a tale of 3 boxes, the pink box

Just before Christmas did I receive my 3 boxes from Glossybox, boxes is gold, silver and pink. It was like Christmas Eve when I had them all 3 in front of me and could open them.

We, women, can react a bit silly at times. It’s a thrill to get the monthly box and before Christmas I also got the Anniversary Box (silver) and the New Year Box (gold) – who needs Christmas gifts????

pink box page

Let’s start with the pink box, “Beautiful Dreamer” was the theme, but without the sleeping pills – the normal pink box that I receive ones per month.

Like always so beautiful wrapped, every little detail so tasteful … have already tried some products , a couple I given away and what left I put to the side for later use.

glossbox 3

The Body Shop – Chocomania Body Butter, 50ml
This decadently chocolatey Body Butter gives extra long-lasting hydration. It contains 13 Community Fair Trade ingredients – the most we’ve ever put into one product. It leaves skin sweetly scented, and feeling softer and smoother. Provides 48-hour hydration Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother Buttery texture tha quickly absorbed indulgent chocolate scent.
This prodcut is a real treat – it smells lovely chocolately for a couple of minutes – leaves the skin so pleasantly smooth. Only use it for my hands at night and they become so soft.


Decléor – Harmonie Calm Soothing Milky Cream, sample size
A cream gives sensitive, dry skin a reason to smile again.
With Essential Oils and Plant Polyphenols selected for their soothing and balancing properties, Decléor Harmonie Calm Soothing Milky Cream immediately soothes sensitive and reactive skin and helps prevent imbalances, to be used on face and neck in the morning. This little sample has I put in with my travel size creams and will be used during a long weekend somewhere. Has got really good reviews.

pink box products

MODELCO – Lip Duo, full size 3,5 gr
A cult brand from Sydney that both Cameron Diaz and Kylie Minogue use.
Exclusive to GLOSSYBOX, this LIP DUO Lipstick & Shine Ultra Lip Gloss offers the ultimate pairing in lip color: a flawless, long-lasting lipstick & high-shine gloss, designed to create the perfect lips. Each may be worn separately or together.
Lipstick: Remove the lid and glide lip color onto both the upper and lower lip. After applying the lipstick, use the built-in mirror on the bottle to check application. Apply as often as needed.
Lip gloss: Using the wand applicator, simply glide the gloss directly onto lips using the built-in mirror on the bottle to guide you. Apply as often as needed.
Have tried both and me that haven’t worn lipstick for 43 years really like this product on my lips.

Oriflame – Hyper Stretch Mascara, full size 8ml
Innovative mascara that instantly gives the maximum length. Contains a stimulant Pro Long Complex ™ to complement your lashes natural growth cycle – haven’t used the mascara yet .. reviews say that it doesn’t do anything to the lashes, but the color is fantastic.

Glossybox – Glossy Pink Blusher Glossy Rosewood, full size, 2,5gr
Glossybox’s own product – Especially made for their members, they have developed a subtle pink blush for brightening up winter weary skin and bring to mind slightly rosy cheeks of winter walk in the sunshine.
Haven’t tried the product yet – mostly because it’s such a pale pink shade and I normally use a much warmer and deeper shade, but I will give it ago – never know how it will come out well on the skin. If it doesn’t suit me – always a girlfriend that will like it.

“All little girls should be told they are pretty, ´
even if they aren’t.”
Marilyn Monroe

My cloud of music .. of course is “Beautiful Dreamer” – “Beautiful Dreamer” is a parlor song by Stephen Foster (1826–1864). It was published posthumously in March 1864.
The song has been on soundtracks for many movie during the years; Gone with the Wind; Duel in the Sun; Mighty Joe Young; The Death Collector; Batman; Young Frankenstein and TV series like; Little House on the Prairie; Our Gang; The Twilight Zone; Wind at MyBack; Leonardo; Bonanza and Shining Time Station.

“Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,
Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;
Sounds of the rude world, heard in the day,
Lull’d by the moonlight have all pass’d away!
Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song,
List while I woo thee with soft melody;
Gone are the cares of life’s busy throng,
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!”

20 thoughts on “a tale of 3 boxes, the pink box

  1. I love that quote by Marilyn Monroe – she was so special, so very woman

    Great post – love the pink box contents : BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

    Ah Viveka, joy & joy to you. Love your song choices as I read your posts. They’re great.

  2. Viveka, I love this entry 🙂 The music, the Marilyn Monroe comment and the Glossybox! Yours definitely is great!! What about the two other boxes? My silver one was pretty poor. And I haven’t received the gold one yet. Hoping that will be nicer 😉 xo

  3. Yeah! I love make ups! 🙂 I’m actually learning some tricks to enhance my features and I’m watching make up tutorials in youtube hihi greats gifts you got there! 🙂

    • Not a gift … I have to pay for boxes – but most of the time the products are very good. Tomorrow post is about the golden box .. wonderful products.
      What would we do without YouTube ????

      • Oh I see, so that’s what the prices are for 🙂

        I know! Praise for the YouTube inventor hahaha

      • I haven’t subscribed to a Glossybox yet, since I handpick all of my beauty products but hey, seems like a nice treat so I will subscribe 🙂

      • What I don’t want to use .. I have girlfriends queuing up for.
        One of the best products … I got is Garnier’s BB cream. Can’t live without it .. and with it no foundation needed.

      • hahaha see, that’s why I always handpick my products because normally with boxes such as those, you don’t need some of them.
        I also love BB creams! They always brightens your face and giving it a glow-finish look 🙂 mine is from body shop and the other one is from maybelline 🙂

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