don’t understand why you, men

…  say that you don’t understand us, women
Guys, here come a translation guide to make a bit more easy for you.

We say: You want
It means: You want

We say: We need
It means: I want

We say: It’s your decision
It means: The correct decision should be obvious

We say: What do you want
It means: You’ll pay for this later

We say: We need to talk
It means: I’m not pleased

We say: Sure… go ahead
It means: You don’t dare

We say: I’m not upset
It means: Of course I’m upset you moron

We say: You’re … so manly
It means: You need a shave and you sweat a lot

We say: Be romantic, turn out the lights
It means: I have flabby thighs.

We say: This kitchen is so inconvenient
It means: I want a new house.

We say: I want new curtains.
It means: Also carpeting, furniture, and wallpaper!

We say: I need new shoes.
It means: The other forty pairs don’t really fit

We say: Hang the picture there
It means: No, I mean hang it there!

We say: I heard a noise
It means: I noticed you were almost asleep.

We say: Do you love me?
It means: I’m going to ask for something expensive.

We say: How much do you love me?
It means: I did something today you’re not going to like.

We say: I’ll be ready in a minute.
It means: Take a nap.

We say: Am I fat?
It means: Tell me I’m beautiful.

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35 thoughts on “don’t understand why you, men

  1. Hey Viveka 🙂 I’ve just downloaded the peerguardian – thank you.

    I love this post – very funny (the I have a penis, blame me for everything!!) All true, & all funny – just what I needed today. Ah yes, feel better now.

    Have a wonderful day, Viveka! I just love your sense of humour…

    • That picture is so great – couldn’t recite using it. Thanks for your support .. and I’m so glad that you have the same humor as me. Glad that you feel better. My day is soon over … 11pm here.
      You have a good day too.

  2. Yes the trickery of the female of our specie…. all the words that have totally different meanings to what we here… and then the trick questions… oh boy… “is my bum bigger than hers?” “do I look fat in this?” “do you like my hair?” (after a visit to the hairdresser)…. I’ve been married for 39 years… I know all the right answers, and when some questions come up… I become very deaf… Loved the animals by the way…

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