let us keep on walking

I left you standing in the rain and the chill on Skeppsbron last time – and the dark is falling darker and darker by the minute. So let us make our way back to the Centralstation and something to eat.

Let’s start walking …. We are now walking over the Strömbron against Kungsträdgården (The Kings Garden).

We walked through Kungsträdgården .. and the ice rink was already up and running – with a young boy and two girls trying to skate. It was lovely to walk through the park with all the lights reflecting in the rain puddles. It started to get a really chilly.

“NK”, Hamngatan 18-20 – is Stockholm’s answer on Harrods in London, Bloomingdales in NYC, Galeries Lafayette in Paris and of course my favorite,  KaDeWe in Berlin. That means in other words nothing for my budget. It’s a very beautiful building and in the dusk with its lights very impressive. They have also a beautiful store in Gothenburg. 

Up by the Sergels Torg – and we are now more or less back where we started – the famous sculpture “Glasobelisken”- the “Glass Obelisk” – was lite up. Made out of 80.000 glass prisms, 37 meter high and has a total weight of 130 tons, all lite up from the inside is it stunningly beautiful. Edvin Öhrström are the artist behind it  and it was deviled 1967 – all glass prims was manufactured by Lindshammars Glassworks. 

The day we finished up at Jensen’s Bøfhus, Vasagatan 24  – just by the Centralstation – a great place and always busy. A tradition we have when been into city center – a good steak at Jensen. The restaurant was so dark inside it was nearly impossible to take any photos and it’s only 5.30pm.

They have funny cows as decorations all over the place and a massive real fireplace. A Danish restaurant with great meat (pork & beef) and chicken dishes. Wide famous for their ribs but no lamb on the menu yet.

We had some nice Chilean red wine and a steak each, just perfect finishing .. after all that slow long walking through town. I had a “Pesto rump steak” and Anna-Lisa had a plain. Not a beef lover, but in Stockholm and at Jensen’s I want one. Very high quality meat.

Before we say goodbye to Stockholm for this time – we will back and hopeful the weather will be warmer – I want to tell you about Drottninggatan, 67-85 – Queen Street – the main pedestrian shopping street in Stockholm .. has famous quotes from one of our biggest national authors – August Strindberg – like the one on my photo below. There was another one I loved, but could get all into my lens – far too long!

“What is economics? A science invented by the upper class in order to usurp the fruits of lower-class work” – (“Vad är ekonomi? En vetenskap uppfunnen av överklassen för att kunna tillskansa sig frukterna av underklassens arbete”)

The Strindberg quotes forged in stainless steel and created by Ingrid Falk and Gustavo Aquerre and was placed in the street 1998.

August Strindberg (1849 – 1912) lived on Drottninggatan 85, as he called it, Blå Tornet (the Blue Tower) – today “The Strindberg Museum”
August was a very outspoken for his time and had a very strange view on us, women.

“Hela livet är bara omtagningar” – ”The whole life is just retakes”
August Strindberg

As my cloud of music I have chosen a young Swedish artist, Salem al Fakir, that nearly made it the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 – he came second in the national race with this “Keep On Walking” – a song that he has written himself.

Photos provided by and thanks to:
(map) hammarskiold.se & (august strindberg) folkuniversitete.se

40 thoughts on “let us keep on walking

  1. Wow what a lovely tour I’ve just experienced with you… certainly a lovely place and the ending meal sounded delicious… I loved your photos that go so well with your story of exploration… but something that is really special is having the music whilst one tours with you… I love this post…

  2. Beautiful music to go with a lovely evening’s stroll. The image of ice skaters is etched in my mind. The obelisk structure is amazing, it seems almost too incredible to believe someone could dream this up and that it could be built. I’m glad you enjoyed your dinner to cap off a wonderful day! xx

    • Barbara, I don’t know why they were on the ice rink – because it had been raining and it was icing cold. The obelisk is so beautiful in the evening, but a bit ugly in the daylight, but in the evening is something very special. Thanks for coming with us.
      Pity that Jensen’s was so dark that I did manage to get a good photo of the food.

  3. What a fun tour! And as for the early darkness…I am not dealing with is so well in my neck of the woods. Usually it doesn’t bother me much but I am not liking it so far. I can’t imagine living any further North than I already do!

    • There is many places in Europe that have cow sculptures – all decorated by famous painters and artists. I’m mad about those cows – maybe I have the mad cow disease *laughing.
      Thanks for walking with us.

    • Hjärte tack … Du har missat första delen .. sakta vi går genom stan.
      Million thanks, Malin – it’s a stunning city. One of the most beautiful in the world.

  4. I love to see European cities after dark especially when the holiday decorations begin to appear. There is something about the lights that I find more thoughtful and pleasing than brash big city lights like NYC or anywhere really. Am I a snob? xo

    • I love cities during dark, lived in Belfast for 10 years, never taken a photo of the city until yesterday and I have never seen a city that glittery – amazing … Hong Kong in my book it the best city in the dark.

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