left for the day

On Friday before Christmas my 90 year old mum had to visit ER at Simrishamn’s Hospital.
With me not around she manages to arrange her transportation that she is entitling to by the council.

She had an eye infection that comes and goes during the last couple of months. The first time the doctor told her that she must come so soon the symptom comes back, otherwise she can lose the little sight that she has left and go totally blind. That she has been doing.

hospital page

When the pain came back she contacted the hospital and at ER she got a female doctor that didn’t really know what to do with mum. Mum asked if it was the infection again. No, she couldn’t say – but she thought it was more down to the pressure in the eye.

She informed my mum that she has to go to another hospital about 30 min away and my mum refused because she knows how hard it’s to get transportation back to Simrishamn. The doctor said that now she and 3 other doctors agreed on that she has to go and no more to be said.

hospital art outside

They informed mum that the eye clinic at Ystad Hospital was well informed and they will be waiting on her, she would be able to see a specialist straight away. So the transport came and picked mum up in her wheelchair. The driver took her to the clinic and when they arrived she was told that the doctor had left for the day and no other eye doctor on duty.

So there was my mum, 90 years old – she left home at noon – now it was 3pm and nothing has been done for her problem or pain. As she said to the doctor that sent her there that she will struggle to get transportation back to Simrishamn. Her transport cam 4 hours later – so 8 hours and 4 doctors later she was back home and nothing has been done.

hospital insidecafe pagehospital inside 1

Of course during weekends and Christmas ER in Simrishamn isn’t open – had to go to Ystad and with no eye doctor on duty?????? – she stayed at home.

Then on Thursday the district nurse arranged for her to go to Kristianstad Hospital and their eye clinic. She was so well taken care of – I was with her. The doctor was so thorough and took swaps of both her eyes. No swaps have been taken before even if she has been back 3 times with the same infection.
On Saturday we had to go back to Kristianstad again – it’s 1,5 hour drive so they could check if the medicine has worked on the bacterial. So it was an early start, but it was worth it.

eye clinc page

How can anything like this be allowed to happen to an older person or anyone really – that two hospitals talk to each other and when the patient arrives the doctor has left for the day.

I have always praised the Swedish health care system – but when a things like this happens … I feel sicken. I’m sure it has happen to quite few patients and will happen again. I have phoned the patient Ombudsman and complained.

Now have I been back with mum at Kristianstad Hospital for the 3rd time, yesterday too and the infection is nearly gone, the pressure has gone down and her sight has increase quite a bit.

Also took some pictures during our 3 visits to Kristianstad Hospital, a mixed bag – but there is always beauty to be found, even on a hospital.

It’s like I always has said – we have to be healthy to be able to be sick.

angels excite 600

This beautiful painting hangs in the café at Kristianstads hospital and it’s called “Angles excite” – yes, they truly do in Kristianstad, but there was a big shortage of them in Ystad and Simrishamn just before Christmas.

“The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams
than the imagination awake.”
Leonardo Da Vinci

61 thoughts on “left for the day

    • Yes, it made me so mad – but it has gone on record now and the hospitals will be contacted and even the health minister will get it in a report.

      • I hope the doctors who told your mum to go to the other hospital (totally dismissing your mum’s personal concerns and her comments) realize the totally incompetent and heartless way they treated your mom. To tell her “THEY” decided what she must do with total disregard to her personal concerns is belligerent, rude and egotistical. And THEN to make arrangements that were possibly never made OR the other doctor did the same type of dismissing of your mom as a human being-not caring what they were doing to her. Shameful.

      • Totally agree … if two hospitals are talking – why didn’t Ystad inform that the doctor will be leaving soon.
        Don’t tell me that there is no other eye doctor available – they must have one on ER. Sure it happens to a lot of patients .. this time it happen to my mum and I don’t accept it.

      • Good for you Viveka, so many people do just accept that a doctor is god-like. I do not. I understand that “things” happen. But this started with their dismissal of your mum as a person when they told her she will do what they say.

