a love affiar …. through time

that goes back to the early 80’s.

It all started on a domestic flight in Sweden summer 1983 – and it was love at first sight. The love cost me roughly 169SEK/$25.00/£15.65/€19.50 – as you know nothing is for free. And it ended in Belfast 2007, the most faithful and reliable relationship I ever been it.

I’m talking about my Swatch watch, Black Magic GB101 – the first model ever and totally in black plastic.
It was on my wrist every day to work for 24 years and it became a mascot for me too. If I couldn’t find it in the morning – I became desperate. It only used up 6 batteries and 3 bands in all those years.

In August 2007 it stopped and I took it the shop and changed battery – everything worked fine for about 3 weeks and it stopped again. So I went back to the shop and said that it must be something wrong with the battery. They checked – the battery was full – and they even changed battery again, nothing happen. The watch was dead.I was totally destroyed and it was like one of my friends had died. 24 years together – not one working day without each other. It had been in water, mayonnaise, mop bucket, dill mustard sauce and the ice machine, when the bands broken. In UK wasn’t I allowed to ware watch when working in the galley/kitchen, so I had it around the neck strap on my apron.

Every time I changed batteries they all told me that they had never seen a watch using everything out the battery, as mine did. Was told that there is always a little left in the battery even if the watch has stopped, but mine used up all 100%. The watch was a true gem.

I was also been told if my watch had been with the original band and haven’t got it’s “face” stratched as mine had – it would be worth about £300/$475/€375 and that was about 7 years ago.

After a couple days of grief I decide to write to Swatch about my watch – and I told that we had been together longer than most marriages and not once it had let me down – so faithful and exact. Told a them a bit like I’m telling you now – about our love affair.

It took about 2 weeks and I got an email from Swatch and they said they enjoyed my little story and they have decided to give me a new watch – so after I provided them with my address … the voucher came, a voucher worth £200 – to be used in any Swatch shop in the world. What a thing … amazing really. I bought one of their “Skin” watches, at their shop on Oxford Street in London – the band lasted 6 months … and the watch didn’t have the same feeling on my arm. Still have it, never use it. I know I put old friend in hallway dresser – because I didn’t want to separate from it, even if it didn’t work. I also know that it made its journey on the removal back to Sweden in 2009 and today I have been looking for it – high and low – not able to find it.

So that is the reason why I share you story with you, so upset that I can’t find my no longer working friend – I have never been a fan of expensive watches – even if I can like them and think they are beautiful. Because the time doesn’t get any slower on an expensive watch then it does on my £10.00/$15.85/€12.50 watch, that has taken over from my Swatch.

It’s a Sinobi – the story behind is that the watch is made from recycled refrigerators and it’s supposed to Epson that is behind the brand. I bought the watch on Ebay – and we have been friends for 5 years now. Very little information about the brand – but I don’t care .. because we are a great team together. Plus is a quite beautiful watch – it has got many compliments. Then it will cheaper for me to buy a new watch than change battery.

I must admit that I fell in love with a TAG Heuer in Toronto – the elegant young man behind the counter – asked if I wanted to try it. I warned him that I will not be able to afford it – but that was okay and he put it on. Just made for my wrist, but it would have cost me roughly CAN$22.000/€17.5350/£13.900 – stainless steel and 384 diamonds. Keep on dreaming. The models name is “River of Diamonds”
When I asked the elegant young man if I bought watch will the time pass slower – he couldn’t promise me anything, except that the time will always be precisely.

About 6 years ago I bought on Ebay my most expensive watch, for less than £250/$397/€312 – Louis Vuitton – stunning watch and it’s the real thing. Love it, but wear it very seldom.

When I left my job in UK – I got a time keeper that is very close to my heart – my Hugo Boss. A present from my boss and my closest colleagues – a watch that I wear beyond my every day.

But there is moment like today – when I miss my old friend and I’m really upset that I can’t find it.

