back to the leftovers and the cupboard

Last year, a month before I went to my trip to USA and Canada I did series (tag; cupboard & leftovers) of posts based on me using up what I had in fridge, freezer and cupboard – it became quite popular – so I have decided to do that again for another month, because everything is once again filled to its rims. That is what happens, when you’re a lonely diner – and nothing can be bought in single portion.

So here we go again!!!

close up

The other evening I visit one of blogs I’m following and there I got an idea for using up my leftovers in the fridge from my New Year Day brunch; brunch pancakes and hollandaise sauce.

I had pancetta home, a couple of old mushrooms that I had forgotten about and eggs, so I didn’t need to step out to get anything. Tamara recipe said English muffins, which I really like – but Sweden don’t have a clue what that is and baking isn’t my thing. She gave her dish the title: “Pancetta & Fried Egg English Muffin”. Not a big fan of fried egg, eat it, but I prefer poached egg.

Thank you, Tamara@pretty bitches can coook too – I really like the dish and your idea. Very tasty and so easy to make – less than 10 min, so it’s a dish I will do again and again. Now a confession;  the brunch pancakes – I buy them ready made – totally useless doing pancakes and omelets. A great product, comes frozen – always have a pack in my freezer.

brunch page

I’m one of those that can eat breakfast any time of the day, think that is something I picked up living all those years in UK and on Ireland. Nothing can beat a Full English or Irish Breakfast. So to have a brunch dish for dinner is very normal for me. Don’t need a fully cooked evening meal.

Then on Saturday when I visited Danny@1227 Foster again – I found a his post “Rosemary, Lemon Chicken with Asparagus and Potatoes. I eat a lot of chicken, sometimes too much – one morning I will wake up and be covered in feathers, I’m sure.


An one pot dish again, witch I love, everything at home again – except the fresh rosemary, but with me being a big devoted fan to frozen fresh herb – I had Provencal herbs and chopped chili (Findus) in the freezer. I had fresh asparagus leftover from New Year Eve’s salmon dish. Only thing I didn’t have was 2 different kinds of potatoes – so I only used what I had. Plus I added one thinly sliced garlic clove and 2 not too great looking fresh mushrooms that I quartered. Otherwise I followed Danny’s recipe and I didn’t have to shop anything for a fantastic meal.
chicke page

I had a slight problem with the potatoes – they were still very hard – not even halve cooked, when chicken and asparagus was perfect. I put them in the microwave for 5 min to get them cooked, but next time I will wait to add the chicken and the asparagus (want mine a bit crunchy) until 10 min after the potatoes. The dish will take about 40 min – at +180C/+350F, covered the full cooking time.

raw & ready

Many wonder why I try out others recipes – when I cook those days – this why I love this with blogging … that I find new idea and get away from my own cooking. Every recipe that is created comes from somewhere – something new comes from some parts borrowed when it’s cooking.
We, chef’s, take a little bit from somewhere, add something of our own and suddenly there is a new dish. We make it our own through our personal taste buds.

If you gave the same recipe to 5 chef’s and they all had exactly same ingredients to work with – you would still get 5 total different dishes.

“Asparagus inspires gentle thoughts.”
Charles Lamb

read dish close up

43 thoughts on “back to the leftovers and the cupboard

    • Thank you so much !!! I enjoying doing this type of posts – but I wouldn’t like to do it all the time. So there will be more of this coming for a months now.

  1. I would love to be your neighbor. I would so be watching out the window for you, so I could “accidentally” run in to you and innocently ask “so Viveka, what are you making for breakfast/lunch/dinner today?” And look pitiful or excited enough that you say “well Colleen I was trying this…why don’t you come over and join me!”. I would fully enjoy that and take advantage of your cooking. 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words – we can to that when we live in your lottery village *smile
      I would have been fun to have you and your man over for dinner – enjoy cooking when it’s not only me around. When I cook for myself – I don’t really care – but with the blog now it has become a challenge and I have to put an effort into it – because I will publish and that is a good thing.

      Also there is so many posts about doing dishes from scratch – so using leftovers is something a bit different and also we all have something in the fridge or the freezer that we don’t really know what to do with.