      • Doctors still think they are sitting on Gods right hand side … but I question them – have to. Problem was that her problem wasn’t that important – and they all wanted to go home to start celebrating Christmas.

      • I have seen MANY doctors like that. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) I have been blessed to know many fantastic doctors. Doctors who call themselves with reports, doctors who have come to visit me when I am in the hospital for things unrelated to their knowing me. But sadly, I have also seen the same treatment your mom received: being unvalued because they are not as important as the doctor sees themselves. Sadly, I see this in other facets of life as well. I’m just glad you are involved and your mum has gotten the care she needs.

  1. I hope your mom gets well soon enough. I hate it when the people I care about gets sick 😦

    It’s my mom’s birthday today so I kinda get attached to this post of yours haha Anyway, I wish you have a wonderful New Year ahead of you xoxo

  2. Glad to hear, that finally there was a well educated and doctor with brains who took good care of your mother! All the best of health to her 🙂 One of my sisters works in a hospital and she’s always told me that one’s health depends on the doctor on duty. You can be lucky and you may not be. That is frightening!
    Viveka, once again: I love your photos! I still have a lot to learn 😉
    And I agree – Angels excite 🙂 ! Have a very HAPPY day 🙂 xo

    • But to send a 90 year old .. back and forward and still not being helped. Yes, shit happens in all National Health Services. Terrible .. we are just numbers … I can’t personal complain – always got outstanding service.

  3. This is what we read about in the paper sometimes…wishing this will never happen to ourselves Good that she finally was taken good care of. It seems you have to be young and healthy to be able to get ill. And, if you don’t have any relatives to speak for you when you are old…you are in trouble

    • So true … I’m not that young myself .. but I personal always got top class treatment and service from doctors and hospitals. I know it has happen to others, but I think Christmas had a big part in this mess – and that’s not allowed to be like that. Of course the older we become – the less important we are .. I don’t think it’s only here in Sweden. I’m worried about when I will become 90 … I’m the last in the family – but hopefully I will be able to speak for myself even then.

      • I always liked the idea of .. sharing with a friend .. like the “the gorlden girls” – when getting older .. what a great arrangement and there will always be somebody … for company, fun and if help needed.

  4. What a terrible experience for your mom, going all that way and waiting and then discovering that the doctor had left for the day. You were right to complain to the Ombudsman. I’m glad she’s improving now.

  5. Sorry to hear about the runaround your mom received. However, it seems that she was treated, and you have rightfully complained. Well done at taking care of her …. and of course for the nice pics.

  6. i would be more furious for the fact it was someone of that age, and furious also if it had happened to me. doctors need to go back to basics. why did they want to be a doctor? to help, to be full of compassion. but it has come to the dollar figure and they let the dollars go to their head and thus the compassion walks out the door

    • Terry, they didn’t want to be there … because Christmas was coming up … more important. How can a doctor leave just after lunch ??? when working on a hospital.
      But it has been reported and mum is okay now … plus I got some great photos out of the whole experience.

      • something good did come out of it, for sure, your mum is alright and great photos, but in the end we are talking about her health, which is number one. I am glad you reported it. A doctor’s work is never done. he may want to go somewhere and leave early, but shame on him for going ahead and leaving, leaving your mum to hang and pay the price

      • I know, Terry .. I was smoldering with anger – but because it was Christmas nothing could be done .. and the same doctors was not on duty – otherwise I had gone up to the hospital and asked them a couple of questions.
        ER is not the greatest – but the wards at Simrishamns hospital is fantastic. Ystad the same. ER is a pain.

    • Leo, thanks .. she are fully recovered – but what a carry on. I was so angry .. but we got it all sorted and great care – but to travel so fare at her age, isn’t a great adventure.

  7. Happy that she finally got the right treatment and that she has you to look after her. These stories happen all the time…sad, sad shame.

    • Thanks a million, she had 3 times during a couple of months – hopefully it’s gone for good now. It’s so painful for her and her sight isn’t the greatest in itself anymore.

