even as a bit on the side

This is something I eat both as a starter and as side dish to a nice piece of meat – it goes with anything. So quick to make and full of Mediterranean flavors, which we all like and it’s a wonderful vegetarian dish. Plus it’s very low on calories.

Courgette, Tomato and Pesto Bake, serves 4

225gr (8oz) courgettes/ zucchinis
2 beef tomatoes, about 450gr (1lb) in total weight
30ml (2tbsp) red pesto or olive paste
large handful of fresh basil leaves.
Salt and pepper
50gr (2oz) Parmesan cheese, shaved

1. Pre-heat the oven to 200C (400F) Mark 6
2. Cut the washed courgettes diagonally into slices, about 5mm (1/4inc) thick. . Lightly brush a non-stick frying pan with olive oil and cook the courgettes slice in batches about 5 min, turning until tend and brown on both sides. Drain on absorbing paper
3. Cut each tomato in 3 slices about 1 cm (1/2 inc) thick and place on a lightly oiled baking sheet. Spread 5m (1tsp) of the pesto or olive paste on top of each tomato slice. Place 5-6 basil leaves in a circle on top of the pesto.
4. Arrange an overlapping circle of courgettes on the basil leaves, season with salt and fresh ground black pepper.
5. Cook in the oven for 10 min. Transfer to warm individual serving plates and top with thinly pared shavings of Parmesan cheese. Serve while piping hot with some nice bread or as side dish to meat, even salmon will be suitable.

I have also done this dish with mozzarella cheese, but then I I put thin slices of the cheese on before it the dish goes in the oven – and brown under the grill before serving.

This recipe I found in Good Housekeeping UK … many years ago. Have never been on any of our menus.

“Never make love in the garden –
the corn has ears, the potatoes have eyes,
and the tomatoes will blush”

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36 thoughts on “even as a bit on the side

      • I wish you were my neighbor and liked to look out your window and yell “HEY COLLEEN COME AND TRY THIS !!!! I JUST COOKED/BAKED SOMETHING!” I’d come running over!!!!

      • That would be great – would love to be neighbor with all my blogging friends really. What a feast we should have nearly everyday. Baking you have to do, but I know a young girl that are baking like a Goddess – we ask her to move into the neighbor hood too. You can make the coffee.

      • 🙂 Ha!! Okay, but I don’t make coffee very well (I use a Keurig). I can bake when I want to. But it would be nice to have someone who is GREAT at it. Wouldn’t that neighborhood be fabulous????? I can make a mean Irish Tea cake. And I can get dizzy over every one else’s skills!!!! I will be the “appreciator”. 🙂

      • I love Irish Tea Cake – do you know how to make Irish Soda bread too??? Anyhow you’re on … I will make the coffee – and I import Swedish coffee to our community. *smile Sure there will be other duties suitable for you.
        If I should win a massive amount of money, would I travel around the world and meet up with my blogging sisters and friends. Spend a couple of days .. with everyone. What a trip that would be.

      • I have made Irish Soda bread, only twice. But both times it came out really good.

        It’s a deal. If I win the lottery, I will be building my “Lottery Village” and it will be called ITTAKESA. And there will be homes for all who want to live in my village. Little bungalows and cottages. Tea shops. Bakeries. Etc.

        YOu will have your own place to stay when you are in the USA. 🙂

      • Sound good to me .. both the soda bread and a place to stay.
        Would love to live in your little village .. know you done a post about – I will run the little diner.

        Colleen, I can’t remember if you have vote for my photo … http://rodposse.com/2012/11/20/18th-challenger-fountain/ – just to click on LIKE.

        Sorry, for being pushy – have checked and I can’t see you profile picture. It’s such a close race – I need all votes I can.
        Thanks for your support.

  1. Love this one, Viveka. My grandma used to put out sliced tomatoes and season them for snacking. The tomatoes you can buy here in the stores don’t have near the flavor anymore. This looks so yummy. If I can find some tasty tomatoes, I’m going to try this one. Thanks.

    • Lucky you … maybe you can ask the vegetables to turn away for about 5-6 minutes. *laughing.
      It’s a love dish and so good with either fish or meat.
      The photos are stunning, but not mine. What would I do without Google ????

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