had it twice in a week … barbara’s lebanese couscous

About 8 weeks ago Barbara@ justasmidgen posted this fantastic recipe – on Remembrance Day, 11-11, “Vegan Lebanese Couscous with Roasted Tomatoes and Olives”

Once again a recipe talked to me directly- “make me soon”. I didn’t have time to try it out until I was back from my visit to Stockholm.

It’s so tasty and full of flavors – and healthy too, so we can’t really lose out on this one.
I made slight changes to Barbara’s recipe – first I couldn’t get the Lebanese couscous, so I bought whole wheat couscous, that need to be cooked the same way as Barbara has done with her Lebanese couscous and it’s also a lot bigger than normal couscous, but not so white as the product Barbara used in hers.

Also I need a more substantial meal – so I added a oven cooked chicken breast to the couscous – and in the dressing I added 1 tsp of sugar to a ½ time of the recipe.

The chicken breast I just season with Italian herbs – salt and pepper – cooked first for about 15 min under cover and then 15 min without to get a bit of color to it.

The dressing is so GOOD – I only did half the recipe, because it’s only me eating. The dressing was enough for two services – so I did it again 2 days later.
Otherwise I followed her instructions, but I did the dressing on the day. I will do that dressing for everyday use again. So easy and so tasty. It’s a clear winner for me.

Will also make it bit more easier for you if you have excess stock after cooking the couscous – drain it well, shake so much stock off as possible and then put it back into the pot on high heat and stir constantly with a wooden fork or spoon until the couscous is really dry, much easier than pad it dry with a towel – much quicker and less messy.

“Happiness is…..finding two olives in your martini when you’re hungry.”
Johnny Carson

dish close up

My cloud of music – “Ta3i”(Come Back) that sings of the popular Lebanese singer, Joe Ashkar that had his first hit album in 2001. With this song did he have a massive hit this year and just now is he number one in his home country with “Kezzabe” – very difficult to find any information about this handsome man, not even his age. I really like this song and it brings great memories back. Because I had a Lebanese boyfriend in middle of 70’s during my time in Athens, Hassan – but he are total different story.

“Despite the distances and spaces, you’re still with me
My life time dream is seeing you returning
Your distance has written my end, if only you knew about my story
I stand in front of my mirror and shout “come back”
Come back, the string of (my) life is going to cut
Come back, and put off the embers on fire
Come back. If my heart inside me has gotten out
You wont get out

The rosy colour from the smile on my cheeks ran away
The colourful smile became coloured in the colours of tiredness
If only you knew, you wouldn’t ask
How much you were pampered
I’m calling you, return to me
Can’t you hear me?!”

Joe’s photo is provided by and thanks to starscene.dailystar.com.lb

20 thoughts on “had it twice in a week … barbara’s lebanese couscous

    • Yes,. it’s an very easy dish .. and the dressing is so good – the recipe you find on Barbara’s website. I just added the chicken to give more substance.

  1. Loved this recipe when I saw it on Smidge’s beautiful blog…and now I’m loving it again! And pretty crazy about the accompanying music too! Must find a copy of my own to eat my couscous by! Thanks for sharing this!

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