  8. I wish your mum to have a good health. The hospital seems so beautiful and your photographs are amazing. Thank you dear Viveka, Blessing and Happiness to you both, love, nia

    • So true, Linda … I wonder what would have happen if it happen to the doctors mum … she would have got the golden treatment I’m sure.
      The Ombudsman told me that both hospitals will be warned – and then it will be inclued in a report to the Health Minster, but I don’t think that will change much. She got very good treatment in the end – but to travel 3 hours in total for treatments and check ups – is tough when you’re 90.

    • Thanks Karen, hospitals are so borring really – but there is pretty things around .. and things that can be made intrested with help of a camera.
      We had so much time to kill .. waiting for the home transportation.

      Yes, it’s always worst when it happen to elderly people – when the hearing isn’t the best.

      She are okay for this time now.

    • Mum is okay for this time and I hope the infection will not come back, she had it 3 times now.
      We had so much time to kill while waiting for the special transportation, so I just walked around and took shots on anything with color – every day we were there it was so grey and misty.

  9. It saddens me to say, that this sort of thing happens here in Australia all the time. When my step father was dying, he was in a hospital in a country town, they realised his neck was fractured or something, the cancer had spread to his bones. They decided to transport him to Melbourne, to a hospital near me. It took something like 8 hours for him to finally arrive. It would normally only take about 4 or 5 hours. He arrived at 1.30 in the morning, when we got a phone call to pick him up because the hospital didn’t have a bed for him. My mum and I went down the hospital, where he was in so much pain, couldn’t sit up, let alone stand up and they wanted us to take him home, We refused, and said it was ridiculous, why did they allow him to come all this way if there wasn’t a bed for him. They found a bed. He never left the hospital. We were so angry. What a thing to put him through.

    • Wow, that’s terrible what they tried to do with your dad … totally unacceptable – specially a patient in severe pain. It happens everywhere – because the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand does. We had a young man, 32 years old that called for an ambulance, because he was in pain – and they denied him the ambulance and told him to get a taxi instead, he phone twice – same answer both time. He was dead when the taxi arrived. Can’t remember what was wrong with him.
      I must say myself I always been treated well – and looked after in the best way the times I need hospital treatment. My support has been outstanding, but then when it happens to elderly (than me) it really upset me. It’s like they have no value anymore.

      • That is crap, we have to pay for ambulance cover here, and I have heard of people who pay for it and then the ambulance won’t take them to the hospital. It can be crap.

      • It was all down to the nurse – that he talked to – massive write up about it. Ambulance transport cost the same as a hospital transport with us – very cheap, but not totally free – because we have all the same health care in Sweden – doesn’t matter who you’re you pay the same.
        Now they send an ambulance over to check first and they decide if they will take you or your manage in normal hospital transport, that is cheap – and taxi.

  10. Prayers for your mum! I loved your song! I wish I knew how to do that! I have had fun choosing pics but what a perfect song for this blog! 😉
    You are a great little writer!!!!

    • Thank you so much … mum is going on a check up tomorrow – she are free from … the infection for a week now. Yes, I was lucky to find a song that is about doctor and eyes. Thank you so much for .. your kind words. The pictures I have taken during our 3 visits on Kristianstad Hospital, just to kill all waiting time for transport.

  11. Am glad that after all that trouble your Mom eventually got a competent doctor. Maybe it is meant to be, otherwise you would not have found the proper doctors to treat her.

    • Yes, that is the way we look at … too now, but it didn’t help that mum was left alone in her wheelchair for hours – because the two hospital didn’t talk to each other. Visit her own eye doctor on Monday, he was on holiday, when it all happen – and he was very upset over the whole thing, he was going to look into it.

      • I would be livid if I were your mum. Just like anybody else I hate to wait much more that long. That was really irresponsible.

      • I know .. it was really bad and my poor my 90 years old and alone in a wheel chair. Had to sit and wait all by herself for nearly 4 hours before she was picked up. Terrible, but she is fine now.

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