cheers to you world!!!

So now we have a new year – the year that I will become 65 and officially a Swedish pensioner. Not anything I really looking forward too, even if it won’t make any difference to my life, more than I will have a lot less money to spread.

Hopefully I will be able to celebrate my birthday in NYC as planned, won 2 first class tickets with British Airway – but so far I haven’t heard anything back from them about my required dates.
11th of September – and for years I have wanted to be in NYC for the remembrance, so hopefully they will give me my first choice of date, 7th – 12th.


Of course I want there to be peace on earth … but I have given up on that – because it will never happen, the war industry is far too big and we need it rolling. If it doesn’t roll on the world economics’ with collapse, more unemployment – so even if I want there to be peace, it will not happen.

So what do I wish for 2013, I want us to be healthy – I want people to have equal right to health care, every child should have the opportunity to go to school, that here should be fresh water for everybody – and food … plus that we all should have a proper roof over our heads. And that is something our world’s rulers can achieve.
But still I doubt that will happen.

I wish that we should respect each other a lot more and be friendly to the ones we meet, give a smile and offer our help – make a little difference for somebody when we are given a chance. This is something we can all do.

breakfast 1.01.13. page

My first day of 2013 – I started off with a brunch, didn’t wake up until 11am – too much movie watching last night. And I started my new year with champagne and Egg Benedictine – something I do every first day of my new year, if I’m at home.

This morning I also open the parcel from Noeleen@world falls from my eyes in Australia, that have been a part of my world here for quite a few months now. A woman that I admire so much – because she are working so hard to get out her alcohol addiction and doing a very good process, even if she are not there yet. We can only take one step at the time. Her son is now a handsome teenager – she has really had a rough and tough path to walk along and I’m so proud over her. Collected the parcel on New Year’s Eve

noeleen page

Noeleen, thank you so much and I haven’t had Australian Cadbury’s Favorites before – had the UK version a couple of time, but they are totally different.

Noeleen, you really made my New Year’s Day special and you made a difference to it. A wonderful and sweet gesture.

Cheers to you world and to your rulers. And to All of us – let us all make a difference when we are given the chance.

“Many people look forward to the New Year
for a new start on old habits.”

58 thoughts on “cheers to you world!!!

    • Yes, if only … but you and I can make small differences
      and that’s what matter most.
      So suprised when I got the parcel – she are such lovely person, not because of the parcel. She are a star in my eyes.

      • She IS fabulous. I admire her greatly.

        Well then you and I will do what we can to make our small differences. And those who want to join us….there’s always room for goodness and positive actions!

  1. What a lovely way to start 2013 – have a VERY HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year, dear Viveka! Chocolate gifts are always excellent 😉 mine was delicious. Thanks again!
    I fully agree – a smile and a helping hand can go a very far way…and this is something everybody can do.
    Good luck with your British Airways 1st class tickets and with the NYC date you chose! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! XO 🙂
    Oh – and ABBA’s song is one of the best!!! 😀

    • Chocolate and champagne … taste best free. *smile
      Yes, this ABBA song – is the best song for the first of a new year. Missed the Vienna New Year Concert – to busy with writting this post. Have to watch it online.
      Yes, I hope they give my first choice of days – but on the other hand can I celebrate my brithday any day.
      Not that important.
      Somebody told me that we should celebrate our birthday so many times as years . during the following year – sounds good to me. I have about 59 left on this year.
      Happy Health!
      Happy New Year

    • Thank you so much … I hope so too – but with mum getting older … have to take it as it comes.

      I wish you a pleasant and interesting 2013 and I’m glad that I’m able to share some of it through your blog.

  2. Hi,
    Enjoying the Abba song on this brand New Year. What a wonderful parcel you received, and you cannot beat the Aussie chocolates, I think they are the best, although I could be bias on that one. 😀
    A great toast for the New Year, well said.

    • Yes, I this ABBA song is the best one for the first day of a new year. I’m such big ABBA fan. Regarding … chocolate I would like to claim that Sweden do the best chocolate …. even if my favorite is made in Finland – Gehia. Thank you so much for your support.

