snow, lights and travel ….

Arriving back from Dublin – and going in for landing at Copenhagen airport, Kastrup – I could see that the winter had arrived too.
Also both heard on the news and read in the newspapers that Stockholm was hit with massive snowstorm a couple days earlier – everything stood still – airports closed and no trains moving.

But standing of the train in Landskrona was it very mild and even if there was snow … it did feel like winter. Saturday brought sunshine and it was quite mild.

neighbors welcome light

So Sunday the winter hit us – with snow and storm – and it has been like that since then.
Had planned to travel over to mums on Sunday, but all public transport was all over the place – so
I did on Monday instead – no trains between some stations – but the buses made even if with slightly delays. The wind has been bitterly too – so I wasn’t too keen on taking the gloves of and get the camera out. But I manage some shots.snowy sunday page 1balcony pagemy window light

I started to take some photos from inside my apartment on Sunday and it was cozy to be indoors – warm and with my Christmas lights (only have a couple – not a Christmassy person), but I love all the light it creates during the winter. And I keep my up until the end of Febr.

landskrona pageLunds bicycles

In Lund around the station there was thousands bicycles that been in use for days – they looked very frozen too. It was impossible to bike in all that new snow and that strong wind

Had to post some Christmas cards, wrote them during my hours on the buses, when I arrived in Simrishamn – the post box was freezing. *smilesimrishamn

simrishamn station page

After posting the written cards – was it only the long leg and biggest foot first home to mum – it also gone too dark to get any good photos plus my batteries had run out. So I could keep my gloves on for a whole 10 mins. It was lovely warm at mums.

“Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers”

wrong train


28 thoughts on “snow, lights and travel ….

  1. And what lovely photos you’ve posted… I love to see snow… notice I said “see” I don’t want it anywhere near me… I like the summer and the sun… but it does look beautiful there by you…

    • Thanks, Rob … I need snow in the winter – because it makes the days brighter – and the world so much softer. I know that it means a lot of problems too and when it melts all becomes dirty and muddy – still I want winter to be winter. Couldn’t live where I didn’t have the 4 seasons.
      I don’t drive and I live in an aparment so for me snow and winter not any problem. Others have to fix that for me. *smile

    • Thank you so much .. yes, I love the snow too … a big part of my year. Today we had a fantastic sunny day with blue sky, but I think there is more to come …

    • Yes, snow is special .. been out walking for 2 hours now in a day full of sunshine – about -6C outside now … nice to be indoors this evening. Shoveling is nothing for me neither – that’s why I live in an apartment.

  2. It appears that winter has definitely arrived. There is nothing prettier than a beautiful sunny day with a blue sky and just fallen white snow…I’m sure your walk was lovely compared to when you took these photos.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I can tell you that I was freezing so soon I stepped of the bus – the wind was killing cold – today the temperature has been below zero and sunny … and it has not even close to what is was on Monday. That wind was lethal. Today the trains are running again. Hurrah.

    • I know, tough with winter when you have to do all the shoveling ourselves and over there were you don’t have winter tiers on the cars – terrible. Here it’s okay, but still we have accidents. That’s why I live in an apartment and don’t have a car. Happy Snow Days.

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