hi world be a bit thankful …

for Sweden.

We are a very long country, but we are only 9,5 million people – but the world has a lot to thank us for. We are not only ABBA, Björn Borg, Volvo, IKEA, Meatballs, H&M, Ericsson, Saab Areospace, Stieg Larsson, Krusell, Smörgåsbord, Swedish House Mafia and SKANSKA – only want to remind you.

1864 Alfred Nobel, constructing a workable cap
1865 Alfred Nobel invents dynamite
1874 Carl Daniel Ekman successfully produce sulphite cellulose
1875 Alfred Nobel invents blasting gelatine1877 Gustaf de Laval manufactures a hand-operated separator for milk
1883 Gustaf de Laval receives a patent for a steam turbine
1888 Francis Lindqvist construct the first Primus
1891 Jonas Wenström patented device for the distribution of alternating current (three-phase)1892 Johan Petter Johansson invented the wrench
1905 Gustaf Dalen invented the so-called “Dalen light” to give lighthouses flashing lights.
1906 Sven Wingqvist invented the ball bearing

1910 Gideon Sundback, a Swedish resident in the United States, the patent for the zipper
1921 Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters presents his refrigerator without moving parts
1922 Gustaf Dalén patented his invention of the AGA cooker.1941 Nils Lofgren and Bengt Lundqvist invents Xylocaine for local anesthesia
1944 Erik Wallenberg invents the first Tetra Pak packaging: Tetrahedrons
1948 Victor Hasselblad invents the single-lens reflex camera

1950 Carl Gunnar Engström invents respirator
1952 Per-Ingvar Branemark get patents on titanium for dental treatment
1953 Sven Kamph invents air cushion lawnmower Flymo
1958 Nils Bohlin invented tree points safety belt
1958 Rune Elmqvist invents pacemaker1963 Bertil Aldman inventing the rear-facing kids car seat
1965 Nils Alwall invented the artificial kidney
1974 Leif Lundblad patenting a banknote dispensing system
1976 the first AXE exchange, developed by Bengt Gunnar Magnusson, placed in service
1979 Sven Erik Sjöstrand, Astra, patented his invention Losec1979 Håkan Lans get a patent on color graphics to computers and computer mouse
1984 Lars Leksell and Börje Larsson uses the first Leksell Gamma Knife clinically- CyberKnife for radiosurgery. Started be developed in 1951.
1991 Håkan Lans patenting an application to GPS positioning

1996 Christer Fahraeus invents C-pen, reading pen
2003 entrepreneur Niklas Zennström and Dane Janus Friis founded SKYPE, Internet-based communication, especially IP telephony. (information from –“The Swedish Inventors’ Association”)

… and by the way we beat England in football/soccer the other evening too. We are on the go – so world be prepared and look out.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
Alan Kay

My music cloud is “” with  Loreen – that we won the  Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and has become a massive hit all over Europe. 

Chart lists (2012)  Top place 
Australien 36
Belgien (Flandern) 1
Belgien (Vallonien) 14
Danmark 1
Estland 3
Finland 1
Frankrike 34
Irland 1
Island 1
Nederländerna 2
Norge 1
Schweiz 1
Spanien 2
Sverige 1
Storbritannien 3
Tyskland 1
Österrike 1

Photos provide by and thanks to:
svd.se/davidicke.com/skf.com/guardian.co.uk/ ljeto.net.hr/


43 thoughts on “hi world be a bit thankful …

  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing all this, I need to keep in touch with the history though hahaha I love the background music, nice choice! 🙂 Now I’m thinking of putting some music in my pages as well haha 🙂

  2. But of course I looooooooooooooooove this post!! Hurrah for SWEDEN!! A really great post, I didn’t know half of what you wrote, so good of you to take time for this one. A great reminder what different swedes have done, great things!

    • We’re a great country and we have a lot to be proud over and sometimes we need to blow our own horn!!! Nobody else do it for us.
      Yes, Hurrah for SWEDEN! I’m sure we will take over the world one day *laughing ..

    • Terry, I don’t think all Swedes know what .. the Swedes has been … inventing that is so important for us today all over the world. Always a pleasure.

    • I have missed this .. one.
      I would love an AGA too … and I would love to live in a lighthouse with it – Dalen light and Dalen stove.
      Perfect … in my book.

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