shop for shopping’s sake

When it comes to shopping – Belfast is just the right size of city – the city center has everything and if looking for that more exclusive dress or shoes everything will be on “Lisburn Road”, the “Gold Mile”
Lisburn Road is a well-kept secret for visitors and tourists – and it’s a little of the shopping track. 10 min by taxi on a good day and 20 min with bus. Lisburn Road is also home for trendy restaurants and bars.
I didn’t go up Lisburn Road this visit and even if I did I would had weight problems on my home bound journey. I had close to 50 kilo in total as it was.Lisburn roadmap

Still I found shoes both at “Mark & Spencer” and Clarks, so I didn’t go shoe less this time neither.
Also this time of the year they have the International Market in front of City Hall – walked around there two times and I also had a Welsh Pork Bap – lovely and smoking hot.welsh porkchristmas market

M & S page
“Mark & Spencer” is a British institution. For me Mark & Spencer stand for food, flowers and lingerie first of all and after that shoes. Their qualities on their products are outstanding, but at times can be boring. Their food court is wonderful to get lost in – when I moved to Belfast I all fresh food products and flowers at “M & S” – but soon did I have to change because it was far too expensive in the long run, but I always bought my ready fresh meal for one there. primark page

Primark – shop to you drop – and with both hands full of bags the total cost will only be around £50.00 – never seen anything like and their shops are always packed. They have a massive shop on Oxford Street in London since a couple of years ago. It’s an Irish shop chain, called Penneys in the Republic  – and you really have to put an afford in to be able to spend £50.00. Didn’t shop there this time. belfast page 1

Then Belfast have two massive shopping malls in the city Center, CastleCourt  and it has been around for about 23 years. The prestigious nature of the development made it a target for the Provisional IRA; the centre was bombed five times during its construction. It has approximately 16 million visits a year. Sale densities at CastleCourt rank in the top 10% in the country. castle courtaround belfast 3around belfast page 2around belfast 4

And the very elegant and exclusive “Victoria Square”. At approx 800,000 ft² (75,000m²) and costing £400m it is the biggest and one of the most expensive property developments ever undertaken in Northern Ireland. It opened in April 2008. A key element in the development is two covered, multi-level streets linked to the massive glass dome measuring 35 m in diameter. A public square covered entirely by the glass dome serves as the hub of the entire area, as well as a wonderful 80 ft viewing area
17.2 million people expected to visit Victoria Square per year placing it in the top ten shopping centres in the UK.victora square  page 1 victora square  page 2 treat cakes pagevictora square  page 3

Both shopping centers are like jewelry in their Christmas dressing – especially Victoria Square, were no money is spared when Christmas is coming. They change their extravagance decorations every year – can spend hours just looking at all the details and the glitter.
CastleCourt has been the poor relative for a couple of years, but this year it is magical and so tasteful decorated.serious shopping page

Everything is available in Belfast, from red high heels for £10.00 to diamond rings for £22.000 or Rolex watch. I enjoy shopping more in Belfast, than I ever done in London.
Walking home from shopping my last afternoon – a Maserati passed me.

beflast night page 2

“I’ve been shopping all my life
and still have nothing to wear”

20 thoughts on “shop for shopping’s sake

  1. yey! christmas shopping!
    i’m not really into shopping myself, whenever i’m in the mall, the bookstore is my haven. 🙂
    lovely photos! we also have mark and spencers here. 🙂

    • I like shopping when I’m in the right mood for it – otherwise it’s a truly drag. *smile
      In a proper bookstore I haven’t been for years – don’t read anything anymore. Once I had 1450 books and I have read all of them. No I don’t read at all.

  2. My, oh, my, you did some serious shopping, Viveka, didn’t you?!?! Hahaha, looks like you had lots and lots of fun. Good for you! I LOVE that Maserati! What a beautiful car (although I don’t know if I would buy it, provided I could afford it…Italian technology??? In cars???)! Sorry, if I should offend anybody – but I am just old tradition, being German, having worked in the German automobile industry many years of my life 😉 xo
    Did you find any cocktail dresses for our transatlantic cruise? I hope you played the lottery today – I forgot… 😉

    • Funny, I was engaged into the German car industry for 8 years – VW and Audi. My finance always said that it does matter what car we drive so long it’s German and silver metallic.
      The thing is that if I could afford a Maserati I would be able to afford a German car.

      I will start looking for dresses … so soon the numbers comes up. *smile And we will met up in Belfast and shop for dresses at Lisburn Road.

  3. Great time in Belfast! I love Marks and P. I actually love all British food shops- Waitrose too. They combine so much from all over the world.
    Hope you continue to enjoy your holidays. I’ve been enjoying the CD’s 🙂 xo wt

  4. It all looks fantastic Viveka. I’m off to the city today to look at what people are doing 2 days before, I don’t expect to get the great photos you did though. It is going to be too hot I think.

    • Leanne, I’m sure you will be back with some amazing photos – been budget shopping today – up 4am and back home 8pm. Some photos, but not any “blowing the socks of” *smile

    • Thank you so much … it was easy to get good photos in a glittery city. The music I know very little about – but it’s title is “shopping” – like the tune too and very suitable for the post.

    • You will find Belfast very interesting with its tragic history and trendy today – and Ireland is the place you want to go back to even before you left.

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