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Is there anything I connect with Vienna so is it this piece of music, Radetzky March, Op. 228 by Johann Strauss Sr, composed in 1848, 100 years before my birth – and of course I have to use it as my cloud of music today – when I going to give away the generous blogging friend I have in Vienna, Dia.

Have been in Vienna a couple of time the last few years – have very good friends living there – so the pillows are free – and I love the city. Music everywhere. Great food, shopping, stunning buildings, clean, filled with parks, Lipizzaner horses and high quality on everything, except their coffee. But even the sun has spots.

Vienna page

Vienna is famous for it’s cafe culture – and people in Vienna say that the cafe is extension to their living room. Cakes and patisserie are to die for – expect don’t queue up for a piece of the famous Sacher cake at “Café Sacher” – biggest and only tourist trap in Vienna, what I have notice. Only had one cup of good coffee in Vienna and it was at a bar by the market – rest has only been colored water. But that is the only bad thing I have to say about Vienna.

Will do a post about Vienna after my next visit – there is so many wonderful things to say about this city. Hopefully it will in the beginning of the summer.

Now to Dia@happyface313, we met only a a couple of months ago through another blogging sister, Heather@VINTAGE FRENCH CHIC  – and we have really clicked. She is funny and totally mad at times. She brings me Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel and Dior .. she brings me a small basic Italian restaurant Hamburg and oranges from Florida, plus she does it in both English and German. And we both like our Glossyboxes.

Her sister lives in Florida – and after my post about my beloved toothpaste, Colgate Optic White (sometimes happiness is) – she offered me buy some when she visit in her sister in beginning of December. So she also brings me toothpaste, sure if I wanted the toothpaste designed by LV – she would have found it too.

The thing is that Dia have a “150-days-anniversary-give-away– a beautiful red Prada “flower” charm – that will make any handbag happy and any of us are able to win it. Deadline is on next Sunday, 13th of January. Just click on the link.

DTM 2008, Round 7, Nürburgring, Sunday

I had hope that in with the 3 parcels I collect today would be the one HF sent me from Hamburg, but no Dia box – but the German postal service isn’t the fastest in Europa, but they seems to have nice back parts. *laughing  Because I wanted to include it in this post, but I don’t want to wait any longer because of the deadline for the Prada give away – so I post it now.

”The streets of Vienna are paved with culture,
the streets of other cities with asphalt.”
Karl Kraus

Vienna page 1

Photos provided  by and thanks to: miltenburg/ (deutsche post) & ( featured image)

44 thoughts on “vienna give aways

    • Jo, you have to wait for hours and hours, service is just okay .. and the cake is nothing special, just like any other Sacher cake – the cake on my photos was far-FAR better.
      Sorry, Jo … but I don’t stop you.

      • that is something i will never own, chanel, as here it is very pricy, but when i have a chance, i take a whiff of it and if i can find a sample i spray myself and feel lovely the entire day. hehe

      • Witch Chanel you like most .. sometimes on Ebay .. and I also have a good discount connections with my old job, that do duty free.

      • i don’t want you to think i am rude, so letting you know I have to end our chat. i am getting ready to go pick up Al and take him to lunch. If you find a deal on this perfume, please let me know, maybe i can afford to buy it through you

      • You’re not rude … never. Send Al my warmest regards.
        I will let you know what price I can get it for. Have a great day now. *smile

    • Are you from Vienna … too? You can’t do a post about Vienna without this track. IT IS VIENNA! Also it’s always the music start of every new year for me – the yearly Vienna New Year Concert. Have more photos – but I want to save them for my upcomming post about the city.

  1. Dearest Viveka, thank you so much, this is really lovely! The music: it had to be the Radetzky Marsch* 😉 I cracked up and had to laugh out loud when I read your description of me 😀 That is very, very kind. I’m happy if you enjoy reading my blog – as I do yours! – and if I can help in obtaining you with your favorite Colgate toothpast 😀
    Big hug and THANK YOU from Vienna XOX

    *Tonight on 3Sat TV, at 08:15 p.m., this year’s New Year’s Concert of the Viennese Philharmonics with conductor Franz Welser-Möst will be repeated.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Ms. Viv. You know, I have been using the Optic White tp since you mentioned it. I really like it. And come to find out, I was already using the toothbrush. Great minds = great teeth!