Looked on Ebay today and they have one GB101 and today with 6 bids stands in $595/£375/€467.

So love and friendship doesn’t sit in a label or price – it sits in comfort, no fuss and reliability. Because on every watch makes 60 seconds into 1 minute and 60 minutes makes my hour.

“Time is free, but it’s priceless.
You can’t own it, but you can use it.
You can’t keep it, but you can spend it.
Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”
Harvey MacKay

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43 thoughts on “a love affiar …. through time

      • The strangest thing is I was going to post a story about Anthony’s clocks today and his watch gifts to me – I won’t for awhile – I like your story better!

      • Of course you should post yours – all stories have a diffrent angel and outcome.
        But the same thing happen to me the other day when I was going to post about my bedroom and somebody beat me to it – so also kept as a draft .. and still there.
        Julie, for me it doesn’t matter if you post your story. I would love to read it.

  1. Brilliant Viveka. I hope you can find your gorgeous watch. The quote at the end by Harvey MacKay is how I always try to express my thoughts about time. You can’t keep it. And you’re not always going to have it. You can’t stop spending it. Great post.

  2. Really nice post.
    I don’t use a watch, never had, I only use a stop watch when I’m running other than that I can’t stand that thing on my wrist.
    It was really nice from Swatch to send you a voucher, most companies would ignore you.

    • I know, couldn’t believe it when I got the email – brilliant gesture they did.
      I was like you when I was younger – hated to have something around my wrist – but now a watch is also a piece of jewelry – even if my first Swatch wasn’t much of jewelry.

  3. Beautiful post. I know what you mean about losing a “friend.” I have something that is lost and have been looking for for several years. It doesn’t have much monetary value – but I bought it in Greece and it has sentimental value. I’m still looking. I hope your watch appears one day.

    • Thank you so much …. I think it is hiding for me – want to be forgotten, maybe feel guilty for not working any longer.
      Mum always say that what isn’t stolen will appear again.
      Hopefully you will find your little friend too.

  4. I fell in love with your story. it was beautiful about you and your watch. sometimes there is never a replacement, good enough that can replace the first love……..great blog today!!!

    • So true … and that’s why LV only comes outside a couple time per year – silly really. It’s like the best crystal glasses – only used 2 per year … we should use our expensive stuff and enjoy it every day.

  5. I know exactly what you are talking about. My swatch “Scuba” is slowly falling apart… and they don’t make them anymore…. ;-( One of these days you and I will find our watches on ebay… 😉 Have a great day! 🙂

  6. Just trying to catch up on what I missed during the holiday …. and with this one, I missed a gem, so glad I returned and found this one.

    24 years with the same watch … wow …. it was obviously special! But like many things of that personal value, it’s not replaceable and not forgotten. Thanks for sharing … and love the fact that Swatch reciprocated to you!

    PS: Are your ears burning a little? After all, I mentioned you in my Stockholm post. 🙂

  7. Good story. Even survived the years in the kitchen. Remarkable.
    I’m not one for expensive watches either. I loved my swatch as I could wear it endlessly. Leather gets gross after being wet and gives me a rash. And I cannot be bothered to remove it every time my wrist gets wet. Which is very often.
    I’ve yet to find the perfect watch again.

    • Yes, strange the Swatch gives you a rash … that was the reason I bought mine, because it was all in plastic.
      Fantastic watches … but I love my £10.00 Ebay Sinobi watch – great replacement.
      Bought from German Ebay – because the British Ebay shop didn’t mail to Sweden, but same seller behind both shops.

  8. Looking for info abou this watch, your “friend forever” wrist watch, I found your story. Let me tell you that I have the same watch, and I really understand you. By fortune, mine is still workin perfectly…
    Thanks for your story…

    • Thank you so much … for giving me the time .. to read and comment – I really miss my best friend, we spent many years together .. and it had a tough job with me working as chef. Congratulation to yours.

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