not at tiffany’s

… but well in Chicago, when it’s about breakfast. But also lunch – it will be a post with mix photos from my camera, with help of google and from the establishment’s websites.

For me the breakfast is the most important meal of the day – a good breakfast and I will be smiling until dinner. Lunch I don’t eat that often and if I do … it don’t have to be anything special. At home it will be a bowl of yoghurt. If away it’s even worst – if I eat lunch will it be a salad or sandwich together with a mineral water. Never drink alcohol during day time, never done!

So in Chicago it was plenty of good breakfasts and very few lunches. The places I recommend here will offer you both breakfast and lunch, except The Plaza at Park Grill, that opens earliest for lunch.

“The Corner Bakery Café”, 360 North Michigan Avenue – was the one I went to, but they have 8 other locations in city center.

“Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe”, 130 E. Randolph St – just in front of Aon Plaza – if you come from South Michigan Ave – can’t miss it. Be early because it’s so popular or be prepared to queue.

“Fox & Obel” (similar to Whole Food), 401 East Illinois Street – a block away from Sheraton Hotel on the North side of the river – they had one of the best egg Benedictine I had for a long time. They call themselves a gourmet market and it’s a really nice set up for shopping too and their products are superb. Outside patio during summer season. 

Then we have“Goddess & Grocer”,25 East Delaware Place ,of course – it’s a bit of a walk … nearly in the end of the Magnificent Mile, but as I said it’s worth it – such a nice place to sit in the summer with view against Connor Park, a true oasis in a city full of water. The photos here are from “Goddess & Grocer” webbsite.

And for lunch ???? Didn’t have that many, it was too warm – but if I had lunch I had the same thing at the same place, at South River Walk – just below the Hyatt – using the steps by the William P. Fahey Bridge .“Cyrano’s Cafe & Wine Bar”, nothing fancy – just some pink containers .. but they do one of the best chicken salads I ever had, Bistrot Salad; haricot verts, pecans, blue cheese, peaches & honey Dijon vinaigrette for $10.00 – I have nothing bad to say about the place … but it has very mix reviews, but everybody agree it’s an awesome spot.

“Lou Mitchell’s”, on 565 W. Jackson Boulevard in the beginning of Route 66 – opposite the Union Station, have been around for 85 years.
Is what I call a “greasy spoon”, but it’s a great place and it’s famous. Everyone from U.S. Presidents, mayors, governors, senators, representatives, athletes, coaches, authors, judges, lawyers, clergy, and stars of the stage and screen. It’s a time-honored whistle stop on the campaign trails of many elected officials has been there.
The history say that it also was one of Al Capone’s favorite diners. It’s fun, noisy and great place plus you will get loads of food on your plate. You can enjoy food from 5.30am-3pm. Photos from their website.

If I would recommend another place would it be “The Plaza” at “Park Grill”  at the Millennium Park – just under the Cloud Gate, the big silver bean … a sunny summers day you can’t go wrong – food okay and it’s a big vibrant place under big umbrellas. Only eaten an evening meal there, my last evening – and it was good and even if you get your drinks in plastic glasses .. it’s a great place to sit. My post “Fish Tacos and Beethoven” is about my last evening in Chicago 2012 – and my visit to “The Plaza”. “The Plaza” is a seasonal part of the “Park Grill”.

Bon appétit or Just Stuff Yourself!

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”
John Gunther’

Photos provided and thanks to:
Corner Bakery;
Goodess & Grocer; their website
Wildberry Pancakes & Café; their website
Lou Mitchell’s; thier website
The Plaza; com
Feature image;


25 thoughts on “not at tiffany’s

  1. I’ve just had lunch, feeling as though I’ve over eaten and here comes your blog and makes me hungry again… not a big breakfast person but I do enjoy my lunch and supper…

    • You maybe has some French blood in you *smile … they say we should eat breakfast like kings. Have too many friends that are like you – most of them really.

  2. We love our breakfasts here too. Since adopting a vegan diet, they have changed dramatically in content but I can always have fresh baked bread—which is what I am waiting for this morning. I love the Corner Bakery restaurants in Chicago.

    • Yes, Corner Bakery is a great spot for breakfast. Didn’t know that you are vegeterian.There was an even better cafe down by Congress Plaza Hotel with the most beauiful and wonderful fresh fruitsalad – watermelon with fresh mint – and fresh strawberries with rose pepper and fresh mint. Plus amazing hot breakfast dishes … but Corner Bakery has taken over the shop – can’t remember the name. If that had been there would I have walked down for breakfast every day. *smile

    • Ooh, yes … forgotten about all fantastic brunches – as you said for brunch you need great company – breakfast is okay eating alone, even if the right company will make it even better.

  3. Nice list – Lou Mitchell’s has one of the best breakfasts in the city. When you come back can I recommend Clarke’s for breakfast. It’s a greasy spoon too but the skillets are so damn delicious. And also Pequod’s for pizza (dinner) – I can’t make a recommendation without mentioning my favorite deep dish pizza place in the city.

    • Thanks for your tip – I will try Clarke next time. I didn’t visit Lou Mitchell’s in July, but I been there 2 times before. The breakfast is really good. Not a fan of deep pan pizza, but I’m sure they have a lot more to offer on Pequod’s – so I will put that on the bucket list too. *smile

    • Breakfast is the best meal of the day really … when I was younger I couldn’t eat breakfast.
      And brunch is very nice too *smile
      Still have problems with a too early breakfast – if I need to take it before 7am, but that is only when I travel and I always have a good breakfast on the airport in that case.

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