls so young as 5 to 7 years old are sold for sex after been sold by parents or kidnapped. A true story. Not a brutal film as such, there was some violence – but most of its ugliness was up the viewer’s imagination.

trade of innocennet - imdb con

Don’t think the film will receive any Oscar’s, but good enough and I enjoyed the movie – but the issue that is close to my heart – and it’s the one of biggest criminal money making business in the world now – human trafficking. How low can the human race sink??

Women in far too many countries  … in all ages are being kidnapped, lured and sold for sex, maybe not my age group or older – but still 80 year old ladies are being rape and brutal beaten and this happens in Sweden. 2% of the trafficking is male, and audult men are being raped. What a sick world we live in.

Young American girls, 13-18 years old has been kidnapped and found working as sex slaves !!!!!

During my treatments I met a Polish lady – her daughter disappeared during a holiday in Italy – blond and beautiful young woman of 28 – the Italian police thinks she has been kidnapped and sold in some Arab country – she travelled with her girlfriends, had a daughter and husband at home.
Nobody’s daughter, sister or wife is safe.

Amnesty - amnesty org

I’m a member of “Amnesty International” since 2006 – after I watch the movie “Bordertown” with Jennifer Lopez, Antonio Banderas and Martin Sheen. About this Mexican town, Juarez,  just by the US border where 100rds of women has been raped and killed – and large number of women still missing. Their bodies are buried out in no man land and families of the missing goes out and dig themselves to find their daughters and wifes. Based on the truth and the government or police don’t do anything – all because big US companies has their factories there and massive US interests in the town.

I’m not saying that it’s Americans that rape and kill now – but nobody want make an issue about it, so the Americans move their interests somewhere else. The film got Amnesty Honor prize. A very brutal and violent movie – but a movie that everybody should watch. Brilliant acting – and when joining Amnesty I found out that isn’t the only place in South America this happens.

bordertown - imdb com

In Juarez, since 1993 around 400 women have been brutally murdered; kidnapped, raped and suffocated. Mainly young women age 17-22 years of age. Several arrests have been made but no conviction. They call it a mystery – I call it a brutal reality!!!! Because those women hasn’t been raped and killed by aliens or ghosts, it only done by sick and evil men.

Facts from –“Free the Slaves”

Facts about Modern Slavery

• Slavery: forced to work without pay under threat of violence and unable to walk away.
• 27 million slaves are in the world today.
• Slavery is not legal anywhere but happens everywhere.
• The majority of slaves can be found in India and in African countries.
• Slaves work in fields, brothels, homes, mines, restaurants—anywhere slave owners can feed their greed.
• Human trafficking is the modern-day slave trade.
• $90 is the average cost of a human slave sold around the world.
• Slave holders use many terms to avoid the word “slavery”: debt bondage, bonded labor, attached labor, restive, forced labor, indentured servitude and human trafficking.

Human_Trafficking  twitter com

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: THE FACTS from “Untied Global Compact”

The headline facts
• An estimated 2.5 million people are in forced lab our (including sexual exploitation) at any given time as a result of trafficking
Of these:
• 1.4 million – 56% – are in Asia and the Pacific
• 250,000 – 10% – are in Latin America and the Caribbean
• 230,000 – 9.2% – are in the Middle East and Northern Africa
• 130,000 – 5.2% – are in sub-Saharan countries
• 270,000 – 10.8% – are in industrialized countries
• 200,000 – 8% – are in countries in transition

• 161 countries are reported to be affected by human trafficking by being a source, transit or destination count
• People are reported to be trafficked from 127 countries to be exploited in 137 countries, affecting every continent and every type of economy

The Victims
• The majority of trafficking victims are between 18 and 24 years of age
• An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year
• 95% of victims experienced physical or sexual violence during trafficking (based on data from selected   European countries)
• 43% of victims are used for forced commercial sexual exploitation, of which 98 per cent are women and girls
• 32% of victims are used for forced economic exploitation, of which 56 per cent are women and girls
• Many trafficking victims have at least middle-level education

The Human Trafficking is the 3rd most profitable criminal business in the world – after drugs and guns have been placed around US$32billion.

FBI says about the problem, US is the biggest market for slavery.
“It’s sad but true: here in this country, people are being bought, sold, and smuggled like modern-day slaves.”

