from ireland with love …. banana & pecan bread

For months has it been very quite from my blogging@partner – “Acorn in the Kitchen”– thought that maybe there was a problem with our connection, so I have been in checking his blog – but no activity at all. I don’t have clue what his name are .. and for months I though HE was a she – but we got that straighten out.

Acorn in the Kitchen ~ Food

So about 2 weeks ago an email arrived .. and there was life again. Instead of sitting in Madrid is he now sitting on Ireland – and I know how that is after my own 11 years in total there, GREAT!!!!!

I have missed his wired and wonderful breads/cakes and recipes .. plus the beautiful videos he provided us with. Now everything is back to normal and I’m in the baking mood again.

Everybody around me here … knows I don’t bake with yeast .. and most of his bread/cakes is with baking powder, excellent.

I decided to go with his “Banana and Pecan Bread”– mostly because I had everything at home, except for the bananas – but I can get them in my corner shop and don’t have to run to the supermarket.

Followed the recipe to 100% – but I was a bit sceptic over the small amount of baking powder to all those bananas (4), only 1 tsp. Instead of using a baking tin I chose to go individual – and I should have figured out by myself that they shouldn’t raise that much, from the amount of baking powder. Also the time of baking shorten with about 10 min.I could had filled the molds a little bit more – but they came out spot on and when it was time for my afternoon cup, that I normally don’t have *smile – I already had eaten 2 while they where still lukewarm.

Highly recommend the bread/cake … and so easy to make, less then 20 min all together plus baking time. Plus it’s so delicious, but I like both banana and pecan nuts.

Also in the evening I decided to try “Libby’s Smashed Potatoes” again to go with my burger instead of fries. This time I used very small potatoes. I boiled them during the breakfast – let them cool down properly and smashed them about 2 hours before they went into the frying pan. The result is here … great potato dish and a substitute for fries.Don’t know if it’s healthier because of the oil I need to fry them in. This time I took 50/50 oil and butter.

Still I had the same problem as with the big ones – I wasn’t able to smash them so thin as Libby done with hers, they would have gone totally to pieces then and still they had a tendency to fall apart when frying them. Maybe our red potatoes have different textures and this time I used the smallest potatoes I could find. My favorite potatoes just now – even if they don’t come out as Libby’s.


As music cloud .. I have chosen of course something Irish and because I’m not really into traditional Irish folk music (gives me both toothache and headache) – so I have given you “Riverdance” – one of the best shows I ever seen, when it’s about dancing – even if Michael Flatley  tried with 2 other shows and “Lord of the Dance” were great  – there has never been anything like “Riverdance” witch I have seen twice, one time in Dublin and the other time in Edinburgh. I would love to it see again. This video is the first ever performance they ever did at the Eurovision Song Contest, 1994 in Dublin.

“Baking is like washing-
the results are equally temporary.”
Patricia Briggs

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30 thoughts on “from ireland with love …. banana & pecan bread

  1. I’m glad your friend is okay. I know what you mean when we’re used to seeing someone and they’re not around for a while. 🙂

    • Yes, it was and I ate everyone myself. Next time I do it I will add another 1tsp of baking powder. and see how that will work.

      Thanks for dropping by – have a great weekend.

  2. i love using small red potatoes. i think they taste the best………and i love banana anything, cookies, breads, with peanut butter………………..maybe i am a monkey from a past life, hehe

  3. Skip loves to bake… banana nut bread is one of his favorites! I love to slice off each end to enjoy… let everyone else eat ‘the middle’, ha! I’m glad your blogging friend is safe and sound! Gloria

    • Thank you, Gloria – I will bake more from my Spanish friend that now is on Ireland. *smile .. my favorite of all this recipes are the “Basil Bread” that I serve lukewarm with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Just love it.

  4. Your potatoes look delicious. You said they didn’t turn out so well, but they really look terrific. If you’re having problems with them breaking apart, you might try removing them from the boiling water before they are completely soft. Then, let them cool completely before gently pushing down on them with a glass or your hand.

    • Libby. I really love your potatoes – but if they are not completely cooked they will go even worst, my chef sense tells me – because it will be tougher to press them flat, but I will give it a go. Will let you know.

      • I made them again last night, and used a different kind of potatoes. They had slightly thinner skins than the ones we usually use. This time, I experienced what you noted…they fell apart a little more easily. I had to be extremely careful to fry them gently in the pan, or else they just fell apart completely! So, I suspect that the problem isn’t your technique at all (you’re a chef, after all!), but is due entirely to the more delicate skins of the potatoes.

      • Thanks Libby, I will try another kind of potatoes next – I just think that our red potatoes has different textures, but our red has a thicker skin too – I’m not giving up … I will make it work sooner or later. From your photo the potatoes are so thin when you smashed them.

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