it has to match

My aunt Thea, died at an age of 93 … and they told me that she died with her lipstick on and wearing her perfume. An amazing and very beautiful woman, married – but no children – and when it came to fashion and looks she was unbeatable.
So opposite my mum, that never cared for her looks in any big way.

Remember one time when Thea was going to the theater – she wore a navy blue silk dress with white dots – and with that to match she wore one navy and one white shoe of the same model.

Navy and white - uk

It was Thea that learned me everything about dress sense and fashion – she started with me in a very young age, 14 or something. She made all her clothes, coat, hats .. and she even made her mink coat by hand with a matching hat.

As young woman she worked as mannequin for “NK’s Franska” in Stockholm – that meant that she showed and walked clothes for the richest in Sweden and also for our Kings mother, Princess Sybilla.

She was a fantastic hostess for dinner and cocktails parties, my uncle, Hans had a lot of entertainment events because of his job. She had a book where she made notes about every dinner and event she hostessed, who the guests were – what food was served, wines, and she took photo of the table settings … plus of course what she was wearing, so she wouldn’t repeat herself.

One rule she had – was that everything had to match. Most important was that gloves  and handbag matched – during the colder months. Otherwise had the shoes and handbag at match. Something I lived by in my whole adult life.

So of course after buying my Ecco boots this season, in black patent leather – and I also had a pair of loafers from last autumn .. in black patent leather – I needed a bag to match. Plus I have a lovely pair of high heels from “GEOX” that I bought in London 4 years ago at “T.K.Maxx” in the same material – that needed a match.

match 1

First I turned to Esty to see if there was something – and I found a bag .. got it for a good price, but first of all it for some reason it was sent to Sweden in UK – plus when I finally got it (Royal Mail was witched on) it was plastic. Got my money back and could keep the bag, witch now I have given to charity.

A months before I left for Belfast .. I found on Ebay UK a brilliant bag, from “Hobbs” – all in patent leather, made in Italy and so I bid – finally price came to £35/377SEK/US$ 56/€43. So I picked now up in Belfast at my old office – looked like brand new .. and the price today is £130. Asked in their shop in Dublin how old the model can be, 2 years. Just love it, used it nearly everyday. Was a bit worried about the pink lining – not a pink lady – but it doesn’t bother me at all. So happy over my big bag.

Of course I need a pair of Ballerina to go with the bag, boots, heels and loafers … and I found them at “Mark & Spencer” in Belfast for £45/485SEK/US$74/€55.

2 weeks before I took off – I visit “Clarks” website – and saw a pair of loafers .. with mine now into their second season I need back up, so I ordered them to the Belfast shop for a fantastic price of £35/377SEK/US$ 56/€43 only. Clarks shoes comes to in Sweden around £100/110SEK/US$162/€123.

russell & bromley

I also bought a “Russell and Bromley” handbag on Ebay UK – black in leather inside out and front in black suede. Stunning bag that must once have cost about £250/2695SEK/US$405/€308 – got it for £38/410SEK/US$61/€47. Like brand new.

Through the years I have bought shoes and handbags on Ebay and I will intruduce you to some of them.

We start with my 2 pair of shoes from “LK Bennett”, both won on Ebay UK. For the high heel red suede I found a matching bag from Ferragamo at and it came all the way from USA.
For a wedding I found the flowered silk shoes and the matching bag on Ebay UK, but with 2 different sellers.

match 2

match 3

Since many years have I bought shoes from the same shop in London as Lady Di did and now William’s Kate does – French Sole – did a post about my shoes and the shop last year; “royal princesses and me”.

So when I bought a pair in gold – I needed a matching bag, and of course I found it in US at and I won the bag. A bag, that I always get compliments for. In gold leather with crystals … so beautiful and the make is; Seareun, NYC

match 5

I love suede in both handbags and shoes – so when I found a little beautiful black Ferragamo bag on auction on – I just had to have it – I also bought the suede ballerina with the golden details there too .. once again USA was delivering both. The peep toe shoe is from M&S in Belfast. And my newest little addition the YSL bag in patent leather won on Ebay UK, arrived in Sweden on New Years Eve.

match 4

I really think life stinks at time … becasue I’m only able to wear one pair of shoes at the time. I don’t need any more handbags or shoes for the rest of my life and I have to remember that .. from now on, but do I want to???!!!

