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… during the darkest time of the year. Now call  the “Swedish Welcome Light” outside Sweden – and today Sweden export about 3 million per year to around the world. Of course IKEA has a big part in this. The whole idea is built on our Advent candle, and I think to call it Swedish Welcome Light is IKEA’s idea – witch I think is a brilliant name. Because never look Sweden that warm and inviting – welcoming as under the 6 weeks around Christmas, when 90% of all windows in the whole of Sweden has a candle lite up so soon the dark falls and even some window has the candle stick on during the whole night.swedish welcome light - kristianstadsbladet se

Oscar Andersson (1909-1996) manfactured the first electric candle in the world, in 1934
It is from this original “Advent candlesticks” come to, those that are now available in many parts of the world. In Sweden alone sold approx. candlesticks one million. Oscar course, had no idea about this future development, when he was at home at the kitchen table in his apartment in Gothenburg, created this first candlestick. Ocscar, who worked for Swedish Philips –  never took a patent for his invention.  Oscar & first candle - var-dags-rum se

I saw a TV interview with Oscar when he was 84 years of age, fit as a fiddle – and he said that he have never regret that he didn’t apply for a patent for his invention, because for every window he saw with a candle was an award for him. This photo is with Oscar and the first candle ever in production.

swedish welcome light - inspire.accson se

“The Swedish “advents ljusstakens” story begins in the 1870s with an Advent spruce on Ersta deaconess speech in Stockholm. Modeled from Kaiserwerths deaconess voice outside Dusseldorf in Germany. In Advent the Christmas tree was lit seven candles, one for each day of the week, for four Sundays. Seven children had to go back and light the respective light and read a biblical language.advent ljus stake - blocket se

In the 1920s to the 1930s competed Advent Christmas tree out of the Advent candle, and Advent wreath, a round candle dressed with lingonberry, clubmoss or another green. These candlesticks were four candles. Advent candlestick occurs nowadays in most Swedish homes but do not have any tradition abroad.

There’s another Swedish Advent candle  that are far less flammable – the electric version. The company Philips in Gothenburg produced the first 1937th. The electric candlesticks have become a huge success and is currently in almost all Swedish homes, not just one but several. The electric candlestick related to an old Swedish tradition to let the light burning in the window to light up  for visitors to church.” (information;

Today the biggest manufacture of “Swedish Welcome Lights” today is “Markslöjd” – Lights of Scandinavia and they do some stunning models. Take a look at their website – in English.

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”
Chinese Proberbs

As my cloud of music I have chosen: “Tänd Ett Ljus” (Light A Candle) – one of our more modern Christmas songs, written by 2 Swedes, Niklas Strömstedt och Lasse Lindbom and it was recorded in 1987 by a group by name, Triad. It has become one of my favourite Christmas songs, but on the other hand I love all Christmas songs.
I couldn’t find the track with Triad on Soundcloud – but the two girls do a very good job here on this track.

Tänd Ett Ljus
(Light A Candle)

“I saw a star fall
it was last night when everyone was asleep
I think I wanted
you were close

For a minute then burned on
for a second then disappeared
it was the only me who saw

On the radio they sang of peace on earth
I wanted to believe them worn words
Light a candle and let it burn
never let hope disappear in the dark now
but it becomes brighter again

Light a candle for all that you believe in
for this planet we live on
light a candle for the children on the earth”


”Jag såg en stjärna falla
det var inatt när alla sov
jag tror jag önskade
att du var nära

För en minut sen brann den
för en sekund sen försvann den
det var det bara jag som såg

På radion sjöng dom om fred på jorden
jag ville tro dom slitna orden

Tänd ett ljus och låt det brinna
låt aldrig hoppet försvinna
det är mörkt nu
men det blir ljusare igen

Tänd ett ljus för allt du tror på
för den här planeten vi bor på
tänd ett ljus för jordens barn”

swedish welcome light - sverigesradio se

Photo provided by and thanks to;
Oscars photo:

35 thoughts on “to help you find your way home

    • So happy that it has arrive … still 2 lost in transite for me.
      Did you like the chocolate ??? I wish I had a bar myself now. Love it. It is truly my pleasure. Hope you like the music ???

    • We haven’t come that fare with our electric candles – in all fairness I don’t we Swedes are intrested .. because we had them for over 50 with no flickering nice – practical jokes you have to explain. *smile … Thanks for your kind words.

    • Maralee, no more for this season now … have to save up for next year … I love our candles – and the light the bring to our darkness. Was out today walking with the camera today … grey and dirty outside, but the lights in the windows made me feel goo.

    • I love the song too … that shows that music is universal – we don’t need to understand the words to like a special song. We have quite a few nice tradition … read the post about “the queen of the light”. Have to hold some back for next season. Thanks for taking your time.

  1. Great story and post Viveka. We spent a Christmas and winter in Denmark when our eldest was a baby. We treasure those memories, but one of the things I remembered the most was how important candles were. Everyone used them and they were so cheap to buy. We have candles on Christmas tree, though we rarely light them now. Candles do something that is so lovely and comforting. I love them.

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