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I wrote about Ann-Sofie@between heaven and earth and Glossybox a couple of weeks ago. When I visit Ann-Sofie@color it the first time she had posted a post about “Glossybox”– and I signed up straight away. She has two blogs now – both are in English and Swedish. She is much smarter than me. 

A little box with beauty products that land at my door step once a month (not true because here in Sweden we have to collect our parcels at the post office ourselves, where ever that can be – my post office is a candy store).

Have been waiting quite a while for my box – and it arrived the day before I took of to Stockholm, got an email telling me the tracking number and I got the number wrong, so when I went to the post office after my Zumba Class … they couldn’t find it. So I collected it this Wednesday instead.It’s was so beautiful wrapped and presented – nearly a pity to open it. Very nice contents too. “Glossybox” you can join all over the world.

A full size, 50ml, of Garnier’s BB Cream – using  “L’Oréal” Nude Magique BB cream for the moment and l love it. Interesting to see how Garnier’s are.
“Garnier’s BB Cream”  won the Swedish Beauty Awards 2012 and it will cost me about 119 SEK/£11.10/$17.73/€13.91 – slightly cheaper than L’Oreal Nude BB.I got a chocolate bar from Fazer (Finish) and their “Geisha”– one of my favorite chocolates, even if not Swedish – they have after many years now launched it in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate am I not too keen on – but the bar disappeared in less than 2 hours. It was delicious and of very high quality. Have to tell you that Fazer and Geisha has supported the Pink Ribbon under many years.

Got a sample, 75ml, of Aussie’s “3 Minute Miracle” – Deep Conditioner with Australian balm mint that are supposed to smoothes rough cuticles and helps restore manageability and add shine. I used “Aussie” hair products for many years – before I went over to “John Frieda’s” range for red hair. Aussie’s are fantastic products, so I’m glad for that one. Perfect week away size. 

Also got a travel size, 30ml,  of “Brilliant Smiles” whitening mouth rinse. A product I know nothing about, more than I have seen their commercials on TV, expensive products. A Swedish product – a travel size bottle will cost me 35.00SEK/£3.27/$5.23/€4.10.Have been using Colgate Mouth Wash for nearly 18 years. My dentist said that there are only 3 things that do what they promise and that is “Oral-b” electric toothbrushes, Colgate toothpaste and Mouthwash – he said that 18 years ago and that is what I have only been using since then and I haven’t had any dental problems neither. This little bottle from “Brilliant Smile” I will use when I fly long distance and need to brush my teeth during the flight, perfect hand luggage size.

In the box there was also 4ml of “Nail Inc” nail polish, wonderful deep red color by name “tate”. “Nail Inc” is a London based company with brilliant nail products –  I bought all my girlfriends a nail file in glass decorated with real Swarovski Crystals from just Nail Inc – must be about 5 years ago and they are still going strong.  My girlfriends claims it the best thing since sliced bread.To last the “Luxurious Exfoliating Soap Bar” from “beautybird” – a German company that I never heard of. The bar is for hands use only. It smells wonderful and I’m suppose to use it daily and it will clean and silken the skin. It will give me a deep clean and nourish with a long-lasting velvet touch of softness. Can’t wait to start using that – been looking on their website the bar will cost me 9.00€/£7.18/ $11.47/77.00SEK  – I got a full size soap, 75gr.

For 138.00SEK/£12.88/€16.13/$20.56  that I pay each month am I very pleased with my little pink box – only the BB cream is nearly cover the cost for the box. A great way to try new products!

And I’m already longing for my next box *smile

Based on the chocolate bar from Fazer – Geisha and the theme of the box, The Beauty of a Geisha – have I chosen as my music cloud for this post a track from the beautiful movie –  Memories of a Geisha – from 2005 . Music written by John William.

”Beauty is a short-lived tyranny.”

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33 thoughts on “so beautiful wrapped

  1. So great that you loved your first box. 🙂 Cool products, I think you’ve got better products than mine…:-) Yeah it’s so beautiful wrapped, that’s half of the fun almost. They always have a theme for every box. Can’t wait to see the theme for their next box.
    And the chocolate was soooo good!!

    • Yes, the chocolate was VEeEeEeEEEEEery good!
      And I don’t like dark chocolate. Yes, I was very pleased with my first box – like you .. can’t wait to see what will be in the next. I have now book marked your blogs, because I don’t get any notices when you post something new. Have to check you daily.,

    • I’m lazy those days too – because I don’t work anymore … but when I dress up .. the make up goes on too.
      My aunt became 95 years old and even on the day before her death she put her lipstick on and wore her perfume. Think it’s amazing. Make up is what we make it too .. . and it’s also about feeling good at times. I wouldn’t say … poor husband and beauty still comes within – even if I some times give it a little help. *smile

      • He does love me, looks and all! 🙂 I admire people who know how to use such things. I never bothered to learn. Glad of it now, I would be obsessed with it if I had!

      • Colleen, you are full of beauty.
        I think everything should me in moderation – too much make up doesn’t make anyone more beautiful.
        Never used a lot of make up and I haven’t used lipstick since I was 22.

      • That’s what I admire about people who know how to use it. I would probably look like a painted horse! 🙂 I love to watch beautiful people (with or without make up). And thank YOU for your very kind words. 🙂

  2. Hi Viveka, I enjoyed the way you described the contents of your Glossy Box. One could see exactly things like they would get. I’ve subscribed in the past to makeup clubs… sometimes, I didn’t get ‘my colors’. I don’t do it now… I choose makeup when out shopping.

    I love how pretty the Glossy Box is, the colors and such. I would have loved the dark chocolate, ha! I would have liked the nail file you described, too…. and the soap.

    Happy day to you, Viveka! Gloria/Granny Gee :)))

    • Tried the BB cream today and it’s excellent with a slight color that suits my perfect – must say better than L’Oreal’s. So this I will buy again. Love the hand soap – the hands goes very soft. So this the first box is a real treat. Have to wait 3 weeks for my next. I’m sure you can sign up too. They are worldwide. Different products for different countries.

  3. Congrats on your first Glossybox, dear Viveka 🙂 ! I have it now almost for 1 year. I really enjoy it. Mine usually comes on a Friday, which is a great way to start the weekend 🙂 So when I come home from work Friday nights and I have put everything away and made myself comfortable, I open up the box and it’s like celebrating a birthday or Christmas. It’s so much fun 🙂 🙂 🙂
    The chocolate sounded delicious!!! Have a good weekend 🙂

    • Hi, this had ended up with the SPAM – Yes, I’m all excited for my December box. And it’s so lovely wrapped up and for that price, fantastic. Yes, it’s a bit of celebration when it arrives. I will send you a Geisha chocolate bar when I’m back from my trip to Ireland.

    • Yes, I love the music and the film too. Haven’t read the book…. yes, I just got an email saying that they have taken money for my next book. Should have it the beginning of December.

  4. You should definitely link this to your ‘why I like to be a woman post’. I’m about to go count all the things in my bathroom.
    I could also say yum to this post. I love beauty products. I like to bring a suitcase full back from Germany. Weleda, Hauschka, Caudalie … I could go on. It’s all ridiculously expensive here.

    • I know that feeling and behavior with stocking up on good brands, I do that in UK – going in a couple of weeks, have paid for an extra bag for the return flight. In Sweden we have a luxury tax of 25% on all make up and toiletries. Belfast, look out I’m going to hit hard.

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