Never smoked a cigarette in my life – so this is my addictions and it’s not spoiling my health – but sometimes my monthly budget. But I never buy expensive shoes or handbags anymore, around $50.00/325.00SEK/£31.00/€30.00.

I found a lot of pleasure in wearing my shoes and handbag, but of course there is a bit of guilt too, because I have more than enough – if now a woman can have too many shoes and handbags.

I dedicate to and blame this post on my aunt Thea … and my walk-in-closet too.

“Kindly remove your shoes from my bullshit.
Jarod Kintz

Photos from “NK’s Franska” provided by and thanks to Nordisk Museet

53 thoughts on “it has to match

  1. Viveka – ALL beautiful. You’re just like your Aunt Thea – truly, you have that style gene.

    I really appreciate the links. I had no idea of Ebay UK. I bet they’ve got awesome stuff. Thank you for THAT.

    • You have Ebay in every country – you can buy or bid on items. I use Ebay UK, because I have a bank account in UK, but you can really use any country. They have new stuff and used – all my bags is second hand, but I don’t care. The biggest department store in the world *laughter – maybe you know about Ebay.AU.?? Thank you for your support. Will take an other piece of your Cadbury now!

      • Viveka, I felt silly after sending you the chocolate because someone said “You sent someone in Switzerland CHOCOLATE?”

        I thought Cadbury would be a new chocolate experience for you. Please do tell me – don’t be shy, I simply wish to know (how silly I am) – is there Cadbury in your markets there??

        As for Ebay au – yes I know, but I’m drawn to UK because I reckon the fashion is GREAT.

      • Noeleen, I have eaten Cadbury Favorites while living in UK, but not the same mix – don’t have a clue if we have Cadbury in Sweden – sure we have.

        I love chocolate – so chocolate – is always welcome. As somebody said, if there is no chocolate in heaven, will I not be going there. Nothing I have bought here.

        My friend in Vienna, she didn’t get chocolate in one of her Glossyboxes, when I got in mine – so I send her the same bar of chocolate, so she could have a taste too. My favorite really and it’s made in Finland. Geisha, it’s called.

        Your box is now gone – all eaten by me alone. Love every piece in it. Thanks you so much – such a sweet and kind gesture.

  2. I laughed! You “dedicate and blame” this post to your aunt. I bet that would have made her chuckle. Thea’s blue shoe/white shoe to go with the polka dots was brilliant! I know who to ask, now, if I have any fashion questions! 🙂

  3. This is so beautiful post. And your style fascinates me and you are like your aunt too. How beautiful… I always love these dots and also red shoes… Thank you dear Viveka, love, nia

    • My aunt – turned me in to bit like her – which I’m thankful for, I think she really wanted a little girl of her own, but never got any children. A pair of red shoes every woman should have – they make you feel happy and good about yourself – and they always give you a good time. Happy shoes.
      I love dots on clothes too – not that easy to find. Have a cardigan, black with white dots.

  4. Gorgeous stuff Viveka and at what prices!! Your aunt Theo sounds like a very interesting person. And you my dear should start a fashion blog 😀

    • There is far too many fashion blogs and I don’t breath fashion – once in a while I enjoy doing a post about it – but not only fashion, I’m a lot more than that. Thanks for your support.
      There is so much great products on Ebay – that haven’t even been used, brand new … still with tag on – and cost nearly nothing.

  5. so sorry about the loss of a wonderful family member. i can see where she taught you many things through her living experiences. i love your shoes and purses. the golds are my favorite. gold purses to me are the divine above all

  6. Now I see where you get your expensive taste. I never smoked a cigarette in my life either, but my addiction is still not good for my health … I’m addicted to dark chocolate! Oh, and blogging, but that’s good for me, right? Lovely matching items and nice to learn about your Aunt Thea.

