is there no better way

to spend peoples money ?????

The statistic shows the cost of the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan from 2003 to 2012. In 2012, the costs of the war in Afghanistan amounted to 111.1 billion U.S. dollars.

I have tried to divide 111.1 billion with 135 million, which is the population of US today – to figure out how much the war has cost every American, my calculator blow up. I would love to know! Can anyone help me to get that figure???? Can’t get my head around all the zeros. Michael@retireediary has come back with the figure; US$823/citizen – not much really, was expecting it to be much higher, but still too much when it’s added up. Money that could be used so much better. And of course as Michael said there is the cost of the aftermath of the war too –  like the medical bill for all the wounded. Thanks Micheal.  U.S. war costs in Iraq and Afghanistan 2012 You will find more statistics at Statista

Had a little chat the other day with one of my blogging sisters about what the war cost – and what those money would have done at home – and when I saw the naked and terrifing figures I felt sick. I just felt had to do a little post about it. British-airmen- uk

And that is only US bill – then there is UK. Information from “Daily Mail, UK”
IRAQ (total across all departments)
2002-03 – £866.3m
2003-04 – £1570.8m
2004-05 – £1084.6m
2005-06 – £1139.6m
2006-07 – £1148.2m
2007-08 – £1584.3m
2008-09 – £1470.55m
Ministry of Defence alone (from Treasury reserve) 2009-10 – £358m (estimated)
Department for International Development 2009-10 – £20m
TOTAL: £9.24bn

And The Afghanistan war:
Ministry of Defence (from Treasury reserve)
2001-02 – £221m
2002-03 – £311m
2003-04 – £46m
2004-05 – £67m
2005-06 – £199m
2006-07 – £742m
2007-08 – £1,490m
2008-09 – £2,623m
2009-10 – £4,200m (estimated)
Total: £9,899m
Humanitarian, reconstruction and development assistance
2001-10 – £1,200million
TOTAL: £11.1bn
That brings the both wars to a total of £20.34bn

There is the last 2 years missing in those figures.

human cost - uk

Then we have the Human Costs – information from “COSTS OF WAR”

The human toll — in death, injury and displacement — has been underestimated and in some cases undercounted. There are many difficulties in counting those who are killed and wounded in combat, as discussed in the individual reports by Neta Crawford and Catherine Lutz. Thus, an extremely conservative estimate of the toll in direct war dead and wounded about 225,000 dead and about 365,000 physically wounded in these wars so far.

More than 6,000 U.S. soldiers and 2,300 U.S. contractors have already been killed. The deaths of U.S. allies, including Iraqi and Afghan security forces and other coalition partners total more than 20,000. The numbers of Afghan and Pakistani military and police killed are probably higher today than the totals given here.

More than 550,000 US veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have filed disability claims. For more detailed information about the war –“COSTS OF WAR”

Then there is cost of civilian lives – that I don’t dare to think how many those are – and wounded, when I searched for photos for this post – their far too many with children without arms and legs, full of scars .. children with faces full of scars and deformed, that’s a very high bill to pay too.

solider and child - 7belk com Then we have some the WINNERS!!!!!!

The following are the UK companies which have profited most so far from the occupation: information: “Ethical Consumer”

1. AMEC £500m
2. Aegis Defence Services £246.52m
3. Erinys (private security) £86m
4. Petrel Resources (Anglo-Irish) £56.6m
5. HSBC – £36.88m
6. Cummins UK (Power) £25.8m
7. PB Power – £24.88m
8. Control Risks (Private security) £23.5m
9. MerchantBridge (Financial) £22.07m
10. Global Strategies Group (private security) £15.48m

and 3 US top companies
1. Halliburton’s KBR, Inc. $ (infrastructure rebuilding) $17.2 billion
2. Veritas Capital Fund/DynCorp (training of police forces) $1.44 billion
3. Washington Group International (repairs of oil fields) $931 million

No wonder we can’t achieve peace on earth. I can’t promise how accurate the figures are today – but it can’t be less … than what I digged out here. Image what could had been done – at home – for all those money: education, health care and poverty  Or invest in the youth and help countries that doesn’t have money like this to spend. Write their debts off. iraq - cracked com Of course there had been more un-employment if the war machine stopped, but then we have to look at alternative products to manufacturer. After all charity should start at home.

In UK the pensioners gets about £100 per week to live on – and in US  still not everybody able to get the health care they need – low standards on some schools and quite a lot of housing .. in both countries and poverty.

I don’t want to do a political statement and really I’m not political interested – but what I have found here – make me so sick to soul and heart. Only feel that I what have found, is so hard to grip, but its figures I can relate too and understand. When I read the news papers I don’t get a whole picture. So I also done for myself. Hope I make sense, because I’m so upset. Maybe I make somebody to take this in too with this post, because I can’t stop the war. We read about it – but do we really take it in. I haven’t until now, because it’s so fare away from us – but it’s people’s money they have been spending. Money that could be so well spent at home and all the lives that it has cost – how can we put a price on them.

svensk-soldater-aftonbladet-se In pure English; what f*** have they been up to ??? And who’s war is it ??? I’m pissed off! Sorry, for my choice of words, but I can’t find any better to express my anger.

I’m just lost for words really – and I’m so happy that I live in a very long country with only 9,5 million people  – there we pretty well looked after, we have marginal tax rate of 56.6% (highest in Europe) and we have 25% luxury tax on alcohol, beauty products and treatments, services, fares and cigarettes. And our woman and men in the forces works only for defense, protection, peace and UN, still some of them has been and will be killed in the line of duty in somebody else’s war.

“All the arms we need are for hugging.”

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24 thoughts on “is there no better way

  1. If my calculation is right, it works out to be US$823/ citizen which is not a hugh sum. However, there are lots of lives lost and pain to many people the effects of which cannot be quantified. The cost to put the damages right and the medical cost have yet to be included.

    • Michael, thanks … I thought it would be a lot more than that. Still it’s a lot of money that could had come to much better use. And benefited people at home. What upset me is the companies that are making huge profits of the war and others pain. I will now add your information to the post.

  2. Regardless of the cause, any war is sad. I wish I could remember the exact words I heard about a month ago, but the jest is this; As humanity, we are asked to be tolerate, yet most war is about imposing one’s will.

    • War’s those days is only to protect financial interests – the oil – no other reason why US went into Iraq – because they all knew there was no weapon of mass-distraction – they lied to the their people. Terrible. No war has a winner.

  3. As the auntie to a serving soldier in the British Army, I think that the cost to all service families has been enormous and in some cases they have paid the ultimate price and no politician will ever be able to justify that to me

    • Totally agree – in the old days .. the king is front of his men and when the king had fallen the war was over – now they don’t even come near the reality and if they do – they very fare away from the action – and well protected.
      Somebody has said that there is no flag big enough to justify killing. So true.

    • Thanks … for your support – I know that most of us are so sick of reading about the war … but I felt I just had to get my head around it. Hopefully it will be over in 2014 and maybe they have learned a less with this one. They should have learned from the Vietnam war.

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  5. Yes. It is such a waste on so many levels. Financially, physically, emotionally. And it’s good for us to have a little reminder of the state of the world. Most of us live like kings and queens.

    • Wendy, I have always thought that the Iraq war wrong from the beginning – other countries don’t have the right to do like they did with Iraq and it was also based on a lie. Thanks for your support and for taking time to read. So true what you’re saying most of us … say it’s not our problem – it’s not our cause, but they pay for it.

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