    Oh. And may the best woman win Happy’s giveaway. ; )

    • Heather, I was wondering about the toothpaste and you when I wrote about it. I really like it – the freshness stays for hours … so glad that Claudia offered to buy more for me – because it’s so much cheaper over there. I will fill up if I go to NYC.
      Glad you have start using it too!
      Wasn’t Claudia that won your giveaway – because I think that was how I landed in her world?

      Yes, let best woman win.

      • Yep! She won the last giveaway I did. I just love her too. Her energy seems to be through the roof….would love have some.

        BTW, I am kind of on a sabbatical for now. No interest in blogging at the moment but I am reading blogs and books like a crazy woman.

        Could you please email me your mailing address? Found something today that screamed “VIVEKA!”. But sorry, no, not bread box (yet). : )

  3. I love that she’s got her blog in English and German. It helps me keep up a little with German.
    But she is sending you a parcel from Vienna? or Hamburg? Would have been fun to have a tea with you too in northern Germany for sure 🙂

    • Wendy, I promise you if we 3 met up in Germany – it will be more than tea. She sent New Year in Hamburg and she sent it from their, because of it was a lot cheaper. Just like I sent your from UK, nearly half price.

      • Ahhsoooo…. too bad I wasn’t in Hamburg! We are a couple weeks short of being moved out of our apartment. O is tracking the ship with our goods on an iphone app! I miss Germany but am very happy to be back in the northwest. xx

      • I understand that you are happy over being back home – you live in a stunning part of the world … and Hamburg will always be there. *smile – a bit your move wasn’t a half year later and … because I would have made to Germany if I had know that you would move back to US. Never know what comes next.

  4. You are spoiled, Viveka, do you realise? Oh man, those goodies… so fortunate. Bless ya 🙂 Chanel is the best though, hey….

    LOVE the pictures, and that cake, that cake….. oh, it would be a dream to fly over, buy a piece, have it with coffee, & chat with you.

    It’s fantastic how you’ve made connections through WP, just fantastic 🙂

    • Noeleen, I didn’t mean that she brings me gifts from all those shops … I meant that she bring them through her posts. *smile – but I’m blessed with good friends – in my corners of our earth … I know that.
      Sorry for confussing you.
      Tell you that cake was to die for … then I look at my photo I can apprehend the taste. Never tasted a cake like that.

      If we met up in Vienna – it will be more than one coffee and cake.

      Yes, I have really got new friends … through my blogging and I have decided that if I win enough money on the lottery will I go and visit everyone of you.

      Maybe it will happen this month. Will be busy for sure.

      • “Maybe it will happen this month” – oh Viveka, how positive you are 🙂

        I’ve thought that re the lottery too, believe it or not. I would LOVE to host a gathering of subscribers/blogging friends in a fancy hotel, pay for all your flights, accommodation, & make an event – do a movie to put on the big screen, highlight some bloggers. It would be so awesome.

        I guess being confused is MY fault. I actually imagined those gorgeous riches arriving to you, I thought she “brought them to you”. My fault. Sorry! I guess it was wistful thinking 🙂

      • I wish I had a friend that brought me Chanel and Dior. *smile – maybe I can buy it all myself … this month when MY numbers comes up. *smile

        Hopefully my numbers – will come up and there will be money enough – we can hold an event in Australia for my blogging friends there. You will be the natural choice as host.

        Keep on dreaming, Wivi!

  5. That is interesting what you saw about Vienna, I think Melbourne is becoming known as that too, though, you wouldn’t have any trouble finding a good coffee here, Melbourne is also known for its Coffee Culture. A place that makes bad coffee does not stay in business for long.

    • Sweden is one of the top coffees drinking in countries in the world – Finland first – Norway -2nd, all the Scandinavian countries are in top. So we know coffee inside out – but Vienna’s cafes have been famous for over 150 years – it’s in their history. Don’t know what has happen, but they need to get their coffee right, my friends they serve good coffee, they think that the waitress water the coffee so they will get more money out of the brew.
      Great to know that Melbourne has good coffee if I get the big lottery win – becasue then I will be coming.

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