      • I was just talking with a friend today about how I am fascinated by people’s talents and skills to take things (art, food, anything creative) that no one else would think about and put together something beautiful. That is a wonderful talent. I love seeing these things. 🙂

      • yes, but we can’t all be creative … somebody needs to take care of the not so colorful too.
        You color the world your way … with you playfulness and
        fancy costumes – your writing – that is a massive talent.

        Have been working the whole day … on my post, not so colorful post about Human Trafficking today – will be posted tomorrow.

      • I do want to add playfulness and color. My days were too dark for too long. My serious posts are there, and I have been holding off on one. But it will probably come out this weekend.

        I am preparing myself for yours. I know it won’t be easy.

        This is a big story in the US as well. I think people feel helpless. And stunned. I’m sure your post will open some eyes as well.

      • Colleen, you’re the right person for spreading color and fun – you will be my fun minister in my government and you can be in charge of the bike traffic too.

        We can’t always be fun and entertaining – but not every post has to be heavy neither – and we he to take a stand too – and share our passion for a thing that are not right or that worries us.
        We have all our demons and our guilt – but I wouldn’t like to share them every day – because heavy issues effects people and I want my followers to have good days

      • Well said Viveka. I chuckled when you said I could be in charge of bike traffic too. Because I would LOVE that.

        We do have so many components to life. I appreciate your balance in life and in your heart.

      • Yes, bikes are a massive problem over here – they don’t follow any rules and sometime dangerous – especially for our pedestrians and cars too. So you have to sort that out. We are a biking nation. Good luck!!!

      • As soon as I get there I will get on it! I have witnessed bikers here who give bikers a horrible reputation. It is very frustrating. I think they are the minority but they APPEAR to be the majority because they are so obviously doing things wrong! 🙂

      • Brilliant I knew you are the woman for that job *smile … bring some madness and play with you too – and don’t forget that belt, maybe you will need in your new job. *smile

      • Hahaha! Husband and I joked about a bike belt, a blog belt, and my work belt (what it was originally purchased for) for wood working. The plan to make the changes…. I will have to get busy. 🙂 Thanks for trusting me!

  2. Ooh, I love the sound of this chicken dish, and the additional garlic is a touch I usually add when I cook. I’m a garlic fan; I am Italian after all. You and me are going to be clucking at each other Ms., Viveka, because I eat lots of chicken too. 🙂

    • Great … I have a hen friend … too – brilliant! Yes, garlic is one of the best flavors there is – Italian or not. What would we do without it ???? The chicken was a great dish – don’t have a clue what happen to the potatoes.

      • Sometimes I cook potatoes in the microwave for a few minutes before cooking them on the stove. Especially if there are other food items that will cook faster in the dish. That’s just my little thing, but you’re the chef, I’m just a mere home cook.

      • For me was it the first time ever I have use the micro for boiling potatoes. I had too – because the rest had been spoiled otherwise. We learn something new every day. Not always that a chef knows best. *smile

    • Yes, pancakes freeze good … freeze them one by one and when they are frozen – you can add them all into one bag or containter. Work excellent, but I had bought mine, but same principle.

      All day breakfast works 24 hours for me.

  3. I am constantly using bits and pieces from my refrigerator to create a new dish. I can’t believe so many people throw so much food away when it can be made into something delicious. I would be happy with both of your meals.

    • Karen, you are so right – it makes me sick to waste food and people through eatable food away because they can’t be bothered. Thank you for like my dishes, both very simple and sometimes simple is best.
      I enjoying doing this “leftovers and cupboard” mission again, it makes my lonely dining a bit more exciting.
      A pity on the photos, my “studio” didn’t have the right bulbs, but that is fixed now.

  4. None of the dishes looked like they were salvaged from the freezer; they all look yummy. This is like Food Channel’s show “Chopped” when chefs are given specific ingredients and come up with something not just edible but attractive and delicious. I think you could easily win!

    • Thank You so much …. even if I’m a chef … I wouldn’t even think about going up against the gaints. *smile – because I’m a lonely eater most evenings – this is a help for me to get my act togeter and not only throw someting in the frying pan.

      Thank you so much for your support.

  5. I love the idea of the pancakes with hollandaise sauce, and the lemon chicken sounds really good, I might have to follow that one up, but I would do it without the asparagus, not a fan of that. I have been the only meat eater in my family for a few months now and so I have been looking for one person dishes as well.

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