every day is a market day

We are back in Seattle and there is no doubt that the biggest tourist attraction in Seattle is the Public Market or the Pike Place Market as I call it, both seems to be right. It’s a place of magic – so full of color, freshness, goodness, vibrations, loudness, joy and show off.

So this time I have done a slide show full of all it’s good. Enjoy!!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

22 thoughts on “every day is a market day

  1. Definitely a Seattle treasure … as are the nearby shops! Thanks for the reminder of the several times I’ve visited that wonderful city.

    • Seattle, is a great city – but when it rains it rains – never been on the other side … will remember that. 3 days wasn’t enough after being 22 years away.

  2. I love markets! And this one looks particularly good. I don’t know which photo is a favourite, so many strong contenders – from flowers, to oysters on ice, to soft fruit. I see you managed lunch 🙂

    • Thank you so much – Pikes Market is one of my favorite markets in the world, we have a fish market in Gothenburg that is in an old church, there is Corks English Market, Granville in Vancouver and the one in Barcelona that I can never spell the name to. Plus St. George in Belfast.

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