last monday treat ….. “acorn’s” garlic chicken drumstick

Monday a week ago was it time to try out another recipe that was talking to me, from “Acorn in the Kitchen” – his “Chicken Drumstick in Wine and Garlic Sauce”
Don’t know his name, I guess it’s Acorn – what do I know !!!!!!!!

The dish has very few ingredients – and even if it took nearly an hour in total to cook, it made itself all on it’s own.
Couldn’t get any fresh drumstick from my supermarket – loads with wings, but no drumsticks – so I went for frozen, very good quality and they were very big.Followed “Acorn’s” recipe – but because I had a bottle of frozen leftover wine in the freezer, remember that after I had taken my ingredients photo, I had to add about 3 tsp of sugar to the sauce – otherwise it had been uneatable. The dish was so easy to make and only one pot to wash up afterwards. It’s a dish that suits me to the teeth.

“Acorn” recommended eating the dish with home made chips, but it was ages since I eaten rice. Must been over a year ago – not because I don’t like …. only that I always forget.
So I had been craving for rice for a couple of days prior. But just plain rice doesn’t really do it for my – by the way I’m very good on boiling rice too. To boil perfect rice is really an art. A perfect rice is dry and VERY fluffy – if it’s not sticky rice you’re after.

The secret behind perfect rice is that you use the double of amount of water to rice (4dl rice = 8dl water, 4 portions), not less and not more. Put cold water and rice plus seasoning with salt on high heat – and when it boils rapidly – put a lid on and turn the heat down to medium heat/low so it’s slowly boiling for about 20 min. Don’t touch the rice. If there is some water left let it boil a bit longer. So when all the water is absorbed by the rice, take it of the heat and let it rest under lid for about 7-10 min. Then you fluff it up with a fork.

For my rice here I used a very small amount of saffron (just a pinch) and raisins that I put in from the beginning before I put it on the heat – I give it a stir so the saffron mixes with the water properly.

The dish was really nice with rice and it’s a dish that I will do again .. and again and again. Because it was so easy to adjust to me as a lonely diner.

Thanks a million for a great dish, “Acorn” for a great dish – now will I catch up with your bread and cakes again.

We all know the “Chicken Dance” – that drove everybody mental in the early 1980’s – The name of the original Swiss song was “Der Ententanz” (The Duck Dance) – The song was composed by accordion player Werner Thomas from Davos, Switzerland, in the 1950s. In Spain it had many title – Pajaritos a bailar / El baile de los pajaritos / Pajaritos a volar / Y el mundo a bailar /El Pollo Loco . (information from

I have so many great memories with this mad song – I really hated it and was sick and tired of it then … but it’s truly wonderful to have it back.

Chicken Run funny quote:
Rocky: “Now, the most important thing is, we have to work as a team, which means: you do everything I tell you”

Photo provided by and thanks to: (chicken run)

22 thoughts on “last monday treat ….. “acorn’s” garlic chicken drumstick

  1. This I’ll have to try. I wonder, do you think it would be good with all the chicken parts? I love rice too. What vegetable would you serve with this? How bout some mushrooms in the sauce? Thanks for sharing it, Viveka.

    • Lori, I’m sure you can use any parts – but skin of – click the blue link and you will get the recipe. I didn’t have any vegetables. Mushrooms goes with everything.
      Only thing if you use bigger pieces of chicken you have to add on 30 min more cooking time.

  2. The rice sounds and looks terrific. For years I was terrified to try cooking rice because of all the horror stories and the fact there was an appliance called a “rice cooker”–that I didn’t have. But you are right. Double the water to the rice amount and it come out perfect every time. : )

    • Rice cooker … great tool, but never save left over rice – don’t reheat or use for salads … truly dangerous. Any rice left lover has to be binned.

  3. that dish looked very good. i am going to try placing raisins in my rice too. i want to make sure i am reading you right. use twice the amount of water for the number of servings?

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