  3. I want all those things for our world too, Viveka. Except, I don’t believe it’s something our world leaders can achieve. I believe it’s something WE can achieve for each other. I don’t trust in “world leaders” who have never been able to achieve anything for anyone but themselves. I trust in US, in you, in me and in those good neighbors, friends and families who care. I hope you get to be in NYC for your 65th.

    • Lori, it needs so much money – to get the world in order – and the rich countries have to help the poor – but as you say the world leaders are not to be trusted. Then even if we give help – it seems like the money never reach the needed anyhow.
      As you say – we have to help those we can help – and I think that is a fantastic start.
      Not the end of the world if .. I’m not in NYC on my 65th. There is more important things in life.

      • There are less and less rich countries. You’re right, money doesn’t get where it’s needed because world leaders get drunk with power and prestige. They keep the people’s money for themselves. Soon, everyone will be poor except them. IMO, it’s about people helping people and not relying on “leaders.”

  4. I think you’ve hit on some real truths here, Viveka.. the war machine must exist, sadly. Your wish and hope for our world is so inspiring, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone as beautiful as you. Would food, health care and shelter for all be a wonderful goal? Respect, kindness.. offering to help.. wouldn’t that be wonderful? I shall wish for it as well. Happiest of New Years to you, Viveka.. and may your 2013 be a healthy and joyous one!! xx

    • Barbara, a lot out of our hands .. when it’s the wellfare of our world – but we can reach out a hand for somebody that needs help at the supermarket and we can smile against somebody this morning. We can make our world a bit softer with just a smile or saying good morning to the busdriver. Here in Landskrona would he answer back, but in Belfast he wouldn’t – but that’s less important.

      Happy New Days …. 264 left.

  5. Great post, Viveka. I hope you are able to travel to NYC. And I hope I find the perfect bread box by that time! : ) Looking forward to reading more of VIv in 2013.

  6. Happy New Year to you as well. I love your post, and I agree with much of it, it would be lovely to live in a world with no war, one day maybe, when we get over our paranoia and greed.

    • Leanne, thank you so much and what you’re say is so true … I don’t think we ever been without war – ever. somewhere in the world – because that’s how we humans are. So long as we have walked on earth there has been war – strange reall and sadly I don’t think that will ever change.
      We had in Sweden a king that had a war going on in Germany for 30 years – in the 1600’s – one day his horse came back alone and the war was over, they think he was shot by one of his owm – because they are so sick and tired of the war they were in.

      • What a great story, it is hard to think of Sweden as a country of war, it seems so gentle and kind. Unfortunately the Australian government does whatever the American Government tells them to, so we go to fight wars that no one here thinks is necessary. I mean seriously the last 10 years. or is it the last 20, not sure.

      • We are lucky, because we are a neutral country – but our girls and boys are still out there in other’s wars working for UN – not very often we lose any of them, but it happens. It’s like with you as with UK – allied with US and NATO, as most countries in the world is. Both Denmark and Norway are too – because they were occupied by Hitler during the war. France, Spain and Italy – they stand up against NATO, good for them. But it’s also when there is something going on – everybody except US to help out with their problems.

      • The US scares me, I am not going to lie, well their government does and there self appointed rulers of the world and they think they know what is best for others. You can’t go into another country and tell them what to do and expect they won’t retaliate. My rant there.

      • Leanne, it’s all about protecting their interests – but a lot of countries are begging for help too … and of course if US have massive financial interests in the countries – they will look after them and the war machine create more money and more jobs. So sad, but so true. Nobody should have the right to infers with other countries. Look at Iraq, where they claimed had nuclear – even if the Swedish inspector and his team said – they didn’t. That was all about the oil. They did the same in Chile with Allende. .

      • Totally, the US govt knew what weapons they had because they had sold them to them. I think Hussein became a liability to them, he stopped doing what they wanted and became dangerous.
        I totally understand why America is going broke though, they have spent trillions and trillions on war, they need to stop.

      • Look at UK – that pay about £9.24bn pound on the war in Iraq – that’s not even their war .. think about how many hospitals and schools they would have got for those money.
        US spent $757.8 billion on the Iraq war between 2003-2010. Scary amount of money that could have gone to their own people or to help poor countries with health care, food, housing and fresh water.

  7. I want to go to NYC…you are so lucky..!!I hope that some day I will have this oportunity..:) Happy new year and I wish you a plesant flight..:P

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