There is so much information out there about this global issue. I have only touch the surface and I didn’t have to dig very deep.

human trafficking

“Free the Slaves” have a long list of films about all kind of slavery – movie list. I haven’t seen all, but I have seen quite a few. One that I really want to recommend is “Human Trafficking” – a mini TV series from 2005 with Mira Sorvino, Donald Sutherland, Robert Carlyle and Remy Girard, that now is made into a movie.

Regarding the sex industry and prostitution, we should legalize it, because in my eyes it has a social place in our society and there is a need, it’s also the oldest job in history. Hard to admit, but needed!!!!  Legalize and let the ladies pay tax, have regular health checkups and give them a much safer working environment. Just like they have do in Germany and the Netherlands. If ladies  has to be registered and pay tax – it will be under controlled forms and the demand will be so much less, I would dare to say about 60% less.

We can make a difference – if we want to … look what happen in India, when people took to the streets in protest against the laws for rape, after a young woman been gang raped on bus and died from her injuries. Now the laws will be changed.

Look what happened in South Africa with Apartheid. So we can if we want. But so long as – we say lets talk about something else, this really doesn’t concern me … the ugliness will go on and on.

Thanks a million for taking your time reading this … let us do our part and what we can – there is so many organizations that works for this cause that we can support.

As “Free the Slaves” say, we can end slavery in our lifetime. Everyone has a role to play: government, business, international organizations, consumers, you and I.

National Anti-Trafficking Day slogan 

slave - struggle.com pk

Photos provided by and thanks to: imdb.com/twitter.com/savedbynails.org/presstv.ir/

61 thoughts on ““stolen people – stolen dreams”

    • it’s even worst today – and you would think that – we have learned – when 5-7 old girls are allowed to be sold for sex – or cheap factory labor.

      IKEA was caught out with using cheap labor, but that was a couple of years ago – they now changed that

      H&M too and I haven’t shopped with them since then.

      Primark … too – don’t shop there neither anymore.

      It’s all about MONEY!!!! To make products so cheap as possible.

  1. A most excellent post and as you follow my blog you know I am with you all the way here ! I wish more people had a passion against injustice because that’s what I’d call it..

    • I think that people are upset – but feel hopeless about it, but it can happens to anyone’s daughter or sister .. anywhere, teens and kids are being kidnapped far too many western countries too – in the world, One minute there, next gone .. and then it’s too late.

      Injustice … is a just what it’s. Thanks for your support – I know you have the passion too.

    • .. thanks, it will not stop because there is a demand – so long there is a demand it will happens, because the “slaves” are being used in factories, restaurants and even private homes.
      Regarding the sex trade – only way to stop some of it is to legalize prostitution and the girls get registered and the girls pay tax, like in Germany and Holland. That is a mayor start – and the girls will be safer to in their job.

  2. Well done Viveka. Horrifying. And when you start talking about ‘world wide’ I can’t help but make it personal. We all “know” children, young women. When you make it personal and realize it is every where then it seems real. This makes it real for everyone. It’s not just something on tv or the movies that happens 5000 miles away.

    How horrible an evil that exists in human that can do this to another.

    Your post is powerful.

    • Colleen, It may happen far away – but US is the biggest market for buying slaves- so it happens on our doorstep.
      If there is no demand for slaves .. there will be no trafficking.

      Thank you so much – for your support.

      • I know. I think the happening so far away is what confuses people. So many “think” it is far away because they don’t “see” it. But it comes down to very simple things. Buying from places that “do” use slave labor IS supporting it. I think that is something that we don’t fully absorb here.

        And I have seen many stories here in US where immigrants have been found being kept as slaves. In private homes. WIth or without big companies it is happening.

      • I know … and I just read that young American girls – 13-18 has been kidnapped and found working in the sex trade. It can happen to anyone’s daughter. So I added that to the post too now.

        You’re right in what you’re saying – we stop creating the demand and maybe when we notices something that maybe don’t look right that we report it.

        It’s all down to money and demands – like with drugs and guns. What a world we live in – but we can all do our little thing.. through giving support.

        I never regret the when I join Amnesty. There is some serious injustice out there.

      • It is scary what is out there Viveka. And I think there are so many who fear “seeing” it that it is ignored. Then there is the faction of business who don’t want it to be seen. So a horrible perfect storm is created for these victims.

        I hope to be more aware, on my part, of what I can do.

      • During my treatments I met a Polish lady – her daughter disappeared during a holiday in Italy – the Italian police thinks she has been kidnapped and sold in some Arab country.