    • Lori, we have to sin sometimes, and I love chocolate too – but not dark. I read the other day that blogging is good for us – so … we carry on as normal, is my suggestion. I will never be like my aunt – but she gave me a good platform to stand on. *smile

      • Yes! I do remember this post…and look! I was here before. : ) Everyone should have an Aunt Thea (I did not). ; )

      • I looked for you … under likes … so I thought you had missed it. I think you are doing great without an aunt Thea. Thanks for taking the time again.

  7. I would have loved to meet you aunt, dear Viveka! What a lovely lady, with an excellent taste – and you have inherited it, too 😉 How many shoes and bags will you bring to Vienna 😉 ?
    I am also a handbag, shoe and scarf addict. Crazy. I do buy lots of scaves on ebay. Handbags and shoes only very rarely… but eventually I might get there too! Big hug xo

    • I’m not that stylish, but I like my bags and shoes .. and will always do. I’m the same as you – if I find a great bag .. it goes with all the time, need so much stuff too in the bag.

    • So do I have too, but don’t really want to … she were a stunning lady and where she came head turned – women’s too . She had a royal urea.
      And she never bought a ready made dress – made everything herself.

      • NOOOOoOOoOOoOooo! Don’t have a clue where she got the skins – she gave the coat to me and used for a couple of years, it must have been nearly 30 years old, when I got it – then it started to fall to pieces. Still have the hat.
        Will take a photo of it.

      • Hahaha. I have a beautiful mink zip-up jacket which I’ve had for about 25 years, and it’s still like new. I keep it in a cloth bag and don’t wear it much. I live in hot climates now.

    • Green shoes … I have a pair of that too .. never worn them very much – one that I lost … you men, think differently.
      You can go away for 7 days .. one suit, 7 shirts, 7 ties, I par of shoes and you will look fresh and new every day. Not fair.

  8. Hi,
    Your Aunt sounds like a really beautiful lady, and what a great idea to write down and take photos of the outfits that she wore at the different dinner party’s.
    I love your shoes and handbags, and how interesting that you found the flowered shoes and bag at different places, well done.

    • Yes, I was luck with the flowered shoes and bag – they are made to match and .. they was up for auction at the same time, with different sellers. Very lucky. There was only one woman like Thea. She had everything down to the teeth. She took photos of the table settings only. She never repeated herself. Amazing. I’m not at all in her class.

      My mum and she .. didn’t get along … and they never talked for over 30 years. Strange.

  9. May we all go out in such style with painted lips.
    You’ve mentioned many shoe brands I like and own but my favorite which I can only imagine wearing, are the floral heels. I wear heels about as much as I smoke pot. Like never. Maybe I should give both a try since it’s now legal in WA state 🙂

    • Yes, Thea she put on her lipstick and perfume everyday – even when she was on hospital – not full make up, but lipstick – she was one of those women that dressed up to collect the mail *smile. High heels I call taxi-shoes .. or sit-down shoes. Can’t really walk in them anywhere. I like flat shoes too and I wear that a lot more than my high heels, but I like to wear heels so soon there is a chance. Mine isn’t that high, but great idea with pots and high heels. So pots are now legal – can’t believe it. I Copenhagen many years ago they had a neighborhood where pots where aloud, but only there, Christiania. Don’t think it’s anymore.

  10. Awwwww, shoes!!!! I have a shoe fetish, LOVE shoes!
    But the best part was reading about Aunt Thea! She sounds like a magnificent woman and I can tell you adored her. With your close connection, she will still be around, watching over you. This was a beautiful loving tribute to Aunt Thea – the pictures were the perfect addition.

    • So glad it’s not only me that … are mad about shoes. In all fairness didn’t we see that much of each other – aunt and me – she lived up in the North of Sweden and I in the South, I didn’t have a problem with her – but mum and she – another story. Aunt Thea could be hard going at times. She was always brilliant with me.

  11. I wish I was like that Viveka, but I’m not. No one took me under there wing, so my fashion sense is probably very bad and not very coordinated. I try and make everything black, that has worked for me for a few years now.

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