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This is me back in the race again – it has been 2 hectic week with “friendly work” and dreadful cold – plus I had a girlfriend visit over the weekend. I took a bit longer than expected, because of the cold. But HERE I’m.

You may have read my earlier post about me mixing up appointments and hospitals for a couple of weeks ago – on 5th was it time again to go to Malmö with my problems with urinary incontinence – that is caused by removing most of my female parts and the radio therapy, so high as 60% of us women that has been treated for any gynecological cancer will get this problem, but also men that has been treated for prostate cancer

So we get great support in this matter and 4 times per year we get to meet experts and being checked up on progress. Fantastic support really – I have done a post about this demon; 60% gets it … 80% suffers in silence; incontinence

This time I went to the right hospital and the right clinic – on the train for 35 min, only 3 stops.
Malmö Central got a face lift and a tunnel under city for train 2 years ago plus 3 new stations; Modern, beautiful, clean and very urban. Malmö is the 3th biggest city in Sweden. As you can see from my photos are the station spotless clean – same for all station in Malmö.

So I decided to catch the urban feel in Malmö at the station, Triangle and the hospital. This is my catch.

The meeting went well, even if my problems has increased the last 2 months – but I have to do my checkup first at the maternal clinic in Lund first and have to have a meeting with Radio Therapy side effect’s team, which happen last week.

As music cloud have I chosen LL Cool J, Ratchet, that belongs to the category Hiphop and that’s very urban music, what I understand.

“Love will wreck your heart like a derailed train.
So choo-choose your partner wisely.
Jarod Kintz

Who is “Fader Gunnar” ????

“Gunnar Rosendal, born April 4, 1897 in Grevie Township, Kristianstad County, died December 26, 1988 in Kristianstad, was a Swedish clergyman and theologian. Through his books in the series “Church Renewal” (8 books) Rosendal was a key figure in the High Church revival of the Swedish Church during much of the 1900s, and the driver of the pastoral liturgical renewal around morning service with communion.
Rosendal was an eccentric person. In his community and among his friends accused him often as “father, Gunnar,” and under this name he became nationally famous. Theologically, he was criticized mainly by the national church movement, which argued that Rosendal and high ecclesiasticism too much oriented church life of worship and prayer.” – text; sv.wikipedia.org

Photo provided by and thanks to: se.wikipedia (Fader Gunnar) & guardian.co.uk (LL Cool J)

39 thoughts on “urban support

    • Colleen, thank you so much … I didn’t get the answers I wanted and my problems are still increasing – you would think that after 2 years after treatments was finished the body would have settled, but it still plays up.

      • 😦 This is not good news. But like my blog from later today, I know it doesn’t change things….But I thought about you and hoped it was better. Hopefully they can give you some answers and “fixes” soon!

      • Sometimes it feels like my life has shrunk with 40% after my treatments – but if I hadn’t gone through them I would had 0% of my life left. So the options are what they are, but sometimes they get to me, but I have promised myself that I will dance to my shoes are crying when it happens. *laughter

      • Good for you Viveka! You have made the best out of what you have. And that is a lesson many don’t learn. You inspire me. To make me want to do as much as I can. 🙂

      • Colleen, you’re so kind. Also have to take my situations with humor – that helps a lot. There is always somebody out there that has it even worse than me and that helps too, but sometimes it doesn’t work at all. *smile

      • When it’s not working….I will add my hopes to yours for comfort, cures, and joy. Well, wait, I will hope for that even when you’re feeling well!

        I’m off to shower before work. I hope today is a GREAT day for you Viveka. 🙂

      • Thank you for you warm and kind thoughts – we have a sunny and very pleasant day today – and welcome home from work.

    • Thank you so much for your support .. yes, even grey can be beautiful. Yes, my body hasn’t been up to much lately – but we are getting there, that cold was terrible.

  1. Great to have you back! I hope you’ll continue to get the right help. My mum did an operation similiar to yours, and she’s fine. She doesn’t have cancer but she had the incontinence problems.
    I’ve started another blogg, so now I have two! 🙂
    Take really good care of you now!

    • They don’t want to do an operation on me for my problems – don’t ask me why. I have to train myself to master my problems – but if it’s not getting any better I will ask some questions. Really feed up with the whole thing now. Glad your mum got the help she needed. Could you give me the link to your other blog ???? Good luck by the way.

    • Somebody had all the parts of the bike … happens quite often here in Sweden, if a bike is parked for a longer time. They strip it. My visit was the same as always – just to carry on doing what I’m doing. Most of it is down to myself to fix. Was a bit down over all the shit that still happens with me body still – after 2 years. Was told that the problems I have today I have to live with for the rest of my life.

    • Maralee, it seams like I have to live with the problems I have today – and I have to learn to accept that .. tough, but I told them if they is getting any worst I want help, because it’s really pulling me down. With a bad caugh and my leakage it really got me down for days. It was terrible. Feeling a lot better now. Thanks for your support.

  2. So happy to have you back and find out you are doing okay (considering a cold and urinary problems). I love how you make a trip to the doctor something beautiful to behold with your photos from the ride. Hugs.

    • Thank you so much, Lori … yes, I really enjoyed talking those photos – is a bit tired of flowers and more flowers. Yes, even urban grey can be beautiful. The stations are so clean in Malmö – most be the cleanest in Sweden. My problems are what they are – only for me to accept, but I struggle.

  3. Dear Viveka, very, very beautiful photos! I hope you will get better very soon. Have you ever thought of getting help through an acupuncture specialist? Maybe putting the right needles into the right spots of your body may encourage the “self-help” inside your system? All the very best and have a HAPPY week 🙂

    • Thanks for the support – maybe it’s something I should consider – got acupuncture for my knee a couple of years ago – but I can’t say it helped. Same to you – have a great week.

  4. Welcome back Viveka…what a wonderfu photos!(Love that one with the bike :)) I wish and hope for your recover soon. Have a great week dear friend.
    Love & Hugs your way

  5. Wonderful photographs you captured dear Viveka. Especially the couple behind the walls fascinated me. I hope and wish you to get recover soon. Welcome back. Thanks and Love, nia

    • Thanks Nia, great to be back … it was also good to have a proper break from the blogging. The cold is gone – and it has stopped raining so life is pretty good just now.

    • I just have to accept that things are not going to be any better for me – sometimes it’s so hard. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    • Tilly, we all have our things – and that is okay. I love bees and ladybirds.
      Yes, the stations in Malmö are absolutely spotless – don’t know how they do it. Landskrona is pretty bad compared to Malmö’s 3 stations.

  6. Such beautiful photos, Viveka. I’m glad you are getting treated well there.. it’s not the case in our country. (although it is free). I’m very sorry that you have to go through this side-effect, I’m so impressed with your courage and positive attitude! xxx

    • Barbara, it doesn’t help to feel sorry about myself – have more good days than bad. What’s annoying is that the problems are still increasing after all that time. 2 years since my treatments where finished. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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