      • Oh. I don’t even know what to say Viveka. How would someone ever live with this. The horrors man inflicts on one another. Surely a human who does this cannot be considered human at all.

      • It’s all about demands and money … I felt so sorry for the woman, dying in cancer and not be able to see her daughter. She was an adult when taken. For me is it so difficult to understand all the evil and ugly in this. Just like you.

      • There are some things, that no matter how much I want to put something positive in to it, I just can’t. I think I will suffer with you for the dying woman and her daughter.

      • Colleen, it’s so hard to grip – only met her during one of my chemo days. Have asked about her, but hospital staff and doctors are not aloud to tell.

    • Yes, there is far too many hearts that is rotten – and if we close our eyes for the problem we are in away rotten too – because we can support those that are working for a change.
      When I try to talk about the problems with people they say – let’s talk about something else. Why can’t we handle this uglyness that is just infront of us everywhere in the world.

      • You are right it is good to talk about it so we can try to change it. The scope of it is overwhelming yet I believe one person at a time can do a bit to change what she/he can in her/his world ( they way you are doing by boycotting the companies who use child slavery) , and even if it ugly we need to address it.
        Thank you Viveka for all the research you did

  3. Viveka, this is such a full posting – so rich with information and depth.

    Regarding Thailand, I feel you there too, so so much. I agree. Their own people should be first, over tourism. And the children for sex, my GOD that kills me inside. What is WRONG with humans, that they can actually get aroused, knowing the child is a slave – and a CHILD. I have no understanding of all that, at all.

    The trailer for Trade of Innocents is excellent, Viveka. It gave me prickles – you know, goosebumps. If it’s based on a true story, God, I hope it has a good ending.

    Just fantastic post, Viveka. Bless you. And I just can’t imagine you not shopping at IKEA!!!! But well done 🙂

    • The ending of the film is good in one way – but the pedophile manages to get away.
      You should watch the trailer from “Bordertown” too – brilliant movie.

      Yes, I didn’t shop on IKEA for quite a few years … but they have really got their act together and taken their responsibility.
      It’s about 10-12 years ago that they were caught out with using manufactures that used children in their factories.

      It was a heavy post to do – because I’m so upset about the whole thing and it’s so close to my heart – but I’m afraid that people can’t take it in or want to get involved too much, maybe because it’s ugly. 5-7 years old girls sold for sex.

      Noeleen, I wish I could shake every person up personally. I have been a bit now, but I have to carry on.

      • I’ve seen Bordertown, Viveka, and I agree it’s magnificent. HOW SHE SURVIVED – when she woke up out there in the dark, oh, my God.

        All of these things used to have me fall into deep depressions, really immobilising depressions. I’m able to acknowledge them now, without wearing the pain. Yet, I still cannot believe what we humans do. I just can’t believe it. I don’t know what’s wrong with us. Something is just so wrong.

      • Something is so wrong … and it’s all down to demand and money .. and I just think the world has gone utterly sick.

        I agree with you that – watching films like “Bordertown” is heavy and I have to wait a while before I can watch another one.

  4. it just makes my insides shiver when i think that this is allowed to happen in areas of our world. those poor children, no voice no options, no life. it just brings tears to my eyes even from your post………..god forgive the adults for their sins taking from the innocent. let them reap their stings from what they have stolen.

    • Yes, it’s terrible.. sorry, to say Terry and I don’t mean to be blunt .. but praying doesn’t help here. I hope you understand what I mean with that. Nobody that uses children and minors for sex – are not worth praying for. We have hit the demands and we have support those that is working so hard for this cause. Thank you so much for taking the time for reading and commenting.

  5. Love this increased awareness via your amazing post. And somehow, this comforted me as to why I am in the debt that I am in. Circumstance. Somehow, I can take away the blame, and focus on what I can do next. Thank you.


    • Pink, you’re so right – we should be thankful that it hasn’t happen to us and our loved ones – because it can just happen to any kid. Like little Madeline from Scotland that disappeared during a holiday with her parents in Portugal – 3 years old, only some years agon. Anyone can become the victim.

  6. Thank you, Viveka, for sharing this important issue with all of us. It is most definitely a brutal reality and it is so unfair that things like this still go on in the world. On paper, it seems like we’re a more progressive world but in practice, the basic human principles get ignored because of greed, corruption, politics, prejudice. Thank you for reminding us that people are going through different realities than us and we shouldn’t block that out fom our minds.

    • 27 million slaves around the world so fare – brutal reality. Pink, thank you so much for taking the time to read and to comment – means so much to me. Wish I had got more readers, but it’s what it’s.

