“Sakta Vi Går Genom Stan”

Means “slowly we walk through the town” in English and it’s the Swedish title for the  song “Walkin’ My Baby Back Home”… In the Swedish lyrics is all about walking through Stockholm on a warm and light summer night.
One of  our biggest jazz-singer, Monica Zetterlund had a massive hit with it in 1962. What I understand goes the song back to the 1930.

It wasn’t a warm or light summer night when my friend, Anna-Lisa and I walked through Stockholm a couple weeks ago. It was a grey Monday with the rain hanging over us, but still Stockholm showed us it’s beautiful. We arrived just before noon, my friend lives 40 min away from the city center with commuter train.

Frist we visit Hötorget – the open air farmers market- that is open every day except Sunday – and the public market, Hötorgshallen that is next to it.

The first Hötorgshallen stood on this site in the 1880’s. Today delicacies from all around the world share the space in Hötorgshallen. Go on a gastronomical journey, and browse through the market booths.

After that we walked along city center – to the “Gamla Stan” – the “Old town”. The city where very busy getting the Christmas lights and decorations up. Some was already up, but not lite. We turn on the Christmas light the first Sunday of Advent, fourth Sunday before Christmas.

Some shops had Christmas products on display in their shop windows and some had products only inside the store, you could feel that Christmas is close.

We had a great cup of coffee at one of the hundred cafes – and a massive cinnamon bun, called “kanelbulle” in Swedish.

After coffee we walk by the parliament building, the royal castle … and cobble streets of “Gamla Stan” – the old town, all situated on one of the 14 island.

Stockholm’s City Hall – “Stadshuset” (english) .. it the most famous landmark of Stockholm, even more famous then the Royal Castle – it’s in this building the famous Nobel banquette will be served after the Nobel prize ceremony, where 1300 guests will be served a silver service 3 course dinner. All served at the same time.
It took 15 years to build and was finished in 1923.It’s situated on the island, Kungsholmen and nearly next door neighbor with Stockholm Central Station. Kungsholm is so big it’s divided in two 5 neighborhoods.

Gamla stan (The Old Town), until 1980 officially Staden mellan broarna (The Town between the Bridges), is the old town of Stockholm. The town dates back to the 13th century, and consists of medieval alleyways,cobbled streets, and archaic architecture. North German architecture has had a strong influence in the Old Town’s construction. There is The German Church and and still a German School on of the streets is namned the German Street – Tyska Gatan. 

Sweden has strong German Influence – we had a king, Gustaf II Adolf – he had a war going on in Northern German in Lützen for 30 years, and on the foggy morning of 6th of November 1632 his horse came back alone and the war was finally over. Rumors said that it was his own that shot him, because they were so feed up with the war and wanted to go back home. Don’t blame them.

Just as we had walked through the Old Town and was on Skeppsbron, the rain came over us – but only for 10-15 min. Now we were just beside the Royal Castle and opposite the prestigious Grand Hotel, Stockholm’s pure luxury 5* hotel and the Royal Opera House with its famous restaurant “Opera Källaren”. The beautiful red church is Sankt Jacobs Church finish in 1643.

We walked through Kungsträdgården .. and the ice rink was already up and running – with a young boy and two girls trying to skate. It was lovely to walk through the park with all the lights reflecting in the rain puddles, but started to become a bit chilly.

Because of the rain and chill – will we finish of the walk an other time – this is more than enough for you to melt .. hopefully I have given you a picture of how beautiful Stockholm is – and this is on a grey and wet day. You can image how stunning it’s on a sunny summer day.

I love Stockholm, I had to move aboard before I start visiting Stockholm – strange. When living in Sweden I only briefly visit twice and it was a day of business and between two trains. But I have made up for it during the last 10 years.

“Perhaps we are all suffering from Stockholm syndrome.”
Juan Carlos

Photos provided by and thanks to: 7digital.com (moncia zetterlung)
& sverigesradio.se (gustaf II adolf)

38 thoughts on ““Sakta Vi Går Genom Stan”

  1. I truly love seeing Sweden through your blog, photos, Viveka. I look ‘into’ them to ‘really see, feel’…. I could imagine you, Anna-Lisa, talking and sharing all the things we do with our good friends. :)))

  2. Perfect music for today’s stroll. Although our time was short, we loved Stockholm! Then again, we didn’t get a chance to really experience the city — so we want to return. Thanks for sharing your pics!

  3. So good to see you enjoying your home. It took me until I moved away, to really appreciate the beauty of my home town, Chicago. When we live in a place, it seems we get used to it, then as we grow older, our gratitude grows. 🙂 Lovely photos and information.

  4. You’ve just reminded me of some lovely pics I had from Gamla Stan…and now -believe me or not – I’ve spent an half of hour searching through the files in my pc….I can’t find them!
    Anyhow…one of those is from Prästgatan – and I think it’s the same (well…almost) one you have shown in this post… Did you take those photos?
    Lovely tour, nice pics as always!
    Have a calm evening! (I’ll continue my search on my back-up cd’s now 🙂 )

    • Yes, the are all my photos … expect Gustaf II and Monica of course. My little Canon did a good job, more to come on Monday – with photos taken in the dark.
      I hope you will find your photos – Gamla Stan is such a pleasure to take photos of. Take a glass wine and take a break from searching .. normally helps. Good luck hunting. *smile

    • It’s a stunning city – the last bit of the walk with be posted on Monday.
      For my Stockholm is really best the first week of December .. when all the windows have welcome lights and a little bit of snow. Or in end of June over Midsummer.

  5. Hi Viveka I did see this on Friday but when I tried to comment all sorts of things happened… sites disappeared and comments where lost in the space of the internet airways… where they landed no one knows.. I even tried short comments.. but no luck… but yes I did begin the tour with you and enjoyed every minute with you… I just wonder how many wars have been fought since 1632 that the combatants have not wished to do the same thing… thanks for the tour…

    • I read that you had … connection problems! I think nearly every war I think every soldior wish he/she wasn’t there.
      Once again – thanks for your fantastic support.

  6. What a flurry of wonderful photos. I love that you take the time to take and organize them. I know it’s not easy… but when we have the time it is like getting to experience it twice.
    And I love Nat King Cole. Thinking this rainy, dark day deserves a little ambiance with Nat 😉

    • Wendy, thanks for walking with us … have so much photo just now – and I don’t want to throw a couple of posts per day. So I take my time. Hopefully you take the second part of the walk too.
      Always nice to be in your company. Love Nat’s dark deep voice – very sexy.

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