if she had been a man ……

would I have proposed long time ago.

I’m now going to write about one of my best and closest friends, Anna-Lisa.
Going to fly up to Stockholm today and visit her for a couple of days. It has been ages since I last saw her. We met about 10 years ago over an online Swedish dating site.This was all when I lived in Belfast – I join dating sites mostly because I needed to keep my Swedish alive, it started to go bad in spelling (even if I never been that good) – a good friend (male) told me to join a dating site, because it involves a lot of writing. So I did – and that is how we met. I did some less serious dating too. Had a lot of fun too!!!!

I took notice of her profile online – because of her “nickname” and I dropped her a little line telling her that I loved her “nickname” and she answered – and here we are, the best friends. What I am not she are and the opposite. We have the same interests and values. A perfect match.

We clicked straight away and I think we had been writing and talking on the phone for maybe 8 months when we decided to meet up in London. It was “love” at first sight and since then we are the best friends. Amazing how people enter our lives.

Anna-Lisa, or as I call her “Berta” – and I have a fantastic time together and our friendship is so strong – it’s a bit of distance between us. She living outside Stockholm in Bålsta and I’m down in the South. 6 hours by car it took her when she visits me.

Early this year Anna-Lisa went with another friend of hers to Cyprus for a 7 weeks winter holiday and during that time her sight started to go bad, she had the problem with her eyes for quite a few years – but it hasn’t caused her any direct problems. I got an email and I could hardly read what she had written – the letters was all over the place.Today, Berta … can’t drive anymore – she can’t use her pin code for her credit card … she can’t see the subtitle for foreign programs on TV .. she can’t read a newspaper or a book (listens today) … she can enjoy a show or a musical – she can’t see the stage, she can’t go for a walk where she haven’t gone before and know the surrounding. Life is a true bitch.

I introduced “Cirque de Soliel” to Berta about 8 years ago now – we went every year in January to see them in London at Royal Albert Hall and we have seen them 2 times at Ericsson Globen in Stockholm. She like me – LOVES them. They are now coming to Globen with their Michael Jackson “The Immortal” show.

As a member of their club I always get a chance on pre-sale and the email came already in January, so we bought tickets. And now the 2nd of November will she not be able to see the show. She hasn’t made her mind up if she will go for the music.

She has problems to fly on her own now and because she can’t drive, which she loved so much – we haven’t seen each other since New Year. So I’m excited to see her now and spend a couple of days with her. It could end up that I have to enjoy the “the Cirq” myself, but there isn’t much I can do about it and I understand if she decided not to come along. It won’t be the same without her – now it come tears in my eyes. So upset about her whole situation.

Have told her that where ever we go, do and  see together – I will be her eyes. Hopefully next year she still want to go with me to NYC and celebrate my 65th birthday.

This is the reason why I maybe go in silence again – for a couple of days – but do not fear!!!! I will back with the same strength.

Of course I will bring my camera – even if I’m not allowed to take any photos at the show – I hope there will be some catches of Stockholm, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Sitting on it’s 14 island – water absolute everywhere.

Until we meet again next week … be good to yourself.

Couldn’t find Bette’s version on “SoundCloud” – but I think this is a great version.

“True friends are like diamonds –
bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.”
Nicole Richie

Photos provided by and thanks to; usapic.net/aviationnews.eu

30 thoughts on “if she had been a man ……

  1. You are a beautiful friend, Viveka.

    I agree it IS so interesting how people enter our lives. This has always fascinated me.

    I was just envying a holiday of SEVEN weeks, when you said that about her eyes going really bad. I am truly sorry for her (not even able to do her PIN for the credit card…). But I say again, you are just a beautiful friend.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words – she are a fighter, but of course it gets at her at times. She has decided not join me at the show. I understand her.

  2. I hope you will have a wonderful time with your dear friend! It is so important to have friends that you can be with and whose company can enjoy, even if you don’t see them for months or even a year or two. I know what I am talking about. So ENJOY! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • In Stockholm now … great, but she has decided to not see the show – so I will buy the video tonight for her – and other friend will company me to the show. Great, but I don’t want the ticket to be wasted. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts.

    • Thanks for the post about Marabou chocolate – great job. Glad you liked the music. *smile
      Yes, looking forward to the show tonight. I know you don’t like “The Cirq” !

  3. I too and blessed with excellent friends. Yesterday was my birthday and they blessed me with such a lovely day. Have a great time – and this is my best friend and my favorite song. 🙂

  4. Viveka, this entry of yours is so touching. I value friendship so much! Though “Life’s a bitch” (which I agree 100%), BUT you have one true friend, so who cares? 🙂 Have a nice time!

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