on my way home

Sitting at Dublin Airport now – 1,5hrs left before departure, enjoying a great cappuccino and freshly baked croissant. Checking was quick – security so so so SOOoOOOooOO slow. Now I have to walk more or less back to Copenhagen to get to the gate. A nightmare really.

It’s a clear and sunny morning and not at all like the two days with pouring rain and frost during night, so icy in mornings. on-my-way - home, DUB

Had a fantastic time, but it feels really good to be on the way home now.
See you soon.

“There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.”
Margaret Elizabeth Sangster


18 thoughts on “on my way home

    • Michael Buble – is always right … coming or going.
      The trip went very smooth, thanks … but I had nearly 50 kilo in baggage to handle on my own – but I’m at home now and unpacked.
      Love airports too – after security. It was so slow today – only 3 lanes open. Typical Ireland. *smile

    • Håller fullkomligt med dig – underbart att vara hemma, men helt slut – hade nästan 50 kilo bagage att dra på ensam. Samma sak varje gång. *skrattar

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