      It’s a very ugly thing and that is one of the reasons that people don’t want to take stand or read about – we sweep it under the carpet and wish that it will never affect us personal..

      Sometimes there is more to life than food, photography, fashion and travel.

      Thank you so much for your support, Pink.

    • Very sad stuff … but not everything is about food, photos, jokes, travel and fashion in my life .. this is an issue that is very close to my heart. Thanks for taking the time out to read.

    • Yes, you’re so right …. but it all
      You’re so right – and it’s first about money and of course there is some evil out there – don’t understand how people can harm animals neither.

      • I read the whole thing and it felt similar to how we feel finding all these things on the site there. It’s incredible how much of this is going on in the world.

        I mean, we know… but don’t see. I knew, but didn’t see as much as now. It is sickening!!

      • The thing is that is it happening on our doorstep – cheap labor is slavery too.
        Thank you so much for spending your time with me. *smile

      • I’m sorry it’s not more. I’m a little busier these days 🙂 Yeah… I see that from what you’ve written… horrible.

    • Yes, have just watched a TV program about the trafficking in Thailand and how internation police forces work 24/7 to break up the trafficking rings.

      Terrible when 5-7 girls are sex slaves … sick world we live in.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  7. Yes, it is easy to say shocking ! How can it happen this day and age. Slavery is probably as old as prostitution. Yes it exists everywhere, certainly here in the UK. But the cry here usually goes up only when gangs of forced labour displace jobs for the Britts! Refugees are a prime target. I get shot down in flames for suggesting we, every country with capacity, open the ‘flood gates’ to all refugees. Why? Because the ensuring chaos will certainly open our eyes to plight of the displaced. We may even get a ‘feel’ of the misery and despair that is the lot of the refugee. Not all, I must say; after all, the forced labour gang leaders were refugees themselves once, and were accepted by the appropriate agency.
    I cried during the TV series Roots, and reading the book. Appalling conditions, not quite experienced today. But of course, that’s not the point. We unslaved do have a choice. We can choose to buy certified Free Trade products. Support companies and corporations with a proven moral record. The consumer has this power, if exercised. Responsible Media has an obligation to broadcast the evils of slavery, of any kind. We have a responsibility to respond. If we do not grow into our gifts of compassion and empathy, then we are surly doomed.
    I believe passionately every word I write.
    Thank you Viveka.
    PS on a lighter note, I enjoyed my experience as a baker in my younger days. I had to
    leave that profession due to untreatable dermatitis and industrial asthma. Still, I do some from time to time.

    Love and blessings, Andrew.

    • Andrew, you’re so right in what you’re. The terrible thing is that it just increase – because there is a demand and if we could decrease the damand the supply will become less needed too.
      I think this is the worst crime against humaninty ever – slavery of any kind …. underpaid labor and sex. I know there is big forces out there working for this – but we can only change it … through cutting down the demand. Because it can happen to any of us – a sister, daughter, wife … and children today.

      Thank you so much for your time and your support.
      I think I have given the wrong link in my post.
      But I’m so glad that you took your time to read it.

    • You should … especially Border town. – terrible what is going on down in Mexico. All 3 movies are very strong. Thanks for the support and thanks for taking the time to read. It’s a powerful issue – slavery is not acceptable.

    • Thank you so much for taking your time to read and comment. Have a pleasant weekend now. Most people think that slavery is something that happen 1000 years ago, but it happens in front us every day – on restaurants, hotel and in homes.

  8. Very important and substantial post – well done. I hope it’s OK if I use it in class with my students!? I’m afraid I hadn’t thought of these atrocities being done in such big numbers and I’m sure young people absolutely have not…I believe they might see it as something happening in Asia and Africa – not that much in the western world. Makes me shiver. big issue. Most of my energy has gone to organisations against the mistreating and extinction of animals.

    • You’re so welcome to use … it – it’s an issue that happens all over the world just in front of our eyes – maybe not in Sweden … but Swedish companies … use slaves in other countries for manufacturing of their products – like IKEA & HM.
      I should have reblogged this yesterday on the international women’s day. All 3 films are fantastic and should be seen with all of us … because we are a bit ignorant with this matter – if the demand wasn’t there – the slavery wouldn’t been there neither.

    • Yes, but if the prostitution was registered and legal in all countries .. the slavery will come down. Look at all underpaid domestic staff there is US … maids and nanny’s!

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